Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cleaning Chemicals

After being able to acquire so much information, it is up to you- the consumer to make the right choice. Cleaning chemicals are important to aid in the removal of tough stains and general cleansing. Different kinds do exist. The all-purpose cleaner is usually diluted with water and is an ideal for marbles, floors, walls and terrazzo. It may be used for surfaces not harmed by water. The automatic dish washing gel aids in the removal of tough stains on the dish as well as dried food. The biodegradable type is preferred.

As for the Basin, tile and tub cleanser, dilution is done using 2 parts of water before use. This cleanser allows cleansing to be effectively done while avoiding the generation of noxious chemicals. It is an ideal for the removal of scum on shower walls, fiber glass, stainless steel and porcelain. The surface should be wetted, scrubbed and rinsed.

Other types of cleaning chemicals are unique in themselves. Consider the Furniture protector and polish. It has a formula that allows polishing and protection of all laminated surfaces, stainless steel, fiber glass, finished wood and polished metals. It is usually diluted with water before use, sprayed on the surface and wiped with a cloth.

The glass and window cleaner is normally sprayed on surfaces and wiped dry with paper towels or newspapers. It is used to remove water spots, finger prints and soil from glass windows. No streaks or films are left behind. It is basically an acid free solution containing soap and ammonia. Stain treatment is another type that uses natural enzymes to break down organic matter responsible for stains. These are the types of cleaning chemicals that can be used in everyday life.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tips on Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Wood is among the irreplaceable assets of one's home that should be skillfully taken care of. Maintaining the shiny texture and cleanliness requires going out of one's way- just a bit. However, throw your worries to the sky. As you read on, you will slowly find out how simple cleaning hardwood floors is. Emphasis is put on frequency, its worst enemies and supplies.

First, the basics count. Sweep using a fine, soft bristled broom. Vacuuming should be done once or twice a week to remove hidden sand and dirt. A soft brush attached to the vacuum cleaner should be used to avoid scratches. Top on the list of worst enemies is water. It should never be used on wooden floors. Wet spills are removed by using a wet or dry vacuum cleaner or with a soft towel.

Mopping may be done using a dry or wet mop. Use of much water should be avoided while cleaning hardwood floors. Having carpet runners is a noble idea for high traffic areas. The filtration of dirt and scratching of the floor will be avoided. The next one will hurt high heel lovers. High heels and heavy shoes cause dents on the floor. At no one instance should dragging be allowed.

Floor mats and furniture pads are important in keeping the floor clean and in good shape. Wax may be used followed by buffing periodically. The manufacturer's instructions should be followed while cleaning hardwood floors. It is also wise to get more information on the specific care required by your floor.

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Peter Gitundu Researches and Reports on Carpet Cleaning. For More Information on Cleaning Hardwood Floors, Visit His Site at Cleaning Hardwood Floors. I Will Also Highly Appreciate Your Views On Cleaning Hardwood Floors At My Blog here Cleaning Hardwood Floors.

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Types of Cleaning Supplies

A clean house is a must for anyone interested in staying healthy and maintaining a good image. The variety of cleaning supplies available is wide. However, the following are a few useful ones. The Electronic Rechargeable Swivel Sweeper collects dirt very fast compared to other sweepers. It can be made cordless to allow flexibility during the procedure. It however needs recharging to allow operation. The carpet, the bathroom, dining room and vinyl can easily benefit from this machine.

The glass cleaner/wiper consists of a very high quality rubber blade that wipes the water off the glass. It also has a bottle modified to allow spraying of detergent. The glass will have some foam during the process that is washed down softly. For those out to get a versatile machine, try the PVA Mop. It can flexibly do vacuuming, mopping and drying.It has a handle compared to a telescope folding extending 1.25 meters.

The next stands alone among the various types of cleaning supplies- The Synthetic Chamois. It may be separated into small pieces to allow indoor use. It may be used for cars, wooden or even glass surfaces. The use of soap and hot or cold water may be applied. As for the Upholstery Cleaner and Protection, the deep foaming function aids in the removal of grease and dirt. Special formula are applied to ensure thorough cleaning of the surface.

The Clean kit can help keep dust and grime off your computer. A simple wipe removes marks and stains that are on the screen. The magic duster can bring the so called "magic" by simply removing loose dirt on surfaces. Whatever your choice,cleaning supplies should be chosen to suit your needs.

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Peter Gitundu Researches and Reports on Carpet Cleaning. For More Information on Cleaning Supplies, Visit His Site at Cleaning Supplies. I Will Also Highly Appreciate Your Views On Cleaning Supplies At My Blog here Cleaning Supplies.

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Carpet Cleaning Tips and Advice

They say that a little advice can sometimes save one a big embarrassment. The following few paragraphs are aimed at giving you unique cleaning tips. White vinegar can be used to remove alkaline stains characterized by rings in toilets. The showers may be washed with citrus based cleaners that should be allowed to soak for about 10 minutes then rinsed with water. A bristle pad is used to remove mineral deposits and the build up of soap. A machine is needed for the shower curtains.

As for the carpet, regular vacuuming is advised. For a thorough clean, a cup of vinegar in 2 gallons of water may be used as detergent. Shaving cream aids to remove food stains- at least the gents have something to boast of. Outdoor furniture may be cleaned using a solution consisting of: water, some borax, liquid dish soap and half a cup of hydrogen peroxide. The solution is left to stay for about 10 minutes, cleaned using a nylon brush then rinsed.For rust, use a rust remover or acid.

Various cleaning tips differ depending on the type of stain one is dealing with. Dabbing hydrogen peroxide using cotton wool helps to remove dye stains. Fresh ice cream stains may be removed by blotting with a solution consisting of a cup of lukewarm water and one teaspoon of detergent, followed by ammonia in a cup of Luke warm water then clean water. Fruit stains are best dealt with by blotting with detergent in lukewarm water.

Blue rubber polishing paints are useful for many materials. A cloth or brush may be used during application. The use of ivory liquid soap in water is a cheap way of cleaning kitchen surfaces. These small cleaning tips play a big role in maintaining cleanliness.

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Peter Gitundu Researches and Reports on Carpet Cleaning. For More Information on Cleaning Tips, Visit His Site at CLEANING TIPS. I Will Also Highly Appreciate Your Views On Cleaning Tips At My Blog here CLEANING TIPS

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Have a Healthier Earth and Family With Green Cleaning Products

Natural cleaning products and natural cleaning in general is gaining grounds as being the top choice of cleaning for people who are tasked to maintain cleanliness and order of their household. Natural cleaning - you may have heard about this for quite some time from all sorts of places. But do you really know what natural cleaning is?

Natural cleaning is the alternative method of cleaning and maintaining a home. Over the past years, it has been the convention to buy commercial cleaning products to be used in all sorts of purposes all aimed to keep a house clean. These commercial cleaning products may be effective but are they worth it? Looking closely, the effectiveness of these commercial products comes with a high price. They can be the culprit for environmental damage and degradation of nature. They can also be unsafe for your health and if you have kids at home, this can be a cause of them getting sick or being poisoned.

It is therefore very practical for people to switch to natural cleaning. Natural cleaning products are usually common and inexpensive. They also work just as well as those expensive commercial products that come in various sizes, shapes, colors and toxicity levels. These organic cleaning products are things that are most likely can already be found in your home, serving various purposes. Some of these products include baking soda, borax, white vinegar, cornstarch and all others that you might not know can also aid in cleaning your home.

You can also mix and match basic natural ingredients to make safer substitutions for many commercial home cleaning products. They are usually less expensive that having to buy the commercial ones. These alternative formulas are formulated to help in minimizing toxic levels to eventually get dumped in the environment and to help the consumers purchase smart buys that helps reduce environmental damage.

Some of these formulas include an all-purpose cleaner formula that is a mixture of vinegar, baking soda and water. This all-purpose cleaner can help remove deposit stains on bathroom fixtures, bathroom mirrors, shower stalls and others. Microfiber cloths also make for a great pair with the formulated all-purpose cleaner mentioned above.

Microfiber cloths are designed to trap and penetrate dirt and dust in hard to reach areas. There are several brands of this type of cloth available in the market today. There are so many of them for you to choose from. These cloths may be a little costly compared to other non-microfiber cloths and may intimidate you but put into mind that a good quality microfiber cloth is a great investment. High-quality cloths of this type can last for several years and can serve you great many purposes.

As you can see, there are still so many products that are yet to be discussed in this article. All of these green cleaning products are aimed to provide you with less expensive alternatives with a cause - to reduce environmental degradation with the reduction, and ultimately, the stopping of the manufacturing and purchasing of commercial home cleaning products that will do you more harm than good. Read and be informed. Once you do, you will realize on how much you are missing out by ignoring the benefits of natural cleaning and the use of natural cleaning products for so long.

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Natural cleaning products has a basic formulation of natural ingredients thus they are eco-friendly. Know more about the basics of organic cleaning products so you can now start going natural for a safer way of living.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tips and Tricks in Making Your Own Natural Cleaning Products

Natural cleaning products are non-toxic and environmentally-friendly. They are safe to use because they have no toxic chemicals, all of its ingredients are natural. If you will use these you will be sure of your health. You can clean your whole house safe. It is really safe especially to your kids they can play around your house and even in the floor without worrying for their health.

If all houses will use natural cleaning products then we will have a better environment. We will avoid toxic waste in our dumps and we can help lessen the pollution in our communities. So what are you waiting for? Start using natural cleaning products and make our families and environment free from toxic chemical.

Need to save money? Do your own natural cleaning products solution for at the same time you will save your family and environment from toxic chemicals. There are a bunch of natural ingredients which we can use in making our own cleaning products.

Here are some natural ingredients and their uses:

You can use white vinegar in cutting grease and in deodorizing; lemon juice is a mild bleach, you can use it in deodorizing and in cleaning agent; you can use washing soda in cutting grease and in removing stains; borax is a naturally occurring mineral which you can use in controlling pests and cockroaches in your home; and the salt in cleaning, deodorizing, bleaching and in sanitizing.

You can use these ingredients in many ways. You can clean your toilet bowl and your tiles by using borax and lemon juice. You can clean your kitchen by using white vinegar to make your drinking glasses shine. You can clean your carpets by using bicarbonate soda. And you can use washing soda in washing your clothes. You can clean your home and furniture by these cleaning products that you can make in your home. Very easy and practical way of cleaning your home and it is environmentally friendly. So what are you waiting for? Start making your own natural cleaners at your home to save your family and your environment from toxic chemicals.

Want to know some tips in making recipes which you can find in your kitchen? Here are some:

Silver cleaner: Just apply a 5 tablespoon of salt in boiling water then after 2 minutes put your silver accessories then leave it for 5 minutes. You can also use tooth paste in cleaning your silvers.

Another one is toilet and tiles cleaner: Mix 1cup of lemon juice and 1/2 cup of borax.

Fabric softener: You just need a 1 cup of vinegar and a few herbs and essential oils for fragrances.

Dust cleaner: apply few herbs and essential oil in a cup of water with 1/4 cup of lemon juice.

Floor cleaner: Combine 1/2 cup of washing soda, 1/4 cup water and a pure soap.

Try these and learn to be practical, then finally you will discover that using natural homemade cleaning products are great because they are safe and easy to made unlike the commercial households cleaning products which contains a lot of dangerous toxic chemicals that are dangerous to your family's health and even your environment. Make your own or purchase these organic cleaning products to be sure of the safety of your family and also your environment.

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Be practical in cleaning your home by making your own organic cleaning products at home. Try to use homemade green cleaning products to clean your home the safest way while saving money at the same time.

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Home Cleaning? Try Natural Cleaning Products and Be Amazed

Clean your house with a clean conscience preserving your family's health as well as the planet. Natural cleaning products work as well or better than harsh chemicals with no caustic fumes or harmful side effects. There are a lot of these products you can buy in the market and groceries.

All products made from organic ingredients are non-toxic and they are fulfilled with federal state and municipal government environmentally preferable product purchasing programs. Cleaning products are involved in environment issues such as water use and water conservation that is why organic cleaning products were made.

These products are really good and do not contain a dangerous chemical toxic ingredients unlike household cleaning products which contains a toxic chemical products which are harmful and dangerous to your health and also your environment. If you are really concern about the safety of your family health and your environment, then stop using dangerous household products and start using the safe cleaning products.

Cleaning your house may be hard, but it shouldn't compromise your health. Part and concept of optimum health is taking care of the environment - including the environment in your home. An entire industry has been built on developing natural cleaning products - everything from non-toxic bathroom cleaner to environmentally-friendly dish soap.

Try to use it to save your family from dangerous household cleaning products and think what else you can do to help in saving your environment. And once you had tried it and you had liked its effect, convince or recommend it to your relatives, peers and friends. So that you will live free from dangerous toxic chemicals which you can get by using households cleaning products. Switch now to natural cleaning products to have a natural living and to have a better environment.

Here are some non-toxic suggestions for cleaning your home naturally with natural ingredients, for a clean and safe home that doesn't render your family and guests to toxic chemicals. There are four main natural ingredients that you can use in cleaning your home and your furniture such as vinegar, lemon juice, salt and washing soda.

Lemons are the most natural ingredients in the terms of natural cleaning products. They can be used in many numbers of works which includes polishing copper and brass, cleaning your furniture's dust, and can also use in polishing your wooden furniture's by just simply adding an olive oil on it.

Vinegar is next in lemon, it has many uses. You can use it in deodorizing, softening your clothes, removing stains, cleaning the surfaces of your bathroom, kitchen and also your windows you can also use it in cleaning your furniture's dust.

Next is washing soda, you can use it cleaning your silvers and in cleaning your toilet.

Salt has also many uses such as, cleaning tea stains from the inside of the cups, cleaning out the coffee pot and it also cleans silvers.

I always use these ingredients in cleaning our home. It really take effects and I had saved a lot of money. Well, making my own natural cleaning products at home helps me to be practical. So, try to make your own natural cleaning products too to save more money and to be sure about the protection of your family.

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Clean your home naturally using natural cleaning products to be free from dangerous ingredients which you can get in household cleaning products. Organic cleaning products can be purchased in your favorite food stores or almost any market at a very affordable price.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Vinegar As Natural Cleaning Product? Why Not?

Going natural is now the new way to go about the maintenance and cleanliness of your humble abode. Below are common household cleaning problems and one of the most popular and effective natural cleaning product that you can use to solve all sorts of these problems is - vinegar.

Unsightly and very, very stubborn carpet stains
Carpet stains can be the demise of household cleaners. They can come in various shape, sizes and color but one thing rings true about them - they are very stubborn and hard to eliminate. Most people use commercial household cleaning products to help them get rid of these stains, but unbeknownst to them, there is a way of getting rid of carpet stains using natural cleaning products. Here's how:

You will need vinegar, water and a spray bottle that's big enough for your needs. For the vinegar, it can be apple cider or white vinegar - as long as it is vinegar. Vinegars in general contain natural acids which are the main reason why they are sour. These acids can also be utilized to remove stubborn stains. Water is used to dilute the vinegar. Too much of the acids in the vinegar might cause the color of your carpet to fade, and you wouldn't want that do you? So never forget to dilute the vinegar with water before placing them in the spray bottle.

Once in the spray bottle, spray the concoction directly on the carpet stain and leave it for several minutes. After a while, you can proceed to cleaning the stain with a sponge or with a brush using warm, soapy water. After you are quite sure that the stain is gone, vacuum the carpet. You will be amazed at how much difference this cheap, easy to make and cleaning product can do for your carpet stains.

Window Cleaning
Aside from being able to effectively remove carpet stains, vinegar can also make for a very good window cleaner. All you would ever need to do aside from the window cleaning itself is to mix 2 tablespoons of white vinegar with 1.5 liters of tap to warm water. You would also need to old and crumpled newspaper to do the wiping with. A clean cotton cloth will also do just as fine.

As you might have figured out by now, all you have to do is spray a bit of the vinegar and water concoction onto the windows and start wiping them with either the old newspaper or the cotton cloth. You will see amazing results. The shiny and clean result that a simple and less expensive formulation has achieved is comparable to those glass and window cleaners that are manufactured and sold commercially.

Just make sure not to clean the windows at a time of the day when the sun's rays are on, or if they feel warm to the touch. These factors can affect the effectiveness of the formulation and streaks will appear on drying. Be sure to follow the measurements of the formula religiously as well, as using a very strong vinegar solution can eventually cloud the glass, and you wouldn't want that, would you?

As you can see, these are just two of the many household problems that can be solved with vinegar paired with water. On succeeding articles, I may provide more tips on how to use vinegar, a great natural cleaning product, to solve other common household cleaning problems. So, tune in and watch out!

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Organic cleaning products are most likely multi-purpose in terms of home cleaning. Discover what's in your kitchen that can be used in cleaning aside from cooking like vinegar as you can find loads of them which can serve you well as effective yet cheaper natural cleaning cleanings.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Prevent Too Much Exposure From Chemicals Using Natural Cleaning Products

Most of the houses today use commercial household cleaning products. They don't know what will be the effects of these commercial cleaning products to their health and to this planet. These products contain a lot of toxic chemicals which are really dangerous thus they should be avoided once and for all. Its effects may not be that visible but as time goes by, you and your family will eventually suffer its consequences.

The toxic exposure to kids can affect: Their respiratory, immune, reproductive and the most important, their nervous systems which are not yet fully developed. They transfer more substances into their bodies because they always put their hands and things like toys, in their mouths more frequently than adults do. They are closer to pollutants that adults aren't even exposed to, because they are minor and always play in the dirt or on the floor. They are drinking more water, eating more food, and breathing more air per hit of body weight than adults. They are uncovered to toxicants in early age than the adults.

Toxic chemicals can harm your kids. There are many examples of children who suffered in delicate exposures of toxic chemicals and succeeding serious injuries or decease. There are many children who accidentally ate pesticide. There are also children who had eaten toxic household cleaning products and had been victims of toxic chemicals. So, avoid using hazardous households cleaning products which contain a lot of toxic chemical and dangerous to your children health, actually not just your kids but also your whole family and your environment.

Start cleaning your home using natural cleaning products today and save the health of your family and your environment. It is because these products are opposite to the commercial household cleaning products which contain dangerous chemical toxic. These cleaning products are nontoxic and they are made by natural ingredients. That's why they are environmentally friendly. Use natural cleaning products to live free from chemical toxins, from danger and from accidents.

What else can you do in saving your family and environment health?

You should distinguish these following healthy tips in cleaning your home: Don't be so tight about the little fresh air coming in your home. Let your windows open from time to time or open some exhaust fans or exchange air often. Remove or lessen dust. Remove the things which collects dusts, such as magazines and old news paper that you are not using. Clean down surfaces by wiping it and by the use of dust spray or water and a piece of cloth. Keep your pets out of your rooms to keep your bed and room clean.

And of course clean your home by using eco-friendly cleaning products alone. To avoid accidents from your children and keep them away from toxic chemicals, to have a better environment, and to live naturally without worrying from any accidents that can be cause by the household chemical products, settle for those cleaning products proven to be harmless yet effective in home cleaning.

Household cleaning products contain a lot of toxic chemicals, caustic fumes and harmful side effects while the natural cleaning products are non-toxic and don't contain caustic fumes and harmful side effect that's why you can consider that these work as well or better than the households cleaning products.

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Make use of green cleaning products to be free from the dangerous ingredients which you can get from household cleaning products. Be environmentally-friendly by embracing natural cleaning products in your home cleaning.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Learn How to Buy Janitorial Cleaning Products Wisely

Using commercial janitorial cleaning products can be such a chore. There are so many of them out there in the market that you can't even begin to do the actual cleaning yet and you are already very exhausted just by choosing the best janitorial cleaning product for you.

As a fervent housecleaner myself, I can totally relate to this dilemma. I want a spotless clean and very well-maintained household and as much as possible, I would want the perfect cleaning products to use for my home. Based on my experience, I will be giving you tips on how to effectively land on the best cleaning products that you could ever find and are worth your every hard-earned penny.

1. Know what you want and need.

It can be quite taxing looking around for the perfect cleaning product when in fact, you have absolutely no idea what kind or type of cleaning product it is that you need. So before you go to the supermarket and start racking your brain with choosing which product would do very well for you, start making a list of what you want and expect from a cleaning product.

Make a list of things that are important and must-haves and maybe even those that you don't have to have for a cleaning product. Is the scent important for you? What kind of scent it is that you want? Are you obsessive about germs and eradicating them? All these questions and more are just some of the many ones that you should be asking yourself before you even think of buying cleaning products. Know what you want beforehand and you will be amazed at how much time you have saved.

2. Research

After making a list of things in a cleaning product that is important for you, try to research about them from all sources. Listen to commercials and get a gist of what some cleaning products have to offer. Search the internet for products that suit your tastes most. With the criteria for a good cleaning product, this can't be too hard.

All you have to do is type in relevant keywords with the preference you already have in mind and voila! The internet can already provide you with a list of matches. You can also read user reviews on these products to see what other consumers just like you have to say. You might learn a thing or two from them and their generous comments will give you an idea of the effectiveness of a product - or maybe even the lack of it.

With the wide array of cleaning products available, making a list and doing further research on the products that match can drastically narrow down the search for the perfect janitorial cleaning product. This is another way for you to save a lot of time and effort.

3. Buy in small doses at first.

When you have decided on what products to buy, don't go rushing to the stores and buy bulks of the products. Make sure that you already have enough experience with the product before you go and spend too much money on them. If it is the first time for you to try a particular product, make sure that you buy the smallest size just enough for you to sample the product.

Assign a small margin of error inspire and despite of all the research you have made. You could be wrong and other people could be wrong. Or you might think you have this preference and when you finally buy the product that matches it, you realize that you want something else.

These are just a few of the things that you need to consider before choosing the perfect cleaning product. Make every purchase worth it.

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Janitorial cleaning products should be worth every buy. Make sure you settle on the very best of such products or might as well go for wholesale cleaning products so you can be assured of a quality product at an affordable price.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Organic Rust Removers - Reasons to Use It

Of all rust treatments, the use of commercially available rust removal products is the most common and well-used. The ease of applying them and the fast results they are promising are the major things that make them such a big hit especially to busy household owners and keepers. With today's fast paced living, patronizing these commercially available rust removers seem to be the most appropriate rust removal action to take.

However, let not promises and petty claims fool you. Though utilizing conventional rust removal products can lighten your rust removal work, they can also bring damage to your health with the chemicals they use as active ingredients. Worse, if you use them, their negative effects will not only be focused on you as the user but will also extend to your family members and even to the rest of the world.

That last part might have sounded ridiculous to you. You might think, what is the rest of the world have to do with your effort to remove rust from your personal items or equipments. We'll, simply look at it in this way. When you use chemical-based rust removal products, tendency is, harmful elements are also being released into the environment adding to the already big number of hazardous pollutants. And directly or indirectly, this negatively affects everybody.

Think about it. Can you afford putting your family and other people's health at risk as long as you get your rusted item treated? Wouldn't that be a bit selfish? With the new developments on rust removal industry however, you need not face that dilemma anymore. You can now treat rusted surfaces safely because of the availability of organic rust removal products. This means that you can now be tough with rust while still being mild to your family's health and to the environment.

Apart from that, the use of natural rust removers also presents another benefit - cost-effectiveness. As what have been mentioned earlier, unlike chemical-based products, they are of multiple uses. First is that they can effectively remove rust and second is that they preserve your family's health in the process. What greater value can you get out of your money than this? In whatever angle, choosing organic rust remover is indeed a rewarding step.

But then, there is one thing that could ruin your productive relationship with organic rust removal products. That is to be fooled and get faked. Though natural rust removers are generally protective to human health and the environment, there are some manufacturers who mindlessly add "natural" or "organic" word to their product label. All for the sake of high sales.

As a wise consumer and responsible house keeper, you should keep your eyes open on products as these. Always verify their "natural" and "organic" claims. How can you do this? Be aware of the hazardous chemicals and check if any of it is listed as the product's ingredient. You can also solicit feedback from others or directly ask the manufacturers for details and explanations.

Buying a rust removal product is the easiest solution to rust problems. However, pick the organic over the chemical-based for additional health and financial benefits. Moreover, make sure that the natural rust removal product that you intend to purchase is truly natural to avoid harmful waste and health damage.

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Going for organic rust removers is going for green living. Help protect human health and the environment with these natural rust removal products.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Electrolysis - The Scientific Rust Treatment

The use of rust removal products is just one way of rust treatments. Apart from it there are two other known rust removal means. The first one is manual wiping and scrubbing and the other one is a rather scientific process called electrolysis - to which this article will be concentrated.

In the simplest sense, electrolysis is a rust removal technique that uses electricity and sodium bicarbonate or laundry soda in its process. Same with organic or natural rust removers, it is safe to human health and the environment. Not to mention, it is also very effective and inexpensive.

Before going into the process detail, it will be helpful to know first the required materials and tools. Basically, what you will need to start are water, laundry or washing soda which is also known as sodium carbonate, battery charger, iron steel electrode and plastic container or tub.

And for safer execution of electrolysis, you need to remember that the cleaning solution can irritate your skin and eyes so better wear gloves and eye protector when working. Also make sure that you place the battery charger in a safe distance away from the solution and to work in a well-ventilated area to avoid any accidents.

Now, for the process of how to execute rust removal through electrolysis, here are the steps.

Step 1 - Prepare the cleaning solution. Make a mixture of 1 tablespoon laundry soda and a gallon of water. Stir the solution to ensure that the laundry soda is dissolved.

Step 2 - Clean the iron steel electrode. Make it clean enough to get a good electrical contact.

Step 3 - Attach the positive lead of your battery charger to the iron steel electrode.

Step 4 - Put the iron steel electrode in the cleaning solution. However, make sure that the battery lead clamp is not submerged. It will be eaten if it is.

Step 5 - Attach the negative lead of your battery charger to the item you will be treating. Then put it on the cleaning solution. Don't mind if the battery lead clamp is submerged, it won't be eaten. Ensure that your item and the iron steel electrode are not in contact to avoid short circuit. A gap of several inches between the two will work just fine.

Step 6 - Turn on your battery charger. If you are using a 6/12 charger, set it to 6 volt setting. However, if you are using a different charger and the current is too high, try to increase the distance between your rusted item and the iron steel electrode or add more water to the solution.

Step 7 - Wait until the item or the rusted part of it is completely treated. For severe rust, you may need to leave the item soaked overnight. Rotate or move the item you're treating for better and even rust treatment. Cleaning works best on the part that is in direct view of the iron steel electrode. At some point you may also need to take the item out of the solution to remove some of the loose scale rust using a wire brush.

Step 8 - After the process, make sure that your item is kept dry to prevent the re-formation of rust. You can also put some rust inhibitor, wax, paint or oil coating for rust prevention.

Though electrolysis sounds very scientific and complicated, it is actually just a simple rust removal process. If you are into a tight budget, but still in need of very effective rust remover, you can try implementing it. With sufficient knowledge and safety precautions observed, it can be a very good alternative to commercially available rust removers.

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In rust treatment, the use of rust removal products is an effective means. However, choose organic rust removers or try electrolysis for a safer yet effective and inexpensive process.

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The World is a Dirty Place, and It Likes It That Way!

That's why people get excited about high tech cleaning tools - like electric pressure washers. Do you know what the best cleaner in the world is? It's water. That's because its abrasive chemically - not just life giving as we commonly think of it. Need proof - look at the Grand Canyon.

Granted the Grand Canyon took thousands if not millions of years to be created. My point is that water can do incredible things under the right circumstances. With electric pressure washers we harness that same inherent power of simple water. Pressurized water is common at car washes, at home in your dishwasher, and is present in lawn sprinklers and dozens of other places in everyday life. Pressure washers are the natural extension of water's incredible versatility and in particular it's cleaning power.

Like all tools there are different types for different types of jobs. Industrial strength gasoline powered models have the power to strip away all sorts of things - well beyond simple dirt. It is vital you pick the right type of power washer for the job you need to perform. This is because you can easily damage more fragile objects with the too powerful a pressure washer. Softer materials like wood are easily damaged if too powerful a pressure washer is used.

A good around the house class of electric pressure washer will have you cleaning things you wouldn't have considered otherwise. Red clay spots around your home foundation, concrete discoloration around outdoor drains, house siding, the driveway and sidewalks, patio, patio furniture, picnic tables, outdoor grills, lawn mower, the car complete with those fancy aluminum rims, and well.. the list is virtually endless if your house is anything like mine. Yes, you could scurry down to your local equipment rental outlet and just rent one as opposed to purchasing your own. Only problem with that is that once you get about a third of the way down the list - you've paid enough to own it already.

If you put pressure washing on your list of things done annually - you'll end up with lots of brand new looking things year after year. Best part is the actual labor expended is minimal - on small jobs nearly effortless. At the risk of repeating myself - once you own one of these things you'll be cleaning things you would have never even considered cleaning before. What could be better than that?

I live in a part of the country formerly referred to as the dust bowl years ago. It has a fairly steady volume of dust everyone contends with. It settles everywhere too. Even places like the high peak gables on the roof of the house. Once a year I get out my little pressure washer and go over the siding all over my home. When I'm done it looks as if I've freshly painted the place. It's fabulous and just takes a couple of hours to completely clean the entire house. The world is a dirty place by definition. Create a sanctuary of clean for yourself by considering the many benefits of a small around the house pressure washer.

Experience the effective, quick, and quality cleaning made possible via electric pressure washer.

Autor: Greg King Greg King
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Greg King is the owner and operator of the Backyard Steward website which is focused on power tools, outdoor furniture and decoration, as well as entertainment ideas.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Tips on Caring For Your Wood Stove and Keeping it Beautiful

Caring for your wood stove is a very important part of ownership on this type of appliance. These units are crafted in such a way that they provide high quality when it comes to heating. In addition to this, they can be truly effective for cooking and even for enhancing the overall d�cor and appeal of the home that they are a part of.

It is important to know and understand that once you ignite the unit for the very first time, it will require consistent maintenance to keep it working effectively, and looking great. Here, you will learn some important steps that you can take to ensure that you are properly caring for your wood stove.

When you first purchase your wood stove, you will find instructions and other details included in the packaging from the manufacturer that created the unit. It is likely that this paperwork will include instructions on how to properly install the stove, as well as any tools that are required to do so. In addition to this, it is likely that information regarding the proper maintenance of the unit will be included.

You may even find tips and suggestions regarding the actual use of the unit. If you want to properly care for the unit, it is important to be certain that you take the time to read all of this paperwork and to follow the suggestions contained in it.

The next step to caring for the wood stove is to make sure that you burn the appropriate woods in the unit, and that you use the right liquids in the unit in order to ensure that it is used properly. Using items that are not appropriate for the unit can result in damage occurring to the unit. Not only this, but you may find that it poses a hazard to you, other individuals in the home, as well as the home itself.

You should ensure that you avoid placing wood in the stove that is wet. This can result in an accumulation of deposits building up in the unit, and then those deposits can actually affect the overall functionality of the unit.

If you find that it is time to clean your wood stove in the home, it is important that you check out the suggestions listed in the original paperwork. If you use the wrong chemicals, you may find that you damage the appearance and the overall functionality of the stove. If you are looking to make sure that you are caring for your wood stove properly, follow these steps and you will be successful!

Autor: Daryl Plaza

Daryl Plaza is a regular contributor to a website with information and resources to help you Find the best Woodstove for all your needs.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Quality speaks volumes. It drives our daily lives. Commercial carpet cleaning services are not a new thing. Some firms such as Chicago metropolitan have been in this business for over 30 years. Experts well trained in their professions ensure that your needs are met. Such services are paramount, if interested in maintaining the commercial and aesthetic values of your offices. Good as it may sound, the services will require some capital from your company.

The genesis of all this is a comprehensive study of the type of carpet you have. The aim of the study is to ensure a brighter, cleaner carpet once the process is over. You, the customer, are then given various plans to choose from. They will occasionally interject with professional advice. Thus, helping you make the correct choice. Commercial carpet cleaning may be done using different methods. They include: spot cleaning, high traffic cleaning, deep soil extraction, emergency spot removal and modular furniture cleaning.

During spot cleaning, attention is paid to public areas, elevators and lobbies. High traffic cleaning is based on a procedure utilizing high traffic hallways and walkways. Annually, deep soil extraction allows pre sorting of heavy soil and stains. Spots and stains can be prevented by the application of fabric protector.

Emergency spot removal is an option that allows you to receive services within 24 hours. Another option allows you to keep movable screens, furniture, modular systems clean. Certain specifications concerning fabric cleaning are provided by the professionals. They include: pre-vacuum, pre-spot and pre-spray using approved cleaning agents. A solution that throws out soil with a suspension foaming action can be used. Special brushes are then used for the final look. Commercial carpet cleaning is one thing that you can't go wrong about. Try and see.

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Peter Gitundu Researches and Reports on Carpet Cleaning. For More Information on Commercial Carpet Cleaning, Visit His Site at COMMERCIAL CARPET CLEANING You Can Also Add Your Views About Commercial Carpet Cleaning At My Blog here COMMERCIAL CARPET CLEANING

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How to Do Mattress Cleaning

Sweet sleep is all we want after a long hard day at work. Mattress cleaning is crucial in achieving this goal. A simple step is to use a bag that wraps it. Cleaning products are available. The best should work well with urine stains, accidental spills and other fluids. Considering the pollution of the modern day, proper cleaning is a must. The numbers of viruses, dust and mites keep rising. Some are responsible for diseases such as eczema, asthma, allergies and hay fever.

Long ago, mattress cleaning was done by dragging it to the garden and beating it for a while. This is not applicable in the modern day. Besides, it only offers a temporary solution. Do not wait to get sick in order to practice this important deed. Professional services are available that can help you out.

Certain guidelines are important to follow. Cleaning should be done every six months. Regular vacuuming is advised. A washable cover aids in reducing allergies, dust mites and frequent vacuuming. A shampoo may be used to clean soil and dirt. Also, water may be added to a mild detergent until suds form. The suds are applied to the area using a sponge. Wipe with warm water and allow to dry thoroughly.

Other mattress cleaning tips complement the above. The interior padding should not get wet. A fan can be used to aid in faster drying. The cleaning process will need the use of a vacuum cleaner with upholstery attachment, an upholstery shampoo, a mattress cover, some mild detergent, water, sponges and a fan.

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Peter Gitundu Researches and Reports on Carpet Cleaning. For More Information on Mattress Cleaning, Visit His Site at MATTRESS CLEANING You Can Also Add Your Views About Mattress Cleaning At My Blog here MATTRESS CLEANING

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Natural Cleaning Products

There are certain resources that are irreplaceable. Natural cleaning products are among these. Vinegar is a well known general purpose cleaner. 1 part is mixed with water to obtain the desired solution. It is usually sprayed on stained spots. It is a powerful disinfectant and deodorizer. The solution should be first tested before applying to the affected area.

Lemon yields a product called lemon juice. It dissolves soap and hard water deposits. It can be mixed with vinegar and baking soda for an effective solution. It works wonders in bringing back the shine on brass and copper. The juice can be used to scrub dishes and stains. Use 2 halves of lemon and sprinkle soda on the area. 1 cup of olive oil and 1/2 cup of lemon juice can be used to polish hardwood furniture. Lemon can be used in the refrigerator and freezer to absorb odors.

A solution made of 2 cups of water, 2 cups of rubbing alcohol and 1/2 a cup of ammonia is effective as a glass cleaner. The mixture is sprayed and wiped using a cotton rag. Ammonia does most of the cleaning. Alcohol speeds up the drying. Salt is more of an abrasive. 1/4 cup of salt mixed with 2 tablespoons of vinegar forms a paste good enough for hard water stains. Baking soda may be added to the salt to aid in the cleaning process.

Some natural cleaning products can be mixed with manufactured cleaners. Baking soda may be stirred together with a drop of oil and a scented cleaner using a wire whisk. Store in a closed glass jar. Refresh by adding a drop of oil. Natural cleaning products are easy to make, they cover household needs, are inexpensive and allow you to be creative.

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Peter Gitundu Researches and Reports on Carpet Cleaning. For More Information on Natural Cleaning Products, Visit His Site at NATURAL CLEANING PRODUCTS You Can Also Add Your Views About Natural Cleaning Products At My Blog here NATURAL CLEANING PRODUCTS

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Professional Carpet Cleaning Works

Professional Carpet cleaning is not new to many. These services have been available for quiet a long time. Homes as well as corporate offices have benefited. Well trained staff is the asset that the cleaning firms use to meet the needs of their customers. Due to this, they continually ensure quality services to their customers. Their staff use advanced technologies and effective methods to do their job. Vacuum cleaners, hot water or even dry cleaning can be applied. Dry cleaning is preferred for delicate fabrics.

This adventure begins with a comprehensive study concerning the fabric you have. The aim of this? A brighter fresher look after the procedure is over. You will then be presented with various plans to choose from. You will be guided on the best option. Professional Carpet cleaning services help to maintain the aesthetic and economic values of your office. It needs significant capital investment. Choose a cost effective service.

Different methods can be used. Spot cleaning, high traffic cleaning, deep soil extraction, emergency spot removal and modular furniture cleaning are the mentioned few. Various cleaning options will be availed to you. They include: hot water extraction, stain removal, dry cleaning among others. These well trained staff can apply their special knowledge to save a bad situation. Water damage restoration and solving floor problems are among what they can do.

Professional Carpet cleaning services are designed to give high quality competitive pricing. They are based on the most recent technology. Advice may also be given to prevent further damage. Customer is king in this kind of business. Try one. You won't be disappointed.

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Steam Cleaning Tips

A carpet is a special fabric that should reflect your character. A clean one adds value to the office and home. Steam cleaning (also called hot water extraction method) is preferred since it gives the extra care needed by carpets. About 50 gallons of water is needed to clean an average home. It is quiet popular since it has advantages over the traditional methods. The process furnishes the carpet. Special cleaning chemicals can also be added to enhance the process.

Steam cleaning is a process guaranteed to give your carpet a fresh, new beautiful look. Both home makers and manufacturers love this process. This is because of its usefulness and and elasticity. It also ensures a thorough clean. It is suitable for the house, sports arena, supermarkets and automobile shops. The procedure has advantages in sanitizing.

The environment is a natural resource that should be conserved at all costs. This method allows this responsibility to be fulfilled. This system is easy to use and allows the removal of tough stains. It is multi purpose and effective in the removal of dust and other wastes and allergens. Steam cleaning leaves no imprints after the process. Soil, dirt, and chemicals will not be in sight after all is finished. In this fast world, time plays a crucial role. This system allows you to save time and energy.

Other modified cleaners use vapor that is created in the tank or container. This is then thrown on the surface through an outlet. Bacteria, fungi and mold are easily removed. The method is versatile and is preferred for heat resistant surfaces.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Better safe than sorry. This should be your guide as you consider Upholstery cleaning. The consequences of failing to clean up can cost you quiet a bit. Most us are not very conversant with this term. Not to worry. Its nothing really big. This procedure allows the removal of germs and bacteria that are responsible for many allergies, diseases and breathing problems. The process plays a crucial role in a good and hygienic environment.

Upholstery cleaning allows the presence of clean air in the room. You therefore do not need to continually operate air purifiers. The life of your lovely furniture will also be lengthened. Above all, one main goal will be achieved: A clean fresh home! Experts recommend that the procedure should be done every year. You may however do it after two years.

If you like shortcuts, sorry this time there's no place for that. By avoiding Upholstery cleaning, you invite health risks that could precipitate eczema, breathing problems and allergies. Sometimes, bacterial infections can occur. You may be able to do this on your own. However, experts advise the use of a professional. You may not be able to reach the depth of some furniture. The professionals will ensure that the probability of the presence of a germ in the furniture will be zero.

When someone visits, they sit on the chair. Once they stand up, they leave sweat and dirt. These are crucial for bacterial growth. These bacteria multiply. They cause diseases that are expensive to deal with. Let go of the few dollars! They will save you much more that you may spend if a disease occurs.

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Peter Gitundu Researches and Reports on Carpet Cleaning. For More Information on Steam Cleaning, Visit His Site at STEAM CLEANING You Can Also Add Your Views About Steam Cleaning At My Blog here STEAM CLEANING

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Adjusting Behaviors For Clean Carpets - Family Members and Pets

Even the most astute home owner knows the pain of having an unclean carpet. It seems that no amount of vacuuming, cleaning supplies, and attention can keep the inevitable environmental factors from spilling out, so to speak, and ruining the care and attention that you had paid to keeping your carpet clean.

One might say that it is the curse of the attentive home owner that their efforts will forever be taken for granted by the other members of the house (be they children, spouses, or pets) who rely on the homeowners attentiveness and care whilst causing the very problems that cause for care and attention.

It is almost a banality to suggest that in a dirty, and unkempt house, all individuals are equally responsible for the mess, but in a clean house, the spotlessness and d�cor is almost always the result of a single individual. You need not throw up your hands in despair, however, so long as you follow these tips for correcting the carpet behavior of your family members and pets.

The first obstacle you need to overcome is to get your family members and pets to realize that the carpet exists and that its upkeep matters. We will lump the behavior of family members and pets together here not to demean either group, but because the lack of consciousness in both is analogous to one another.

Simply put, for the uninitiated, the care and concern of a carpet is not something that even occurs. It is your job to get your family members and pets to realize that they cannot eat over a carpet without a plate or a napkin cannot roll around on the floor any time they please, and cannot treat you as their personal maid.

The second obstacle you need to overcome is to engrain in your family members a sense of routine with regards to carpet cleaning. For both family members and pets, this means positive reinforcement through compliments and understanding when they model the correct behavior.

Of course, for pets the correct behavior will be drastically different, but the basic principle remains that both groups need to be commended when they have are treating you and the carpets with the right level of respect.

If all else fails, you can institute a system wherein the offending members of the family are forced to pay for a carpet cleaning service. This measure will hopefully not be necessary, but you should never feel that you are in a position where you are required to clean up after your family members or pets.

Autor: Budda Oliver

Mr. Oliver is a marketing agent of Absolute Carpet Care. The carpet cleaning company provides carpet cleaning services throughout the Northern Virginia and Washington DC areas. For more information on their Carpet Cleaning Services please visit their website.

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