Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top Vacuuming Tips For Allergy and Asthma Sufferers

Allergy and asthma sufferers are extremely sensitive to allergens and particles floating in the air. We're talking about your usual suspects: pet hair, dust, and pollen. That's why owning a vacuum cleaner for an allergy sufferer is more than making your carpet look nice for company, it's a way to control the condition.

Knowing what to look for in a vacuum is integral because not all vacuum cleaners are created equally. You want to make sure that you have a vacuum that is powerful enough to reach deep down into the carpet fibers to reach allergens like dust. Keep in mind that you should go slowly when vacuuming carpets because going too fast runs the risk of not giving the vacuum enough time to suction the debris and dust. Using a fresh bag each time is another way to make sure you get the best suction possible.

Many allergy sufferers opt to have hard wood floors instead of carpet, with the idea that it will be better for them but dust will accumulate on hard floors as well. Use a vacuum that can be used on hardwood floors, it should have the ability to switch between hard floor and carpet settings.

Vacuuming upholstery is also highly recommended, especially in the presence of pets. Utilizing attachments that can be used on furniture is a great way of removing allergy triggers. Make sure to get into the corners of cushions and around all pillows and mattresses. Don't forget to vacuum the spots you can't see, such as those behind furniture. Although it's out of sight, it's still present.

Owning a vacuum won't cure allergy problems but it is a way to help control your health. Vacuuming regularly can drastically reduce allergy triggers in the home which will lower the dependence on medications. Take control.

Autor: Lillian James

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Black Mold Testing - The First Step in Fighting Mold

Black mold testing can either be done with a home testing kit, or by hiring a professional mold inspector to take samples.

Black Mold Testing Kits

You can buy testing kits that you can use at home. These come with a swab, solution and test strips. You swab the black mold, hold it in the solution, and then place it on the strip. The color will tell you whether it is toxic or not.

The main advantage of testing kits is that you can use them in just minutes. With a mold inspector, they have to take samples, send them off to a laboratory, and then wait for the results before making a final assessment. This could mean more days where you and your family have to live with potentially toxic mold. Kits are also much cheaper than paying for a full-scale inspection.

The disadvantage is that they are not always accurate. For example, the sample taken may not be toxic, but mold in other parts of your house may be. Also, it is impossible to tell if the mold spores are already airborne or not. Professional inspections are much more thorough.

Professional Black Mold Testing

If you call a professional inspector, they will come to your house and take samples. They will check surface mold and the mold content of the air. They can give you a full assessment of the toxicity and danger level. A professional inspector can also help you take the necessary steps in cleaning and prevention.

The downside is that it costs more, and it is a more complicated procedure. You'll have to wait for the test results, and the entire process takes more time.

Both types of black mold testing can tell you if you've got toxic mold growing in your house. Once you know, you can start to clean it up.

Autor: Jeffrey J Mueller

Mold and mildew growth is a common problem in places that contain moisture. Cleansing your home of these harmful problems should be a high priority, visit to get more information on home mold removal

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Carpet Cleaning - Understanding the Benefits

There are a host of benefits to getting professional rug and carpet cleaning. Rug and carpet cleaning professionals can also repair or just retouch any imperfections found. These cleaners are truly skilled at weaving and are able to patch up any rug or carpet. They are very knowledgeable when it comes to the various types of carpets and rugs that exist, being able to match any style of weaving from around the world. Another great reason for engaging a professional cleaner is that he or she will be able to accurately appraise your rugs and carpets. Knowing how much a floor covering is worth and how much it costs to clean and repair will help tremendously when it comes to selling the rug.

When choosing carpet cleaning NY (in the region) done by professionals, they will first examine your rug to determine the materials it is comprised of and what kind of damage may be on it. From this they will then decide the ideal way to clean your rug or other floor covering. There are all kinds of chemicals in rug cleaners and odor removers. You should know the correct cleanser for a specific kind of stain or you could well damage your rug beyond repair!

Antique rugs and carpets, however, are beautiful pieces of art that are too often taken for granted and not correctly cared for. With nice floor coverings it takes much more than just the typical vacuum cleaner and cleaning product to properly maintain them. Average vacuum cleaners are all right for the likes of everyday carpets but could potentially destroy anything finer. Many antique rugs are constructed of very fine and delicate materials, and if you don't know what you're doing you could easily pull a loose thread and your valuable rug or carpet can become frayed at its ends. Also, average consumers probably do not have access to such carpet cleaning tools as would be needed for thorough cleaning; more than just a vacuum cleaner is required to get the job done right. It takes a professional with a very specific set of skills and tools. Only they would know how to operate the machinery used to really give a good clean.

For example, they could use steam injectors and compressed air canisters, or even a chamber with a climate controlled artificial environment where your precious floor covering can be hung in optimal conditions for drying. The bottom line is that the typical person just can't look after a rug correctly. Those with antique or expensive rugs and carpets should consider professional carpet cleaning NY (in the region) to extend the life of their floor covering, keeping it looking as good as ever.

Autor: Paul Wise

Paul Wise, the author of this article, has researched Carpet Cleaning extensively. If you are in need of Carpet Cleaning NY, has a wide selection and offers unbeatable prices and service in the New York area.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Easy Steps to Keeping Floors Clean

Every week we know the home needs to be vacuumed, dusted, mopped, and laundry needs to be done. Most of us wait till it really needs a cleaning and that attitude fosters negativity. If we can learn to do it weekly, it doesn't take long and it can be enjoyable.

One of the easiest jobs is vacuuming carpets (at least it is in our home). The reason it's so easy is the fact that we use a machine to help us do the work. Depending on what type of vacuum you have, it can quickly clean or it might take more effort than we really want to exert. Mopping the floors might rank right up there with kissing your brother or sister. Dusting is going to be difficult if you have a lot of furniture or pictures.

Can you imagine back 75 years ago when everything had to be done with good ole elbow grease? Well, cleaning floors can be easier if we apply "elbow grease" to some of the nastier spills but today we have a machine called the Swiffer Wet Jet. That thing makes mopping a breeze and it's worth every penny. Forget the buckets, squeezing the mop and all that other stuff, this machine needs a little squirt and away you go. If you use the Swiffer weekly, it doesn't take very long at all to mop the kitchen floor, bathroom and any other hard floors in your home.

Our kids fight over the floor cleaning duties because it's fun to use. The beauty of the Wet Jet is there are no cords to slow your progress down and it reaches hard to get places. Heck, our kids will fight over who gets to clean the kitchen floor, thanks to the wet jet.

The easiest way to clean your floors (kitchen, bathroom, wood floors, etc is to make it a weekly routine. If you have big spills then you must clean the floors immediately, however if you have a weekly plan in place cleaning floors will get easier and quicker.

I know when we forget to clean the floors for a week or two, it takes a lot longer to get them back in shape. However, with a weekly maintenance plan it's fast and effective.

Wood floors offers a different set of challenges and we don't use a mop on these floors. We never use water on the floors unless it is an isolated case of muck and then we are very careful to wipe all water away when the muck is cleaned up. However, using our swiffer max makes it's a breeze to clean the wood floors. When one of the wipes is dirty we simply take it off and add another one to the pad. It normally takes us two wipes to clean our hardwood floors.

Once upon a time when we were both working, we hired a maid to come in and do the cleaning with us. Now that we are a one income home everyone pitches in to help keep our home clean. It gets harder as our children graduate and head off to college but then again, we don't have nearly as much traffic in our home.

Keeping the kids in the loop teaches them responsibility and develops a work ethic they will fall upon as they start their own families or have their own apartment.

Autor: Ryan Hogaboom

As you told you before we use Swiffer products and if you have one you know how expensive it can become, so we now have a site that helps us find cheap replacements or refills. Check out Swiffer Wet Jet Refills for ideas to keep the costs down.

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

All About Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

There are many things to take into consideration when choosing backpack vacuum cleaners. Let us take a look at some of the pros and cons of using this type of system.

First, you should understand how this vacuum works. The unit basically has a shoulder strap or two straps that work like a backpack. You take the unit and put it onto your back and it will have a hose that is attached to it. This hose is used to do the vacuuming that you need to do. The backpack is often adjustable and can be changed to fit just about anyone. There are some that are padded in order to provide extra comfort for the people who choose them.

There are a few advantages to using this type of vacuum cleaner. One of the most common advantages is the fact that it is very light. Wearing this light unit on your back makes for an easy vacuuming job. You will also find that you do not have to bend down like you would with pushing a standard vacuum cleaner. This can be a very important feature for people who may have problems with stooping over and bending down. It can be more supportive to your back than other types of vacuum cleaners.

Another thing that you encounter with backpack vacuum cleaners is the fact that you are able to clean in places that you may not have been able to reach easily before. It is very versatile, and can be used to clean things such as rugs, furniture, drapes and other hard to reach areas. Its convenience and ease of use add to its value. There are a variety of different styles to choose from, and some are even lighter than others which adds to the level of comfort.

Autor: Mary L. Thompson

You can research the different types of backpack vacuum cleaners at Consumer Reports Vacuums.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Washing Machine Cleaning

Washing machine cleaning is vital for maintaining your appliance and ensuring it works at is best. Don't think that because you're putting soap into the washing machine your appliance will be cleaned as well as your clothes. There are certain measures you need to take to keep your appliance running as new.

The inside of your machine is regularly filled with dirty water. Your detergent will leave mineral deposits, deposits of powder and dirt which need to be removed from the machine. If you're washing cloth nappies it is vital you clean your machine to combat the transfer of germs.

So why doesn't your washing machine clean itself? This is much the same reason as why your bath, shower, sink and dishwasher also require cleaning regularly. Plus, think about it...the cleaner your machine, the cleaner your washing will be.

Inside your machine, hard water and detergents can cause the accumulation of build-up inside the tub, pump and hoses. This build up can cause an array of problems from sub-par cleaning quality to more severe floods and leakages. Accumulation of this sediment can also cause your clothes to wear more quickly as, trapped inside the drum, excess powder can be quite abrasive to fabric.

How to clean your washing machine

Unclog the filter - do this every time you wash a load

Once a fortnight clean out your detergent drawer - use a cloth and toothbrush (preferably not your current toothbrush) to clean out the nooks and crannies and remove any old soap scum.

Once a month or so freshen up the machine with a hot wash programme - run the washing machine empty on a hot wash to clean the drum and drainage pipes. Add some vinegar and lemon juice, or washing-soda crystals to remove odours and stop limescale, soap scum build up and mildew.

What else should you look out for?

It is important to look out for any other wear and tear on your machine, most notably, the hose. Look out for any rips or tears because these mean leaks. Consider switching your hose for a new one if it is five years old or more.

If your machine is very old or beyond repair consider recycling it and buying a new machine. New washers are much more energy efficient than older models and you don't have to spend a fortune. BEKO WM5100 and WM5120 washing machines are cost effective quality appliances which do a good job and won't cost you the earth.

Autor: Katherine J Owen

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Simple Solutions For Carpet Stain Removal

Everyone will certainly have an instance where they have to think on their feet in terms of their carpet's cleanliness. Meaning that you will certainly find yourself treating potential stains over the course of your carpet's life. There are people with lots of methods on how to get rid of stains in the carpet, but I have listed the most effective methods for carpet stain removal.

Carpet stains can be caused by just about anything, and just about anyone. This means you should always be prepared for the chance of a stain, especially if you have lots of activities in your home. Typically those with children, or those who frequently host guests in their homes are prime candidates.

A little known assistant in stain removal is lemon juice. This just means the store bought lemon juice in the bottle or plastic container. All you need to do is load up the lemon juice into a spray container bottle, and spray liberally on the area of the stain. You must be careful not to wet the padding, as this could cause later problems. So be aware of the saturation as you apply. Allow it to sit for several minutes and then blot out the stain.

Do not attempt to clean your carpet with things that are not really suited for carpet cleaning. The best solution for this is to rent a little machine to professionally clean your carpet on your own. This is a relatively reasonably priced and it should do the trick in taking care of even heavily set in stains.

But what if you don't have the time to professionally clean your carpets? Perhaps you should consider hiring a company to come in and do it for you. This is a good thing to do once a year anyway, since carpets can get rather dirty easily without you noticing it. But it also can save you the time and energy of doing it yourself, if you decide to allow someone to come in and do it for you. Not only will the stain be gone, but you can have your whole house looking new.

So you shouldn't get discouraged the next time your child or guest drops the worst possible drink on your unsuspecting carpet. There are methods to get it out with little trouble, and so you can carry on with your life without the worry of another stain looming over your head.

Autor: Yair Livenman

Carpet stain removal tips will really help you a lot especially if you have kids at home. These other stain removal tips will surely help you as well.

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Simple Way to Dry and Clean Out Flooded Carpets

Has your house ever suffered from flood damage? There is little worse than having to try to salvage some of your most precious possessions, especially when you're not even sure where to start cleaning your flooded home. That is why if your insurance covers it, we highly suggest hiring water damage restoration corporations who can do flood clean up for you.

But if you are going to be forced to fix the water damage due to flooding, then here are a few tips about how to salvage your carpets. If mildew begins to grow on the carpets, you will have to bin them. So you'll need to scrub the carpets and dry them quickly if you want to save them.

So, if the weather authorizes, take the carpets out of your place and get them outside. Pulling up the carpets and padding will also let the subflooring dry out so it doesn't get damaged.

Once the carpets are outside you will wish to get all of the mud out of the water damaged carpet using a high pressure hose to wash the carpets out. Next, employ a commercial rug shampoo to scrub out the carpets. Do small 2 feet sections of the carpet at a time. Then, rinse out the shampoo with a sponge. Confirm and wring out the unclean water from the sponge often.

Ultimately, dry the carpets as quickly as possible. If it is sunny and warm outside, this could be a lot less complicated. You will have to lay the carpets out in a dry, bright area.

Flood Control of Atlanta

Autor: Brooks C Winters

2451 Cumberland Parkway, Suite 3129
Atlanta, GA 30339

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

How Do I Get Spilled Coffee Out of My Mattress?

Isn't it nice to sip steaming hot coffee on your bed on a lazy morning? It is indeed nice until you spilled it on your mattress. This calls to mind an emergency situation.

Unlike clothes, when you spill coffee over it, you can just dump it in your washer. You cannot just do that with your mattress. Also, you cannot just wash the mattress under running water as it is imperative to keep it as dry as possible. Getting it wet can cause mold formation and you do not want that additional mattress problem.

First things first, you should wipe the excess liquid. Use a paper towel or a clean cloth to absorb the moisture inside the bed. Chances are, ants will find its way to your mattress too if you do not clean it immediately.

After that, get put a few teaspoons of baking soda in a cup of white vinegar and mix this with 4 cups of water. This will serve as your cleaning solution. The next thing you should do is to get a clean towel. Soak the towel in this solution and wring out the drippy moisture. It should just be damp enough to wipe on the surface of the stained mattress.

Use the towel and blot out the stained part of the mattress. You can also place it on top of the stained area, give it a bit of rub to help the solution penetrate and clean out the stain. Leave it on top of the mattress for an hour. This should be enough to get rid of the stains.

After an hour, lift the towel off the mattress. If it is still damp, sprinkle baking soda to help dry up excess moisture. Leave it there for 15 minutes. Afterwards, get a vacuum cleaner and clean the area. Leave it in a sunny place to dry completely or direct your electric fan to the moist area.

This should help remove the stains from your mattress. Coffee stain is not too difficult to get rid of if you are using white vinegar. You can even use this cleaning solution to clean your coffee maker if you want. This helps a lot in removing discoloration and other what-nots.

The next time you have a coffee emergency cleaning situation, try this method in cleaning your mattress. It is a no mess and a no fuss way of cleaning. It beats having to stop by at the convenience store to buy cleaning products.

Autor: Alan Cassidy

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Protecting Floor Tiles

Of all the tiles that we use in our house of floor tiles are probably the most vulnerable tiles. They are different from many of the other flooring surfaces. When your tiles leave the factory, they have been through a barrage of treatments. In their initial stage as molten clay, aluminum powder may have been added to strengthen the tiles. Next, they may have been treated with a glaze to add a layer of protection and enhance their appearance. From there, your tiles were fired to immensely high temperatures, essentially cooking the tile, and further sealing the glaze. Finally, your tile is treated to a sealer which will protect it, both in transit to your home and then again once it's set in place in your home.

After all these steps it's your responsibility to look maintenance of these tiles and prolong their life. The companies have done their part and took every step to ensure that your floor tiles keep looking the best for times to come. A solution of mild soap and water applied the surface of the tile on a regular basis is generally enough to keep your floor clean and looking its best. But from time to time, depending on the level of household traffic, it may be necessary to spruce your floor up with a few readily available treatments. There are ways to ensure that your tiles lasts for long in good condition, although it is impossible to avoid wear and tear that comes with time. This article is about some of the tips that can help you protect your floor tiles:

1) Stains - These are the biggest problem with floor tiles. Stains from kitchen mishaps or dirt from shoes can imbed themselves in pores of your tiles and can make them look ugly. There are many household cleaners that make the claim about removing stains from your tiles, but most of them not even come near to time honored method of diluted muriatic acid.

Dilute the acid to a 60/40 acid/water solution and carefully remove the stains. Eye protection masks and heavy gloves are imperative.

2) Be very careful when moving anything heavy over tiles. This can break your tiles and make them look ugly. Avoid dropping something heavy on tiles too.

3) Be very careful with ceramic floor tiles and avoid using acidic or alkaline cleaner. These kinds of cleaners can lessen the gloss of your tiles. Avoid using soap and vinegar too for similar reasons.

4) Although a bit costly lamination or protective coating can be used to protect the floor tiles.They help floor tiles against weathering, cracking, oil, chemicals and other moisture.

5) If tiling yourself make sure that you handle tiles properly. Improper handling may cause it to break and you might get hurt.

6) Sub floors usually help floor tiles lasting longer by preventing them from loosing and breaking.

7) Remember to clean stains immediately to prevent them from setting into the tile flooring.

I hope this article is clear some basic doubts about floor tile maintenance.

Autor: Vishal Sagar

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Clean Your Home From Work

In the past it was traditional for wives to stay at home from work and keep the house neat and tidy. Those days are long gone, and often both parents in a family are hard at work in order to live comfortably. In this day and age of expediency and a fast-paced society, it isn't a wonder that chores around the household are often left ignored. The floor hasn't been vacuumed for weeks, the bathroom needs a scrub, and cobwebs are beginning to appear behind every nook in your home. Luckily for you, there are a number of cleaning services in your city that will let you keep your house clean, even while you're at work.

Finding a house cleaner in your city is not very difficult; there are a number of services that will fight for your business by giving you quality maid services for reasonable prices. The process is simple too: look up maid services in the phone book, and ask anyone you know who already uses a house cleaning service.

Try to find a company that provides great service and ensure the company has been around for a while. Companies like this offer great housekeeping at an extremely affordable price. Many companies like this also offer the customer with a free estimate and they are willing to work on your schedule. If you find that you're generally unavailable during the weekends and you work from Monday to Friday, there's still nothing to worry about. Their employees are no strangers to maintaining high standards in their cleaning service while the clients are at work.

Some people may not like the idea of going to a cleaning service or hiring a maid, especially in tough economic times. Often housekeeping is one of those budget items that get cut and many cleaning services recognize this fact. Many companies are willing to make a deal by giving all new clients some sort of discount coupon code, usually 50% off the initial cleaning. Think about the "try-before-you-buy" situation, you can determine the quality of their work and it be examined at a reduced rate. You will also be able to see first hand if the professionalism and care in these household cleaning services in your area is sound.

Many of these companies offer great prices and maintain solid reputations, so you should generally have a handful of cleaning services that you can choose from. House cleaning isn't a service for everyone, but when the cost is low and the quality is high, it's hard to decline. After all, a clean home is a happy home.

Autor: Christina Cakers

Christina has been writing online reviews for products for over 2 years now. You can check out some of her reviews on the best lansinoh double electric breast pump and affordable medela mini electric breast pump.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Do You Need Disinfectant Cleaner If You Have a Steam Cleaner?

A steam cleaner is supposed to clean not only superficially but also microscopically. Imagine all those bacteria, germs, and viruses lurking in every part of your home. Your house may look visibly clean but these things can actually cause serious danger to your and your family's health.

So, if you have this cleaner in your house, do you still need a disinfectant cleaner? That is a question that does not seem to have an absolute answer. You see, most of the cleaners available today replace any sanitizing or disinfecting chemical-based cleaners so basically, you do not need to purchase these anymore.

But that all depends on the specifications and features of your cleaner. If it says it can remove all sorts of household pathogens, then it does not necessitate disinfectants anymore.

Also, the steam from this cleaner is hot enough to eradicate bacteria. Anything that produces steam can effectively remove the harmful micro organisms invisible to our eyes.

On the other hand, there are also those labelled as "steamers" or "steam cleaners" that do not really function well in sanitizing. Some of them include two tanks, one for the water and one for a cleaning solution or for a sanitizer. The combination of those two will form a solution that will sanitize. Some of them only use tap water in cleaning and sanitizing.

If it does not produce as much steam or no steam at all-just hot water to remove stains, this should clue you up that you need a disinfectant. However, if steam is produced continuously, no need for a disinfectant any longer.

When you purchase a steam cleaner, make sure you check out its features. Find out if it can get rid of pathogens and by how many percent. Most of those machines sold today can get rid of up to 99.99% of germs, bacteria and viruses.

I highly recommend this cleaner instead of a disinfectant because it is much more economical, convenient and eco-friendly. You will only need to pay for the machine and you can use tap water as a cleaning material. Also, since it does not use chemicals, it is much better for the environment.

Go look for a good cleaner right away. Check out some reviews as to which one works the hardest on pathogens. For sure, other consumers will share their stories about the brands they got. You might want to learn from their experiences so you can find the best one for your household cleaning needs.

Autor: Zach Smith

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

How Can I Get Rid of the Awful Smell on Mattresses From the Effects of Smoking?

The smell of cigarette smoke clings to your clothes. If you also smoke while you are lounging on your bed, the smell will surely cling to your mattress too. This is not the last thing you will want to smell when you go to sleep.

So how do you get rid of the smell anyway? For clothes, you can just dump them in your washing machine, add fabric conditioner and the smell is gone. How I wish we can do the same for our mattress but since that is not the case, you can always try the following steps in cleaning:

Step 1: Get a fabric conditioner and slightly dissolve it in water. Make sure you choose the white fabric conditioner as this will not cause discoloration in your mattress. Get a sponge and soak it in the solution. Wring out excess water and blot the mattress with the sponge. Make sure you blot out both sides of the mattress. Let the solution penetrate so leave it for a few minutes.

Step 2: Afterwards, get clean water and blot the mattress again using the sponge. This will help get rid of the residues of fabric conditioner. Once done, sprinkle baking soda on both sides of the mattress. Baking soda actually helps deodorize mattresses as it absorbs odor. Also, it helps absorb moisture to help dry your mattress quickly. Let baking soda sit for a few minutes.

Step 3: After 15 minutes or so, vacuum both sides of the mattress to remove odor and baking soda residues.

Step 4: Afterwards, leave the mattress under a sunny place to dry up. One of the most effective ways of removing odor from furniture and upholstery is to sun dry it. For sure, your mattress will smell fresh in no time.

If you want a quicker way to deodorize your mattress, you can always go for the rubbing alcohol method. Just spray rubbing alcohol on both sides of the mattress. It dries quickly and it removes any unpleasant odor.

If you have steam cleaner at home, this also helps remove upholstery odor. Try using the steam cleaner to clean your mattress. But make sure it produces dry steam so you will not soak the mattress through. Better yet, use a hand held clothes steamer to do this process for you.

Try this trick in removing smoke smell from your mattress. Once you have removed the smell, you can easily fall asleep and have proper rest.

Autor: Zach Smith

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Friday, December 11, 2009

The First Step to Closet Organizing

So you want to get closet organized do you? Everyone wants to have everything organized. They want everything in its own place. When you open the closet door what do you see? A very neat and tidy space that is pleasing to the eye.

The absolute hardest part about organizing a closet or anything for that matter, is getting started. You just have to make up your mind. Say to yourself, "I'm going to closet organize on Saturday". Then do it on Saturday.

Open up your closet and consider what you want to do with each specific section in there. You may want to tackle the section that would seem to be the most difficult to organize.

The process of closet organizing

You must have a plan in place before you start. If you just start to tear into the closet to organize it, you will become very frustrated. You will wonder, "what am I going to do with that"?

"Where am I going to put this now that I put something else there"? With a plan in place there will be no surprises. The time spent planning will directly relate to what you spend in money and the amount of labor that goes into the project. By Planning this closet organization out before hand you will eliminate a huge amount of mistakes. The less mistakes, the sooner your done. The happier you are.

Whether you choose to do this closet organizing yourself or hire someone to do it for you, have a plan. Go over what you want with the planner. It is your house. It is your closet. You have the last word about what is going to be done. Get several options presented to you. Then tweak those options and see if they make sense to the closet organizer.
An organized closet is easier to live with, more pleasant to look at and makes finding things a snap.

Autor: William Rigby

To see other closet organization ideas head on over to now to find solutions for all your closet organizing needs.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Step-by-Step How to Clean a Bathroom

Living in a clean environment means paying attention to those areas of the home that are at most risk for breeding germs and bacteria. Apart from the kitchen the bathroom constitutes one such area. Bathrooms are notorious for breeding bacteria which can lead to serious health problems. Cleaning the bathroom is perhaps one of the most distasteful jobs of all because it entails the use of a wide range of high powered cleaning solutions and a variety of cleaning methods and supplies. It also requires a step by step approach in order to ensure that cleaning is done correctly and effectively.

Effective cleaning relies on using the proper cleaning solutions and supplies. As a bathroom presents the dangers of both bacteria and chemical application buildups and the fact that you are at times working in small enclosed spaces, it may be necessary to provide safety equipment such as gloves, eye wear and even a face mask.

Cleaning starts with clearing and decluttering. In order to get into every area of this room it is necessary that all surfaces are free of clutter and easily within reach. Towels and bath mats should be removed and the floor area cleared. Laundry should be picked up off the floor and items such as toothbrushes, shampoos or soap dishes should be taken off bathtub and sink surrounds and off all counter tops.

It pays to tackle the hardest areas first which constitute the shower and bathtub. Soap scum is something that builds up quickly and easily. If left however, it can present a cleaning nightmare. There are methods for preventing it as well as specific cleaning solutions that will aid in its elimination. Attention should be paid to certain areas such as faucets, glass, door hinges and runners. It is also important that thorough rinsing is undertaken in order to wash away any chemical residue.

Mirrors and windows need to be cleaned next and then onto the basin and pedestal. A bathroom basin often presents stubborn build up of stains and soap scum. As it is an area that we use throughout the day it is imperative that it be clean and hygienic. Special attention should be paid to the drain, faucets and where the pedestal meets the floor and basin.

Before attending to the floor the toilet bowl should be cleaned. Once all its features and crevices have been scoured and cleaned it is time to mop the floor.

These recommended steps encompass a strategy for effectively cleaning a bathroom. It is unfortunately not sufficient to clean a bathroom with soap and water. For this reason there are a host of cleaning solutions available that have been specifically designed for cleaning and sanitizing a bathroom. While many general household cleaners may be used for certain areas of a bathroom, it requires a few extra that are only suitable for bathrooms.

Autor: Merilee Paige

About the Author: Merilee Paige is a cleaning expert. For more great tips on how to clean a bathroom, visit

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How to Clean a Duvet Without Wrecking It

A duvet should be cleaned at least once a year, depending on how dirty it gets. Laundering duvet bedding is a time consuming process, so to minimize the number of times you need to wash it you should shake it out from time to time and hang it outside in the sun for a while to air out. When the time finally does come to wash your duvet, feather bed, or pillows. Try to use a front-loading washing machine that will handle large loads. If you don't own a front loading machine you can use one at the local laundromat, just make sure to bring entertainment because you'll be there for a while.

For laundry soap, you need a low-sudsing, low-alkaline, neutral pH formula soap that won't dry out the feathers or remove their natural oil. If you can't get a soap like this use a very small (size of a dime) amount of dish soap. Wash in cool or cold water.

Make sure to run the rinse cycle 2-3 times to remove all traces of soap. Without removing all of the soap, you run the risk of making your duvet clumpy and hard. Removing all of the soap will keep it soft and fluffy. To dry your duvet bedding, DO NOT USE a heated cycle. Dry it on a cool cycle with a couple of tennis balls thrown in ( these help to restore the loft). If you have the ability to hang the duvet, do this every once in a while to redistribute the filling.

When you are sure that your duvet bedding is completely dry, you are finished. Just slip on a duvet cover and your good for another year.

Autor: Seldon Star

For more info on duvet bedding check out My Duvet Guide.

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Maintaining the Luster in Your Cufflinks

Vanity is not a sin. If you love dressing up and looking smart every time you get out of the house on your way to the office or a formal event, then that's perfectly fine. If you dress in blazers, jackets or suits more often, then you should have a handful of cufflinks. Cufflinks are a great way to make statements. It does not only to match your suit, but the occasion and your mood as well.

While cufflinks are classic accessories for men, you cannot discount that it is also subject to wear and tear especially if you wear them every now and then. Scratches and abrasions tend to depreciate your cufflinks as well as dirt and grime.

It is therefore important that you take care of your cufflinks to preserve their original good looks. This part is despised by most cufflink wearer but it is imperative. It simply has to be done.

Natural oils from your body, skin lotion and other environmental pollutants come in contact with your cufflinks and accumulate over a period of time. The build-up that is gathered in your cufflinks creates some sort of thin sheet that reduces your cufflinks' luster and sheen. Good news is that, regardless of the make of your cufflinks, gold, silver, gems or porcelain, it is always easy to clean. You don't have to wash it after every event or party that you wear it to since it's not like your clothes that easily gets dirty.

And to make things easier for you, I have listed here a step-by-step guide to cleaning your cufflinks and restoring them to what they were like when you bought them:

If you're not sure where to start, you can simply use mild soap and water to maintain your jewelry. Commercial jewelry cleaners are not necessary. They can be expensive and their effect, practically the same as that of soap and water.

Step # 1: Check the label. Before cleaning your cufflinks, make sure that the washing detergent that you're using does not have bleach or any other coarse ingredients that can chafe the metal or gem stone in your cufflinks. Ammonia or white vinegar are also options. Mix water and a couple of drops of your selected detergent in a large bowl. For tougher stains, you can use a solution of glass cleaner to ensure removal.

Step # 2: Soak your cufflinks in the prepared solution and leave it for a few minutes.

Step # 3: After soaking your cufflinks for a few minutes, brush the furrows and crevices with a soft toothbrush while holding your cufflinks under water. A new toothbrush is not advisable since new brushes have firm bristles and could easily damage your accessory. An old toothbrush perfectly suits this purpose.

Step # 4: Remove the cufflinks out of the solution gently and rinse thoroughly with clean and warm water.

Step # 5: Using a cloth made of 100% cotton, polish the metal, stone or porcelain. Don't rub too hard. Use soft brushing techniques.

Lastly, keep your polished and newly cleaned cufflinks in their original box or if you don't have it, invest on properly cushioned jewelry box to keep your accessory.

And you're done! Very easy, wasn't it?

Autor: Alain Picard

Alain Picard invites you to check out the latest neckties offered at Specialists in sterling silver cufflinks, mens neckties and groomsmen gifts, you're sure to find something to your liking.

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Quick Cleaning Tips to Make Your Home Look Cleaner

What can you do to make your home look cleaner than it really is? I've been lucky enough to have two mom's that have shared their homekeeping tips with me for years. Both my mom and my mom-in-law have very clean homes. Once I had a family of my own with three kids and a dog, I could never figure out how they did it. My home always looked "unkept". So I went back to both of them and asked for a little advice. Each had some little secrets to keeping their home looking so good.

1. If you only have time for one thing- vacuum the floor. When your floors look clean everything else will look better. Even vacuum the kitchen floor. When you pick up the big dirt, the other stuff will disappear.

2. Try making your bed every day. This is for your mental health, since we usually don't let guests into our bedrooms. When your bed is made the rest of the room will look better. And there is nothing more relaxing than ending your day in a room that looks clean.

3. Don't pile your dishes in the sink. Put them directly in the dishwasher. Dirty dishes create negative energy, especially if they are piled up in the sink. If you can train your family to do one thing- make it that they put their dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Try running the dishwasher at night and empty it before you leave for the day. Then no one will have the excuse that the dishwasher was full of clean dishes.

For more tips on homekeeping, visit

Autor: Leslie Reichert

Leslie Reichert is a "green" cleaning coach. Her mission is to teach and encourage others in the "art" of homekeeping and green cleaning. Leslie has seen scores of people who fight a daily battle with asthma and allergies, which many believe are caused by using harsh chemicals in the home. With over 20 years experience, she realized she wanted to share her knowledge and encourage people to start green cleaning and since then she has become an author, coach, presenter and speaker for the green cleaning industry. She presents with Celebrity Chefs like Paula Deen and Ming Tsai at events such as the Chicago International Home and Housewares Show and Good Taste, Pittsburgh. Leslie can be contacted at her cleaning hotline at 1-866-50CLEAN or on her blog. Her book, The Joy of Green Cleaning, is available on line at or at her book site. You can also download an e-book or just specific chapters for only $2.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dutch Oven Cleaning the Easy Way

It is that time of year again- summer -which of course includes swimming, hiking and CAMPING! For our family camping includes traditional Dutch oven cooking. Delicious BBQ chicken, roasted potatoes and of course peach cobbler (we can't forget the dessert!)

As I was getting all the camping gear out in preparation for our upcoming trip I was absolutely horrified with the condition of my dutch ovens. RUST and lots of it. I couldn't believe it, I thought I had cleaned out the ovens and seasoned them last year before we put them away- apparently not. They looked horrible and smelled like rancid oil.

Oh the rust! The inside, the outside, everywhere, all the nooks and crannies rust, rust, rust. My husband was going to kill me! I debated whether or not I had enough time to run out and buy new ones and season them before he got home- oh and I would have to find the exact same kind. I knew I would never make it.

So when I went online to find out how to correct my mistake (it is an easy mistake to make you know) the only suggestions I found were to get some steel wool and scrub or use lye-based rust remover chemicals. Scrubbing with steel wool didn't exactly appeal to me, and neither did tasting nasty chemicals.

I really wanted to protect my family from ingesting rust as a seasoning and I knew chemical flavored peach cobbler was not going to go over well with my kids. So I thought why not use my Sargent Steam- it works on everything else. I grabbed my steamer, attached the nozzle to the end, put a 2" stiff brush on and covered it with a scrub bud. I have never seen rust disappear so quickly or easily!

The whole cleaning process only took me about 20 minutes with very little effort. That also included getting all of the charcoal and carbon film off the bottom that would normally blacken the rest of my camping gear. I had enough time to re-season the ovens and my husband was none the wiser. In fact, he even complimented me on what a great job I had done putting them away last year (ha ha ha)

And the best part was how good everything tasted-no rancid seasoning or rust flavoring. Honestly this process was as easy as it was amazing. I can add this success to the long list of things only my Sargent can handle and why I rely on it for EVERYTHING!

Autor: Heather Page

If you would like more information on how steam can help you clean your dutch oven check out our website at Sargent Steam. or visit our blog at

Sargent Steam has been in business and been steam cleaning experts since 1993. We are the go to gals of the industry when it comes to cleaning and cleaning with steam. Let us help you with your cleaning challenges.

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Monday, November 30, 2009

How to Remove Washing Machine Musty Smell in 5 Easy Steps

When you are washing dirty clothes all the time, your washing machine cannot help but stink-especially when you are not giving it the proper maintenance that a washer requires.

If you have no clue how to do that, this is the best time to learn. Here is a step-by-step procedure on how to get rid of the awful smell from your washer:

Step 1: Right after washing your clothes, check out the flow of water in your washer. If there are excess water left inside, this means your washer's drainage system is not working well. You might want to do some quick inspection to find out what is causing the improper drainage flow.

Step 2: The next thing you need to do is to use vinegar solution. Vinegar can actually help dissolve the stubborn dirt and grime clinging on your tub's wall along with the lime residues that has collected from your water. Add about one cup of white vinegar and run an empty hot water cycle.

Some people do not like to use vinegar because they think it will cause the tub to rust. If you are using a stainless steel tub, this should not be a problem. Besides, you are going to run an empty water cycle again after that to get rid of the vinegar solution.

Step 3: The next thing you need to do is to use the baking soda paste. Just mix a bit of water with baking soda and scrub this on the walls of your washer. It gets rid of the accumulated dirt and grime on the tub's walls along with the hardened detergent residues. The detergent residues actually contain animal fats so it can go rancid overtime and cause a smelly and musty washer. This will also get rid of the smell from the vinegar.

You can also try using lemon juice and salt. Slice one lemon and dip it in salt and use it to scrub the wall of the tub.

Step 4: Once your washer's tub is already spick and span, run an empty hot water cycle to wash off the baking soda residues and the sloughed off dirt and grime. Let it finish and drain properly.

Step 5: Dry the inside of the washing machine using a clean towel. Make sure every nook and cranny is dry. Open the tub door and let air dissipate inside. One of the causes of a musty washer is because the smell of detergent, bleach, fabric conditioner mingled with excess water with minerals is cooped up inside. Let you washing machine breathe.

Be careful not to use too much detergent the next time you use your washing machine. Using too much detergent can cause animal fat accumulation and this will then make your washer maintenance a lot more difficult.

Autor: Zach Smith

Purchasing reliable top loading washing machines may look like an easy task but are you absolutely certain you are getting the best one? Visit our website at to know more about the latest on this washing machine.

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Basic Steps and Factors on How to Organize a Home

One of the main causes for a person to become less efficient is living an unorganized life. This is greatly reflected at home or at the workplace where he stays often. Although the clear and absolute solution for this kind of problem is by removing all the possible clutter in these places, the task itself is not that simple at all. Organizing things in your life can be a very complicated task. Moreover, it greatly requires your patience, determination, and perseverance.

However, living an organized life by starting to organize things first at home is not that complicated at all. First you should accept that you have to accomplish a tiring task. The sooner you accept this reality, the lighter it will be to do it. Another basic factor for a successful home organizing task is coming up with a clear, effective, and consistent system that will serve as your guide throughout the whole act. You can either refer to systems offered by various information media like books and the internet or you can simply develop your own. You can do this by assessing a particular area of the house that needs to be organized. From this basic step, you will then be able to know all the things that you might need to help you do the task a lot easier, be it help from other people such as professional cleaners or just your family or some help from cleaning tools.

Clearing out the room down to the smallest dirt is also a significant step in home organizing. This helps you arrange the area more effectively and plan out the specific spots to place all the things that need to be arranged. From these basic steps, you can then come up with additional options to apply based on how you want things to look.

When purchasing organizing equipment, it is best if you choose different colors that will be designated for specific groups of valuables. You should also make sure whether you want large or small sized organizing containers for example. It is also best if you develop a specific decorative theme for each particular area of the house. This will best display your home as fashionable and can be a lot more pleasant to the eyes and relaxing to the soul.

When it comes to organizing more specific places in your house like closets, it is best if you keep the closet floor clear from anything. The closet will definitely look a lot more spacious that way. You can categorize clothes based on their color and on the particular occasions that they are usually worn, for example, the casuals and the formals.

In bedrooms, it is best if you choose neutral colors like white to add a more relaxing ambiance throughout the entire room. Your bedroom serves as your most private sanctuary and a place for relaxation so it is best to use things that will greatly compliment its real purpose.

Autor: Zoul-Kifl Pio

For more great information about how to organize home, visit

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Friday, November 27, 2009

How Do You Clean a Memory Foam Mattress Pad?

Coffee stains, urine odor-these are just some of the memory foam mattress problem that most people are faced with. Sometimes it is easier to just buy a new mattress. But then, you need to shell out money to buy a new one.

To keep your money in your pockets, just mattress the art of cleaning your memory foam mattress pad. It is actually a bit easier than what you might think.

Step 1: Prepare all the necessary ingredients and location. You will need Woolite fabric cleaner, spray bottle, water, water source with hose, white vinegar and a platform to place your mattress pad on (you would not want it to get all muddy when you are cleaning it outside).

Step 2: Place your memory foam mattress pad on the clean platform. Fill the spray bottle with the mixture of one part Woolite fabric cleaner and 2 parts of water. Make sure you spray every nook and cranny of the mattress. You might want to ask someone to help you hold the mattress upright as you spray. Wait for the solution to do its work for about 20 minutes.

Step 3: Once the Woolite solution has penetrated, rinse it off using the hose. Do not worry about drenching your mattress pad through and through because you can still dry it up later.

Step 4: Now, empty the spray bottle and remove the Woolite solution and replace it with vinegar solution. Mix one part white vinegar with four parts of water and pour the mixture in the spray bottle. Do the same method with step 2 and leave it on for a few minutes.

Step 5: Rinse the mattress pad again using the hose. Once you have gotten rid of the vinegar solution, press the mattress down to "wring" out the excess moisture. Leave it outdoors to dry under the shade of the sun (not in direct contact with the sun) or you can just blow dry it instead.

Just makes sure that the mattress pad is completely dry before you put it back on top of your primary mattress. Otherwise, a musty smell will permeate from it and you surely do not want to smell that as you sleep.

Do not leave the stains to dry up for a long time. You will just have a more difficult time getting rid of it. Just follow the steps carefully and you can have a clean, stain-free, and fresh-smelling mattress for long.

Autor: Zach Smith

Find out which mattress brands are heralded as the best memory foam mattress. Check out our website at for more details.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Features of Steam Cleaners

As the name implies, steam cleaners clean various types of areas by ejecting steam onto the surface. One can select the temperature and pressure levels of the steam, depending upon the nature of the surface and the application. The harder the surface and the more difficult the application, the higher the output pressure and temperature levels should be.

Steam cleaner can be used to clean almost all types of surfaces. . However, it is important to beware of surfaces that may not be able to withstand the high pressure and temperature of the machine. The output temperature in the latest models is as high as 360 F and the output pressure level can go up to 150 psi.

Some examples of surfaces for which steam cleaners are not suitable for are those consisting of cloth or paper. The heat and pressure level of the steam might damage the surface. As such, it is important to make sure the material or surface is not heat sensitive before proceeding with cleaning.

Types of Steam Cleaners

One can classify steam cleaners into various categories based on their functionality and the surface for which the device is best suited. You can find vapor steam cleaners, floor steam cleaners, tile and grout steam cleaners, vacuum steam cleaners, and industrial steam cleaners, each of which is ideal for a particular application.

The following are a few of the main features of today's top steam cleaners.

Continuous Refill Technology

Conventional steam cleaner devices contain only one tank, into which the operator pours water. The same tank acts as the boiler, as well. This creates the problem that once all the water in the tank is converted into steam, the operator has to fill the tank again. Refilling the tank and waiting for the water to reheat causes an extended break in the cleaning process. This is time consuming and often frustrating.

The latest models of steam cleaners are equipped with continuous refill technology. These devices contain two tanks - a boiler tank and a refill chamber. The operator pours water into the refill tank, from where the machine automatically transfers the water into the boiler in a controlled manner. This facility allows the operator to refill the tank through the non-pressurized refill chamber even during the cleaning process.

Anti-Microbial Technology

Sanitizing a surface means eliminating the disease-causing bacteria and fungi from the surface. Earlier, the conventional steam cleaner equipment relied on high temperature and chemical detergents to sanitize the surface. However, high temperature is not sufficient for removing up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria and other microorganisms.

Anti-microbial technology is used in modern steam cleaner machines to overcome this problem. This technology was specifically created to eliminate various types of commonly found microorganisms from the surface. Tests have shown that the devices equipped with this technology are capable of killing up to 99.99% of bacteria and fungus commonly found in residential and commercial areas.

Attached Vacuum Facility

Previously, dirt and other impurities needed to be vacuumed and removed from the surface before conventional steam cleaner machines could be used. During cleaning, users were forced to continuously wipe away the residues dissolved by the high temperature steam. This was because the earlier devices could displace the impurities, but could not absorb them.

Some of the latest models of steam cleaner come equipped with vacuum capabilities. This allows the operator to not only displace the impurities but extract them as well. Such devices have a separate tank where one can deposit the dirt residue absorbed from the surface.

When searching for the best steam cleaning machine for your residential, commercial, and industrial applications, understanding these essential features will aid you in finding the right machine to fulfill your needs.

Autor: Lauren Zwiebel

Author describes main parameter of buying a good long lasting steam cleaner as compare to low price steam cleaners. Use eco-friendly steam cleaner with green chemical to boost your environment. Also recommended to go with pressure washers and carpet cleaners.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Carpet Steam Cleaners For Home Use

Any pet owner will tell you, pet hair around the house is a major issue to them. These same pet owners will tell you that owning your own carpet steam cleaner will be the best money you have ever spent. This saves on having to pay a professional carpet cleaning company to come in, while keeping your house dander free and your family healthier.

Using a Shark Steam Cleaners on a regular basis can help not only keep the house clean but helps cut down on allergic reactions to pet hair and dander. Steam cleaning deep cleans the carpet and drapes and works equally well on hardwood floors and tile. Using this method of cleaning insures that the majority of pet hair and dander is removed from your home as opposed to just vacuuming alone.

The McCulloch Steam Cleaners is not only good for major cleaning, it's also built portable for spot cleaning. Pet messes, spills on carpeting and car upholstery are just a few of the uses for this steam cleaner. Lightweight and easy to handle, any member of the house can use this.

One of the leading names in carpet cleaning is Bissell. While the Bissell Steam Cleaner does not come with attachments for upholstery, it does do an excellent job on carpet and flooring. Cleaning up after family or a dinner party is a breeze with this machine. Not only does it steam clean but vacuums as well.

A portable steam cleaner will also help to keep your car's interior looking like new. It is powerful enough to handle any mess from spilled drinks to the kids in the back seat after a trip to the ice cream store. From small pets to small children, there's no better investment than a carpet steam cleaner.

Autor: Ty Macphearson

Carpet Steam Cleaner is a powerful tool in the fight against dirt and allergens around your home. The high temperature of the steam coupled with the vacuuming action of these machines insures a deep sanitizing clean on all your flooring surfaces. At, We are telling you that how a Carpet Steam Cleaner - Great for Deep Cleaning and Reducing Allergens.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Get a Healthier House by Using a Carpet Steam Cleaner

A carpet steam cleaner is a powerful tool in the fight against dirt and allergens around your home. The high temperature of the steam coupled with the vacuuming action of these machines insures a deep sanitizing clean on all your flooring surfaces. Steam cleaning on a regular basis helps not only to extend the life of your floors, especially in high traffic areas, but kills most household germs that become trapped there.

The two basic styles of carpet steam cleaners are portable and upright. The portable ones are normally very lightweight and easy to handle for small quick clean ups and hard to reach areas such as upholstery and stairs. The upright models are for much larger areas such as your carpets and flooring, and with using the attachments, bigger jobs can be handled such as the BBQ grill and outdoor furniture.

The average household steam cleaner heats water to between 250 and 300 degrees for very effective sanitizing when in use. The time for these to heat fully can vary, but most take around ten minutes or so, an indicator light is built in to let you know when it is ready. This temperature, coupled with cleaning agents, insures that any surface you use it on is cleaned and germ free.

Bissell, one of the leaders in floor care products, produces a line of cleaners called the Pro Heat 2X Select Upright Deep Carpet Cleaners. This line of machines is particularly adept at removing set in stains as it uses a pretreatment along with chemicals and steam. It comes with a full line of attachments to tackle any cleaning job you may come across.

Shark Steam Cleaners manufacture two different models of what is known as a steam mop. These use only hot water and steam, so there are no chemicals needed. Designed for use on laminate and hardwood floors, they also work equally well on tile. Using either of these regularly will help to insure a germ free home for your family.

Autor: Ty Macphearson

Carpet Steam Cleaner is a powerful tool in the fight against dirt and allergens around your home. The high temperature of the steam coupled with the vacuuming action of these machines insures a deep sanitizing clean on all your flooring surfaces. At, We are telling you that how a Shark Steam Cleaner - Great for Deep Cleaning and Reducing Allergens.

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Product Comparison - LadyBug and McCulloch Carpet Steam Cleaner Machines

Carpet steam cleaners are becoming just as much of a household necessity as a vacuum or a mop these days. These machines are particularly handy if you have children or pets as the messes these two make can be a challenge to clean properly. You not only get a deep thorough clean with these machines but also the removal of allergens and dander from the carpet creates a healthier environment for your whole family.

LadyBug carpet steam cleaners tout a 300 degree operating temperature so they can be used with or without additional cleaning chemicals. These cleaners work equally well on both carpets and bare flooring of all types. Quick and efficient, these machines remove dust, dirt, mold and mildew in a fraction of the time the old conventional methods took.

The LadyBug steam cleaners incorporate a special disinfection system into their machines called TANCS. This system incorporates a crystallizing process which destroys germs and is approved by the E.P.A.. They are constructed with stainless steel tanks for long life and years of trouble free service.

McCulloch, another name which is synonymous with quality steam cleaners, has a full line of both portable and larger models for most any job. Each style has a full line of attachments and takes only ten minutes to heat up fully. Not only can these be used for floor care, but also for cleaning grills and other outdoor messes.

The McCulloch MC 1246 is lightweight, less than six pounds, and is perfect for small clean ups and very useful on stairs. The MC 1275 is the bigger version and with an operating temperature of 250 degrees, and sanitizes as it cleans. Regular use of either of these machines helps keep your home clean and will save money in the long run by not having to call in a professional cleaning company.

Autor: Ty Macphearson

Carpet Steam Cleaner is a powerful tool in the fight against dirt and allergens around your home. The high temperature of the steam coupled with the vacuuming action of these machines insures a deep sanitizing clean on all your flooring surfaces. At, We are telling you that how a Ladybug Steam Cleaner vs. The McCulloch Carpet Steam Cleaner.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Why Owning a Carpet Steam Cleaner is Right For You

Carpet steam cleaners have become a necessity for the homeowner with pets, children or both. The messes that are made on a daily basis by them can be a challenge to say the least. A steam cleaner on hand insures the mess is taken care of and the area sanitized for your family's health and protection.

Carpet steam cleaners operate on the simple principle of heating water, usually mixed with a cleaning chemical, converting it to steam, which is forced into the carpet then vacuumed up moments later. This process not only deep cleans the carpets and floors, but also assists in sanitizing the area by removing germs and allergens. There are many different types and styles of cleaners on the market, designed to fit almost any budget and application.

There are also portable steam cleaners. These are normally very lightweight and easy to manage, designed for small clean ups or tight places, such as the car upholstery. Bissell makes the Little Green Pro Heat Turbo, extremely light with a built in heater for small jobs and particularly useful on stairs.

Using just a vacuum on a regular basis keeps the surface clean but with a carpet steam cleaner you are assured a deep thorough clean whenever it is used. This can also help extend the life of a carpet when used regularly, especially in high traffic areas. Machines like these not only clean dust and dirt completely but also remove pet hair and dander very effectively from carpets and flooring.

Owning your own carpet steam cleaner also cuts down on the need to call a professional carpet cleaning which can get quite expensive depending on the size of your home. Many of the cleaners are very affordable and will pay for themselves with just a few uses. Retailers both on line and local department stores carry a wide range of these and almost all come with a warranty for at least one year.

Autor: Ty Macphearson

Carpet Steam Cleaner is a powerful tool in the fight against dirt and allergens around your home. The high temperature of the steam coupled with the vacuuming action of these machines insures a deep sanitizing clean on all your flooring surfaces. At, We are telling you that why a Shark Steam Cleaner So Effective at Removing Stains.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Battle Royale - Kids Versus Carpet Steam Cleaners

Children and dirt seem to be magnetically attracted to one another. Cleaning them is a relatively easy task, hot water, soap and a short wrestling match and that's taken care of. Your house, on the other hand, takes a beating, especially your carpets and floors. This is where owning a carpet steam cleaner comes in.

Young children, especially toddlers learning to feed themselves, tend to get more on the floor than in their mouths most of the time. Keeping your floors clean and germ free becomes a full time job at this point. A carpet steam cleaner insures not only the mess is gone but a much more sanitary clean than just wiping up or vacuuming.

As the children get older and play outdoors, nature takes its course and invades your home, leaving its mark just about everywhere it seems. Dirt, leaves snow and ice make their way into and on to your carpet and floors. A steam cleaner not only takes care of the carpet but also the hardwood flooring around your home.

Bissell makes a line of very affordable steam cleaners, designed to fit almost any budget. They also manufacture ones specifically for flooring. Ladybug makes a cleaner that is durable and comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer, any issues, your machine is repaired by them.

Having a professional carpet cleaning service come to your home can become quite expensive, especially if you have a very active family. By purchasing your own steam cleaner you can avoid these costly repeat visits. After three or four uses, you will find that it has paid for itself. The benefit of owning one of these machines is that it will help keep your house clean and create a healthier environment for you and your family.

Autor: Ty Macphearson

Carpet Steam Cleaner is a powerful tool in the fight against dirt and allergens around your home. The high temperature of the steam coupled with the vacuuming action of these machines insures a deep sanitizing clean on all your flooring surfaces. At, We are telling you that how are Bissell Steam Cleaners - Great for Deep Cleaning and Reducing Allergens.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Preparing a New Home With a Vapor Steam Cleaner

When moving in to a new house or apartment, normally, it has been cleaned for you. Whether it's new construction or a recently vacated apartment or condo, you're not the first to walk through the door. It may look clean on the surface, but going over it thoroughly with a vapor steam cleaner before moving anything in will assure that it is germ and contaminant free for you and your family.

If it is new construction, there will be plenty of dust and dirt that will need to be cleaned up, especially if you or a family member suffers from any kind of allergies. A previously occupied residence may have had pets in it and a simple vacuuming will not take all the pet hair and dander out of the carpeting and flooring. Using a vapor steam cleaner will make sure that these issues are taken care of.

You can hire a professional to come in and do this for you, but the cost involved in a few visits from them will more than pay for a steam cleaner of your own. By purchasing one for home use, you save money and always have it near for those unexpected clean ups. There are a wide range of models to choose from on the market and most are very reasonably priced.

When cleaning the home for the first time, be very methodical, covering each room thoroughly. In the kitchen and bathrooms, special attention should be paid to the corners and the caulking around the tub and sink. Mold grows here the most, particularly if the home has been unoccupied for a period of time.

By taking the time to steam clean your home, you all but guarantee that you are making your new residence germ free for your family. While creating a healthier and cleaner environment for your family, you have also set it up so your regular cleaning will be much easier as you have deep cleaned from the start. This makes maintaining that clean that much easier.

Autor: Ty Macphearson

Vapor Steam Cleaner around the home can be invaluable, from cleaning up small messes to keeping a sanitary environment for your family. You can also use this for keeping both the interior and engine compartment of your vehicles spotless and looking brand new too. At, We are telling you that the many uses of a Ladybug Vapor Steam Cleaner.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Help to Achieve a Cleaner Home With the Best Vacuum Cleaners

Choosing the best vacuum cleaners is important if you want to make sure that your house is as clean as you want, free of dirt and allergens. To choose wisely, doing some research before making a buying decision is a must.

You already know that there are plenty of vacuum options on the market. There are bagless, cylinder, wet and dry, hand held, lightweight, automatic and robot. The choices are endless and this is where the irony comes in. Because you have lots of good and quality cleaners, getting to choose the best one is where the difficulty lies. The thing is, you choose one that suits your needs and is easy and comfortable to use.

The traditional way of finding a vacuum cleaner is to visit the nearest electrical goods or department store in your area. But if you want to look at and assess a wide array of possible options, then you are better off going online such as at SHOP.COM and Here are some companies that are known for their quality vacuum cleaners:

Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaners:

The Dirt Devil model has been around for several decades now. The company started with a small hand held vacuum that has grown and expanded into an array of cleaning tools that promises to solve problems that you commonly experience at home, such as mites, dust and allergen-causing agents. The product lineup includes uprights, cyclonic canisters and cordless vacuums.

Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners:

When you hear the word Panasonic, cleaners are not the first product that will come into your mind. But this company has been producing a good lineup of both commercial and residential vacuums. Panasonic vacuums are known to be powerful, innovative, long lasting and affordable. The company has been known to putting a lot of effort and research into developing a line of products that cover all household and business needs.

Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners:

The company has been offering cleaners that are the perfect solution for allergy and asthma sufferers. The vacuums have HEPA filtration system, quiet operation and easy to use. Each vacuum model that the company produces comes with assortment of attachments and innovative features that make Electrolux a name to depend on when it comes to home cleaning.

Samsung Vacuum Cleaners:

The company offers colorful, innovative and high-performance vacuum cleaners at affordable prices. In 1997, the company was recognized worldwide with the Design Innovation Award and the IF Design Award for its 9000 series.

Bissell Vacuum Cleaners:

The company offers a lineup of models that include canister, lightweight, handy sweeper, upright and powerful steamer. The company's HEPA filter technology is so advanced that it could remove as much as 99 percent of microscopic allergens and particles from the air circulating around your house.

Kirby Vacuum Cleaners:

For more than 90 years, the company has dedicated itself to producing and perfecting a home care system that is based on the original design of founder Jim Kirby. Its SENTRIA system has been developed and made with innovative and state of the art technology to carry on the company's tradition of providing quality, reliable and high-performance cleaners.

Hoover Vacuum Cleaners:

What makes the Hoover model special is that they answer almost all your cleaning needs. The company has been around in the cleaning business for a long time already. In fact, it pioneered the portable electric upright cleaner featuring a vertical motor. A notable offering from the company is its models with wind tunnel technology. They are energy-saving cleaners that provide superior cleaning performance.

Having an insight on some of the best vacuum cleaners on the market, you are now well-equipped to make an informed buying decision.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Guide to Using Pressure Washers on Delicate Surfaces

People who plan to buy pressure washers usually come across two different kinds of advice.

The first goes like this - If you plan to buy a device for cleaning the interior and surroundings of your home, then buy a low-power and low-cost cleaning machine. You would be using the machine rather infrequently in comparison to commercial and industrial users; therefore, you do not need a high-power and expensive machine, which is intended for rigorous and frequent use.

The second piece of advice is somewhat an addendum to the first. If you plan to buy pressure washers for commercial or industrial use (perhaps you run a professional cleaning agency or oversee the cleaning process of a large commercial organization), opt for durable, more expensive, and high-power machines. While one cannot detect any flaws in this advice, experienced cleaning professionals know that there is more to consider when purchasing a pressure washer.

What to Look for When Buying Pressure Washers

When you plan to buy pressure washers, you have to look into several other factors that affect the performance of these devices. Output temperature, pressure level, and flow rate are all important factors to consider, as is the source of power (electricity, gas, or propane).

An often-overlooked factor is the requirement of the user. What is the purpose for purchasing a pressure washer machine - for cleaning the interior of the house, cleaning heavy machinery, auto detailing, or for another application? The desired application can dictate the various options required in a pressure washing machine.

The following are some tips to help with selecting pressure washers for cleaning delicate surfaces.

Not All Pressure Washers are Suitable for Soft Surfaces

Pressure washers are synonymous with high power and heavy duty cleaning jobs. The modern machines can provide an output pressure levels up to 8000 psi and a temperature levels up to 330 F. Quite simply, delicate surfaces cannot withstand the high pressure and temperature of these pressure washers. An example of one such delicate surface is an automobile body.

A majority of new-generation pressure washers provide a variety of different temperature, pressure, and flow rate settings. As such, users can purchase machines with lower temperature levels for heat sensitive surfaces or lower pressure levels and flow rates for delicate surfaces.

Flow Rate

Flow rate is an important specification of pressure washers, usually expressed in gallons per minute (GPM). Normally, the higher the flow rate, the higher the power and usage of water will be.

Soft surfaces absorb water more readily and take a longer time to dry than hard surfaces. Therefore, it is better that soft surfaces are subjected to less quantity of water, so they may reach a faster drying time. Additionally, delicate surfaces, like automotive exteriors, cannot withstand the additional power afforded by high flow rates.

For cleaning these delicate surfaces, one can opt for pressure washers that have a flow rate as low as 0.5 GPM. This would ensure three things. First, the power applied on the surface is manageable for that type of area. Second, the surface dries quicker. Third, minimal water output ensures less water is wasted.

Whether you are looking for a pressure washing machine to handle heavy-duty, rugged industrial applications or to clean delicate surfaces, the best option is to purchase from a reputable supplier who offers a variety of options to match the ideal machine to your needs.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Power Pressure Washers - Should You Rent Or Should You Buy?

Power pressure washers have become an indispensable tool to many household in recent years as they are both very efficient as well as effective for home cleaning. They are excellent tool for cleaning out grime, stubborn grease and dirt from different types of surfaces which might have been challenging to clean with your conventional garden hoses. Whether you should rent or buy your power pressure washer depends on a number of key considerations, namely the frequency of use, maintenance and storage, as well as your budget.

Many homes do major house cleaning once or twice year and some others tend to be more regular with their cleaning on a monthly or weekly basis. If you are a conscientious home maker who loves to make your home squeaky clean all the time and do regular cleaning every week, then you might wish to consider owning a one. The cost of rental will outweigh the cost of the machine over time and it is more convenient and handy to have on hand as and when you need it. However, should you only be doing extensive cleaning once or twice a year, you might wish to consider renting a machine. One key to note is that you may do more harm than good with regular weekly cleaning as the surfaces could tarnish from over cleaning.

As the power pressure washers can be very tricky to use, especially for new users, there is need for caution. When you first use them, they are set to default and you should start with the lowest pressure to test the usage and get accustomed to the usage. The sheer force of the machine could literally damage wood, dent metal and even cut human flesh in a split of a second, so execute caution when you use the machine.

Many pressure washing businesses do provide both rental and cleaning service as well. If you do not wish to grease your hands on all the cleaning chores, you could simply enlist the help of the service and you can get entire home cleaned up within an afternoon. However, these services might not come cheap as the cleaners are skilled manpower handling the special tools.

Regardless of whether you are personally doing the cleaning with your own power pressure washer, renting the machine or getting someone else to do the cleaning, you are almost guaranteed to like the results for sure.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Removing Cat Urine Smell - 2 Ways to Do It

Removing the smell of cat urine is necessary if you want a fresh-smelling home. Cat owners all around know that cat urine is one of the strongest odors there is. It is best to catch a spot of urine when it is wet because the odor gets worse when the spot dries. The most common household ingredients for removing cat urine is vinegar and baking soda.

Sometimes the spot can be hard to find. You smell it, but just cannot figure out where it is coming from. If you have this problem it may be wise to invest in a black light. The cat urine will shine a fluorescent green or yellow color.

Once you have tracked down the spot, take a towel and absorb as much of the urine (if the spot is still wet). Take a spray bottle and make a mixture containing 50% of both vinegar and water. You may also add a little bit of dish detergent or liquid hand soap if you wish. Spray the spot completely, and blot it dry. Take it an extra step further by covering the spot with baking soda. Leave the baking soda on the spot for a couple hours. Now vacuum the baking soda and hopefully the smell has disappeared. If not, try this process again.

If the common household products do not work, you may have to buy a commercial enzymatic cleanser. They contain chemicals that degrade the uric acid crystals that are left behind. These products usually have a 2 or 3 step process.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Removing Cat Urine From Concrete - Let's Do It!

If you are a cat owner, one day, you may have to take on the project of removing cat urine from concrete. One would probably think that a cat urinating on concrete or another hard surface is easier to deal with than the cat eliminating on carpet or clothes. The thing with concrete is that it is porous, so the urine goes down deep into the nooks and crannies under the surface. Unlike carpet, you cannot blot the urine out. And unlike clothes, you cannot roll up the concrete and wash it with vinegar in the washing machine. When the concrete gets wet, the cat urine fumes make a reappearance.

Unless you plan to clean the entire area, take a black light to detect and mark all affected areas. Next, take a mixture of equal parts of vinegar and water and pour it over the spot. This is a pretreatment and may help to neutralize some of the urine. Allow this to dry and then rinse with a hose.

The next step involves the use of an enzymatic cleanser. These products may be purchased from any pet store. They may have a couple steps involved in their process. Place a tarp over the area with each application to prevent the product from evaporating before having the chance to penetrate. Follow the directions on the bottle.

Now seal the concrete floor with an oil-based sealant. If you ever plan to tile this area, skip this step. Oil based sealants and paint destroy the bonds in the mortar used for tiling.

Autor: Diana Graylor

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Window Cleaning Tips and Tools From a Window Cleaner Number 11, Part 1

When doing a big residential window cleaning job, there is a certain order of operations that I follow. When I say a big job, I mean just that, a 5,000 to 20,000 square foot home. We sometimes call these homes multimillion dollar homes.

The point is they are big and everything in the home is usually worth alot of money. Take it from me- You don't want to have to replace items because of someone breaking something. Usually the bigger jobs do need to be well supervised. You need to be ready to be able to take your time and allow your crew plenty of time. Otherwise, something could get damaged of broken.

Using de-ionized water fed poles will help eliminate some time and work for the outside of the home. The only down side to water fed poles is they cannot be used in the inside of the home. Screens can sometimes be taken off from the inside of the home, but in some cases they come off from the outside and this means they will have to be accessed by ladders.

If the home has tinting on the windows, the tinting must be inspected for bubbles. You have to inspect for bubbles in the tinting because these areas are damaged and the tinting can be pulled away from the window during the process of cleaning, causing further damage to the tinting. These types of windows have to be cleaned by hand with a micro fiber cloth. For more information on window cleaning of large square footage homes, read Window Cleaning Tips and Tools from a Window Cleaner#11 Part #2.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Window Cleaning Tips and Tools From a Window Cleaner Number 11, Part 2

In my last article, Window Cleaning Tips and Tools from a Window Cleaner #11 Part #1, I shared information about window cleaning in multimillion dollar homes or large square footage homes. I ended talking about tinting and being very careful in the cleaning of the tinting.

The inside cleaning is different from cleaning the outside because the outside can be cleaned with a water fed pole and de-ionized water can be used. This method will save you hours of hard work and time.

The cleaning inside is different and cleaning pads, micro fiber cloths, and t-bars are used for cleaning along with top of the line squeegee equipment and of course special buckets that the 18 inch cleaning pads will fit into for dipping and cleaning so water does not spill. Special furniture coverings and coverings for the floors are also are needed. Although extension poles are used, many different ladders are needed to complete the job as well.

After being removed, the screens need to be labeled using a sticker, cleaned, and put back in the proper room. Not marking or having order with the screens can cost you a lot of time and frustration if you do not know where they belong.

After cleaning the windows or while cleaning the windows, you may find hard water damage. Windows with hard water damage require a special type of cleaning and this needs to be discussed with the client at this time.

After completing the job, the windows are fully inspected and any flaws in the cleaning are re-worked. I have found that to do a perfect job takes time and I and my crew allow at least an hour for touch up. This is how I have built my reputation at being very detailed.

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