Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Window Cleaning Tips and Tools From a Window Cleaner Number 11, Part 1

When doing a big residential window cleaning job, there is a certain order of operations that I follow. When I say a big job, I mean just that, a 5,000 to 20,000 square foot home. We sometimes call these homes multimillion dollar homes.

The point is they are big and everything in the home is usually worth alot of money. Take it from me- You don't want to have to replace items because of someone breaking something. Usually the bigger jobs do need to be well supervised. You need to be ready to be able to take your time and allow your crew plenty of time. Otherwise, something could get damaged of broken.

Using de-ionized water fed poles will help eliminate some time and work for the outside of the home. The only down side to water fed poles is they cannot be used in the inside of the home. Screens can sometimes be taken off from the inside of the home, but in some cases they come off from the outside and this means they will have to be accessed by ladders.

If the home has tinting on the windows, the tinting must be inspected for bubbles. You have to inspect for bubbles in the tinting because these areas are damaged and the tinting can be pulled away from the window during the process of cleaning, causing further damage to the tinting. These types of windows have to be cleaned by hand with a micro fiber cloth. For more information on window cleaning of large square footage homes, read Window Cleaning Tips and Tools from a Window Cleaner#11 Part #2.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Window Cleaning Tips and Tools From a Window Cleaner Number 11, Part 2

In my last article, Window Cleaning Tips and Tools from a Window Cleaner #11 Part #1, I shared information about window cleaning in multimillion dollar homes or large square footage homes. I ended talking about tinting and being very careful in the cleaning of the tinting.

The inside cleaning is different from cleaning the outside because the outside can be cleaned with a water fed pole and de-ionized water can be used. This method will save you hours of hard work and time.

The cleaning inside is different and cleaning pads, micro fiber cloths, and t-bars are used for cleaning along with top of the line squeegee equipment and of course special buckets that the 18 inch cleaning pads will fit into for dipping and cleaning so water does not spill. Special furniture coverings and coverings for the floors are also are needed. Although extension poles are used, many different ladders are needed to complete the job as well.

After being removed, the screens need to be labeled using a sticker, cleaned, and put back in the proper room. Not marking or having order with the screens can cost you a lot of time and frustration if you do not know where they belong.

After cleaning the windows or while cleaning the windows, you may find hard water damage. Windows with hard water damage require a special type of cleaning and this needs to be discussed with the client at this time.

After completing the job, the windows are fully inspected and any flaws in the cleaning are re-worked. I have found that to do a perfect job takes time and I and my crew allow at least an hour for touch up. This is how I have built my reputation at being very detailed.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Carpet Cleaning Professional - How to Select a Carpet Cleaning Professional

Step 1: Make a decision to have your carpet cleaned.

The longer your carpet accumulates soil the faster your carpet will wear out leaving you with the expensive cost to replace them. Never prolong carpet cleaning longer than 8 to 12 months.

Step 2: Rank your carpet cleaning objectives based on the following...

1. Carpet Cleaning Method (Steam Cleaning, Bonnet Cleaning, etc)
2. The price your budget can handle
3. Whether to do business with a large franchise or a local family operated business.
4. Any other personal preferences you may have (guarantee, same day service, etc)

Step 3: Perform an internet search for cleaning companies in your area and make a list of their contact information, including web site addresses.

Step 4: Contact the service provider and drill them with questions. Be sure to inform them of your objectives and expectations. A good company will take the time to address your concerns and answer your questions in detail.

Here are a few questions to ask
1. What cleaning method do you use?
2. Do you offer a guarantee?
3. Are all your technicians certified by the IICRC
4. What will you do if a spot reappears within days?
5. Do you free onsite quotes.

Step 5: Schedule an onsite quote and/or demonstration. This gives you the chance to meet the company you will be doing business with before purchasing their service. Take note of their professionalism and how they address your areas of concern.

Step 6: The next step is the easy part which is schedule service!!

Have fun and enjoy your clean carpet! You deserve it!!

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To find a reliable Dallas Tx, Frisco or Plano go to:
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Carpet Cleaning Plano

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Window Cleaning Tips and Tools From a Window Cleaner - 13

A good tip is to use microfiber cloths. It seems window cleaners can never get away from using the regular cloths either. I use a lot of the regular white cotton cloths as well. That way I don't have to use my microfiber cloths for everything and they seem to last longer.

Another good thing about microfiber cloths is that they come in so many different colors. A good advantage is everybody on the window cleaning crew gets their own color microfiber cloths. That way we know which ones belong to each person on the crew.

The same coding method is used with our tools. We color code them so we know which tools belong to each person.

It is also amazing that there are so many different types of tools we use today for cleaning. Along with window cleaning, our company becomes involved in many other types of cleaning such as rain gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, concrete cleaning, and oil removal.

We use pressure washers all the time. Just think! With the new extension poles, we can clean heights 40 or 50 feet high and even higher! What about the water fed poles and de-ionized water? With some of the new poles, you can reach heights you only dreamed of attaining.

The pressure washing equipment is continually being improved as well.
Using the new heat or diesel pressure washers and surface cleaners, it is now easy to clean even oil, tar, and gum.

Well, I guess I am excited to say I am learning more everyday. Oh well, that's enough for now.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Green Ways to Rid Your Home From Fleas

Is summer over? No, not really, but we are starting to see signs that fall is on it's way. Hot humid weather brings two things; hurricanes and fleas. Both flourish in moist humid conditions. There's nothing we can do to prevent the hurricanes, but there are some green things we can do to get rid of the fleas.

Here are some green ideas to keep the fleas out of your home:

Your vacuum is your best weapon against a flea invasion. Make sure to vacuum all the furniture and carpets where the fleas are actually living. Place a cup of table salt in the vacuum bag. The fleas will eat the salt, dehydrate and die.

Sprinkle borax on furniture and carpets. Just a light dusting will work to kill the fleas, larvae and eggs. Test the area first to make sure there won't be any color damage. Then try to let it sit for 24 hours. If it's really humid, vacuum it up after a few hours. You need to keep pets and kids away from the powdered area. A safer idea is to sprinkle the infested area at night before going to bed, then get up early and vacuum before anyone else wakes up. Make sure you throw out the vacuum bag right away. You should wrap it inside a plastic bag and take it to a trash container outside your house.

Fleas love to live in fabric pet beds. You can wash your pets bed in very hot water. Then put it in the dryer you can kill the dust mites too!

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I am a "green" cleaning coach, and my mission is to teach and encourage others in the "art" of homekeeping and green cleaning. I have seen scores of people who fight a daily battle with asthma and allergies, which many believe are caused by using harsh chemicals in the home. With over 20 years experience, I realized I wanted to share my knowledge and encourage people to start green cleaning and since have become an author, coach, presenter and speaker for the green cleaning industry. You can sign up for my free green cleaning tips on my blog http://www.thecleaningcoach.us.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Window Cleaning Tips and Tools From a Window Cleaner

Having a good squeegee channel and squeegee channel handle that match are some of the tools a good window cleaner uses every day.

There are so many different squeegee handles and squeegee channels on the market today. A good tip is to try many different ones and see which ones are a good fit and what you feel comfortable with.

Another good tip is to get to know about the channels and handles. Now you might be saying to yourself, what is this guy talking about. The point is that the handles and the channels are not all interchangeable. You need to know that, so if you're buying new channels, that you are sure that they are the right fit for your handles. Also, even though you have the same brand of handles and channels, it does not necessarily mean that they are going to fit and be interchangeable.

If you are a professional window cleaner, window washer or even a home owner trying to do home cleaning improvements, it is important to be very careful when buying professional window cleaning supplies. Another good tip is to double check to be sure your channel fits the handle correctly.

Another good tip is get to know the handles by looking at them. Look at them and note the size of the slots. Know if your handles take big or small channels. At any rate you will see what I mean. Just because you're buying the same brand of handles and channels, does not mean that they are compatible. It seems there is a small learning curve. I have learned like anything else, take your time while choosing your tools, and probably the best tip is to take your handles with you at first when getting replacement channels so you don't get confused.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Homemade Leather Cleaner Solutions

Leather is a wonderfully versatile fabric to use and wear which has been adopted by virtually all cultures throughout countless centuries. Leather also has the wonderful appeal of appearing rich and luxurious and all the while being a good long term investment for the owner if he/she knows how to take care of leather properly.

The great thing about leather is that with some very cheap household items, you can clean and condition your leather goods so they always appear brand new. The homemade recipe below applies only to protected leather and not aniline or semi aniline leather. How can you tell the difference? Protected leather has a shine to it due to the protective coating while aniline and semi aniline leather do not. Aniline and semi aniline leather (while very supple) are very prone to absorbing liquids which creates permanent stains. These types of leather products should only be cleaned by leather professionals.

To concoct your own leather cleaning recipe for protected leather, mix 1 part white vinegar with 2 parts linseed oil. When you try any new cleaning product on leather, you should always perform a patch test first. This means testing the cleaning solution on a small corner of the item so it won't be noticeable. If the color doesn't run or the fabric doesn't absorb the solution, you're good to go. Apply the cleaning solution with a lint free cleaning cloth and gently clean the leather surface in circular motions. Not only will this solution clean the leather, but condition it as well.

When cleaning leather, one should always remember that this was once the hide of an animal and the material is meant to breath. Therefore, treat your leather products with care and avoid putting the leather under harsh weather conditions. Just as you wouldn't subject your skin to sun, rain, sleet and snow, neither should you submit your leather products to prolonged exposure to these elements either. By cleaning and conditioning your leather goods regularly, you will be able to enjoy your favorite leather items for a long time to come.

Autor: Dana Clark

Dana Clark is an expert in household cleaning and specializes in eco friendly cleaners. Find out how to make household leather cleaners yourself that can take out a variety of stains and spills from your leather items. These tips are also eco friendly leather cleaners.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Carpet Cleaning Pricing - How Carpet Cleaning Providers Determine Their Price

There are three primary methods carpet cleaning providers use to determine their service price.

Specific Room
This carpet cleaning pricing method is designed to provide the provider is simplicity. Most large franchises have the tendency to use this method in order to streamline their pricing. An example of such pricing is $40 for each bedroom and $20 for each stairway. From the consumer aspect, this downside of such pricing is that a bedroom with 300 square feet will have the same cleaning costs as a bedroom with 100 square feet.

By the Area
By the area pricing is second most common carpet cleaning pricing method. An example of by the area pricing is $25 for each area/room. So if you have 4 rooms, the carpet cleaning cost will be $100. This method is commonly used by independently owned and operated carpet cleaning providers. Most providers use this method not only because of its simplicity, but it also allows pricing for different levels of services. To illustrate, $25 per area for basic service, $35 per area for gold service and $45 per area for platinum service.

Square Footage
Square footage pricing is the most commonly used pricing method. To illustrate how this pricing method works, the provider takes the square footage of each room and multiply it by square footage price. For example, 1000 x $0.25 = $500. Most cleaning providers use this method because of its simplicity to meet revenue goals. They will calculate the needed square footage to charge each client in order to profit.

Bait & Switch
Bait & Switch is the worse method. As a matter of fact, this method is against the law. The way this method works is, the carpet cleaning provider will give the client a very, very low price (example $30) in order to get into your home. Once inside your home, the provider will perform the cleaning as normal. After cleaning, they will give you an outrageous invoice for an amount not agreed upon (example $400). In order to avoid bait & switch, always ask for an invoice BEFORE cleaning starts.

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If need assistance from a professional provider in the Plano, Frisco or Dallas Tx metroplex, visit...

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

5 Tips For Getting the Best Carpet Cleaner Rental Prices

Carpets are one the most comfortable things which protects your toes in winters and gives one a warm and a cozy feeling. In order to keep the carpets clean and not smelling like you got them from the local tip, you need to clean it. Carpet or rug cleaners are very useful as they can clean all the carpets at once without wasting much of your energy. For renting a carpet cleaner if you clean your carpet once or twice a year, you should follow the following points.

1. Search for carpet cleaning stores nearby you. You might see the per day charges as for $ 20. Some might give you a carpet cleaner at lower rates while other might give you a higher rate charges than $20.

2. While finding the store, go and check for best type of carpet cleaner as well. You can even search online the best types of cleaners. Check out all the stains, dirt and other dirt places on your carpet so that while cleaning you can consider then the most and give them a priority to clean them. Ask for a machine which is easier for you to handle. Try to get a clean machine.

3. Now purchase cleaners for your carpet which should include urine cleaners as well for both humans and pets. That will remove all such stains formed by urine. You can ask the carpet cleaner rental agent about the best suitable cleaner for your machine other the urine cleaner.

4. It is easy to use the carpet cleaner for the cleaning purpose of your carpet. You can ask for a demonstration session or they may give you a manual explaining the usage of that machine. If they don't give you any manual, take all the instructions by the agent by yourself.

5. Most Carpet Rental companies will charge you on a by day or by hour rate. So better pay for the carpet cleaner as soon as possible for you to pay. It will take time to clean, so give yourself a big time in order to clean your carpet. Clean it slow and steady and utilize the carpet cleaning machine to its full as you have already paid for it.

These are the basic steps which should be considered by you while looking for a carpet cleaning machine on rent.

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Getting the right Carpet cleaner rental for your needs isn't the easiest thing to do. With the above tips and the information we have gathered on our site, you'll be able to get the best options for you. You can visit our site by Clicking here.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Essential Areas of Janitorial Services

Janitorial and office cleaning services can not only save your company time and money, but will give you a more professional environment in which to do business. Your employees will appreciate it, and more importantly, your customers will appreciate it. It is a well known fact that having a clean, professionally organized work environment can boost productivity sometimes as high as 20 %. Hiring a janitorial services company can save your business time and money, by eliminating the need of your staff to clean bathrooms, take out the trash, and perform those other tedious janitorial services that can take away from employees' time and energy.

If you are searching for a janitorial service for your company, it might be important to know some of the benefits that an office cleaning service can bring to your organization. One of the most important services that an office cleaning company can provide is proper restroom sanitation. We have all been in businesses before, where the bathrooms were less than desirable, and it made the business look unprofessional and sloppy. Just think if you're in the restaurant business and your bathrooms are untidy and dirty, what is that going to say about your food? What is that going to say about your business? Having a clean and orderly bathroom show customers that you're legitimate, and you care about your professionalism, while your employees appreciate it as well.

Another essential to janitorial cleaning is cleaning the carpets. Having proper carpet care can be a very important aspect to office cleaning, because cleaning carpets isn't cheap, and carpets can get dirty fast. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service all the time just isn't practical, let alone affordable. But almost any office cleaning company can offer you this service, shampooing and vacuuming your carpets regularly, and they can do it cheaper much cheaper, and more often, than any professional carpet cleaning service.

Another essential to office cleaning is professional floor cleaning. This can often be enormously overlooked, as many businesses don't understand how much work it takes to keep their floors clean and finely polished. All the big companies in the world have their floors washed and waxed every night, even on Sunday. Because there is more floor space, than any space in your business, not treating it properly can make your business look less than top-notch.

But probably one of the most important services that an office cleaning company can provide you is proper waste removal. Doing this in an orderly and economical fashion can be a challenge, but having the right services in place can make this a successful and painless process. And also, having a professional janitorial service in place will improve your ability to recycle, as many professional cleaning services offer first grade recycling services as well. Hiring professional janitorial services might not only be good for the environment, but will save your business time and money in the long run. And it makes your business look professional, which is always good for the bottom line.

If you enjoyed this article about an office cleaning service, please feel free to post it to your site or blog and forward this link to your friends. Have a great day!

Don't forget to visit our blog.

Autor: Virginia Stamford

Commercial cleaning services - http://www.maintenance-one.com/

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Monday, October 5, 2009

How Do I Improve the Exterior of My House in an Environmentally Friendly Way?

There are a lot of reasons why someone would choose high pressure water cleaning over other methods. Pressure cleaning has many advantages some including being inexpensive, effective and safe for the environment.

Whatever the cleaning job, when using pressure water cleaning, you can be sure that you are not paying for or putting harmful chemicals into the environment, but the results are flawless.

Pressure washing uses the cheapest of all cleaning solutions, water. Water is our most plentiful resource, as it covers over 2/3 of the Earth's surface, and 80% of our body weight. You will never run out of water for you high pressure cleaner, or have to run to the store to buy more.

High pressure water cleaning uses a small amount of water mixed with air and delivered under high force.

Pressure cleaning is very effective, in fact, many times careless use of one of these cleaners can strip paint or damage concrete. Water under high pressure is used in some industries to cut metal, so care is needed.

But will it clean the bird droppings off your eaves and the oil off your driveway? No problem at all. This method puts only water back into the environment, not dangerous chemicals. You can feel good when the runoff goes down your storm drain, knowing you are not killing sensitive wildlife or polluting the downstream areas. High pressure water cleans well with no residue, safety gear or toxic fumes. You don't have to worry about water getting in your eyes or your pets drinking it, because water is totally safe.

When you have tough cleaning jobs that you want done safely, effectively and with the ultimate in economy, this type of water cleaning is the smartest choice. Don't spend excess money on dangerous, ineffective chemicals that could harm you, your family or the environment. High pressure water cleaning will get the job done.

Autor: Lilian Druve

With the Courtesy of http://www.buywatercleaners.com, where you can find more tips on Home Exterior Improvements.

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Discover the Must Have Tools For Achieving Great Deck Cleaning Results!

Do you want to know how to get professional looking clean deck that will become a great space for entertaining family and friends, in just a few hours? After all, who wouldn't want to save money, create a great place for entertaining, and have the personal satisfaction of a job well done! Preparation is the key to achieving success in most endeavors. Deck cleaning is no exception to this rule and part of being prepared in having the correct tools to do the job right.

Essential Tools

  • Cleaner/Detergents
  • Scrub Brush/Pressure washer
  • Tarps
Deck Cleaning Detergents

There are many brands of decking cleaning chemicals and detergents. It is important that you use the chemicals that are designed specifically for cleaning outdoor wooden surfaces, instead of household bleaches and soaps. These deck cleaning detergents are designed the remove contaminates that will block the proper penetration of sealer or stains. They also allow the proper cleaning of the deck. Bleach only tends hide the dirt, mold, and mildew without actually removing then from the surface.

Scrub Brush/Pressure Washer

Using a pressure washer to clean your deck will certainly speed up the process, however it can cause a lot of damage if use incorrectly. You can achieve god results with, decking brush, and a five-gallon bucket. All you have to do is fill the bucket with the deck cleaner and the appropriate chemical to water ratio mix (Proper mixture of a chemical to water ratio can be found on the container of the deck cleaning detergent). Have a garden hose ready to rinse after dipping your brush into the five-gallon bucket and scrubbing the work area, (Work in sections never let the chemical sit for more than 15 minutes).

Deck Pressure Washing Tips

  • Hold the pressure washing wand 12 inches away from the deck ( to avoid damage to the wood)
  • Clean the entire length of the deck board to avoid marks and indentions, usually caused by a sweeping wand motion
  • Never use a pressure washer that is more than 1500 psi rating Use a 40 degree tip usually it's the one that is white in color (ask the sales clerk if you are unsure)

If you have sensitive plants and flowers near your deck, it is best that you remove them, before starting your deck cleaning project. You will have to use tarps to cover plants and other landscaping that cannot be removed the area. You should first water the area that you will protect. Use the blue poly tarps found at your local home improvement retailer. The tarps easily unfold and will not blow away from gust of wind. You should be on your way to a successful deck cleaning project. Remember the most important thing is to be prepared and equip yourself with the correct tools. Cleaning your deck will be a breeze when you are properly prepared.

Autor: Antwan D Allen

If you want to find out more information about how to clean your deck or if your would like professional help, to achieve those great results. I have been in the cleaning and painting industry for over 10 years and have a wealth experience, that's sure to accommodate your needs. All of our services come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Visit: http://www.acecleaningsolutions.com

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Friday, October 2, 2009

It's Spring Time Again, Clean Up Your Stuff

This time of year is the best time to start thinking about giving your house a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. The weather is warming up and everyone feels a rush of spring cheer. Seize the day and boost your good vibes by getting rid of all your old stuff and making room for new experiences to happen in your life. It can be very therapeutic to clear out junk, you should never underestimate the good karma generated from a lifestyle change. Have a good look around your environment and anything that looks a bit tired or that you feel is draining your energy get rid of it and start anew.

Go out shopping and if you find new pieces that speak to you only select colours that move you emotionally. If you have succumbed and you have new stuff you want to bring into the house try to always remember the number one rule; and that is whenever you bring a new item into your house you should always get rid of something. There is only so much room in anyone's life for so much stuff. Stay on top of it and don't let it get a hold of your life and you won't drown in the tsunami of items you don't need or use.

Get the kids involved it's always good to teach them early on not to get long term attachments to their stuff. It builds a strong character when you are only reliant on your wits and you don't identify yourself with all of the physical things you aggregate in your life.

Don't be afraid and don't form false attachments and give more meaning to your stuff than what it actually has.

As the old saying goes you can't take it with you. There is a movement among some of choosing to get rid of most of their possessions, buy a caravan and hit the road and live life as it comes, living life on the fly free of possessions is very liberating.

Autor: Janet Shilling

Cleaning is safe and environmentally friendly with the Bissell Steam Cleaners

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Getting Rid of Mold - Put on Your Gear and Prepare For Battle

Many people know that getting rid of mold for good could be a challenge. The problem with mold is that it could be very deep. You have to really go to the source of the problem in your home to get rid of it for good. It's hard to ignore the matter because it looks very ugly and can also be detrimental to you and your family's health. Mold is known to trigger allergies, sinus infections, asthma, respiratory infections, headaches, and even cancer. There are a few things you can learn if you are serious about getting rid of mold. Get rid of humidity and moisture in the air, disinfect the area, and fix the root cause.

Since we know that mold grows in humid rooms where the level of moisture in the air is high you should get rid of the moisture. Let the room air out by opening the windows everyday and get some sunshine in. If necessary maybe you will have to invest in an air purifier that will suck out the moisture from the air leaving the room nice and dry. If you can't afford to invest in an air purifier then you can use a fan and allow proper air circulation to go through the room with the windows and doors open.

A lot of people use bleach to wipe off the mold, and this works great temporarily. Mold will slowly make it's way back to your walls. It would be a better solution if you use fungicide cleaners for a longer effect. Always treat mold seriously, it is harmful to your health so you need to be cautious while cleaning it. Wear goggles to protect your eyes, gloves and a face mask. Because mold can spread, wear clothing that you will dispose of afterward. You can never be too safe, especially if you are dealing with toxic black mold.

The last solution is find out what the probable cause is. If it is a broken pipe that is leaking in the walls then that will have to be fixed. If the problem isn't resolved then be prepared for a long battle with mold. But if you have fixed the root problem then cleaning up and a paint job will end the misery.

Never underestimate mold, especially black mold. This is a fungus living, breathing, and spreading. They never go away by themselves and they thrive on moisture. So the best thing to do is take their moisture away, disinfect them making sure you have on your armory and seal up the root cause. You can win the battle against mold; it will just take a little bit of fighting and bravery.

Autor: Cynthia Osborne

Cynthia writes online about getting rid of mold and also writes about the benefits of a filterless air purifier.

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