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Getting Organized to Clean the Bathroom

We set the standard very high for the cleaning of the bathroom because it is the place where we not only want to feel comfortable when we are doing our own personal grooming but also because having a spotless bathroom automatically creates a sense of wellness. Naturally, because it gets stained by intense human activity, it is also one of the hardest places to keep in tip top condition.

As the bathroom is the place where we go for our own personal grooming, it feels only right that we would expect the bathroom to be the cleanest of all rooms of the house. It is also the place where most bacteria accumulate, so we should pay extra attention to doing things right when we get to the maintenance part of this particular place.

That is why it is quite necessary to make a special bathroom cleaning equipment bucket if you want to speed clean. While most other rooms will require the same basic cleaning equipment setup, the bathroom alone can be the subject of a multitude of different products that need to be used to ensure optimum levels of hygienic conditions. This is especially true if the bathroom that needs to be cleaned also has a water closet. Make sure you have enough paper towels, mold treatment product, calcium remover liquid, some household acid solution to clean out the toilet, a few rags and the necessary scrub brushes.

For efficiency reasons, it will be necessary to clear the room of as many items as possible. Take out all towels, mats, clothing and any other removable items except for those that are behind closed doors. As the basins would usually contain traces of soap scum, we start by spraying these with the proper traces remover in order to give it time to let it soak. That will make removing the traces a lot more easier. Then, we do the same for the toilet if there is one in the Bathroom.

While this is done, remove the shower curtains if you have them and put them through a short washing cycle in your washing machine. If you don't, continue by cleaning the outer surface of the shower window panes or door, follow through with any other window surface. It is normal for a lot of damp and moisture to be produced while we shower or take a bath, and this moisture will always condensate on all cooler surfaces of the bathroom.

After a week or two of daily use, even though you perform intermediary mop ups, this continual condensing will help accumulate small quantities of grime on the walls. That is because the air is always filled with small floating particles and these attach themselves to the moisture droplets that are created with intense water flows. When these particles get picked up by a moisture droplet, they will land on the surface the droplet condenses to.

Next, we do the other vertical surfaces that can be rinsed and follow up with the scrub and rinse of the shower, basins and toiled bowl. When we are through that, we start the cleaning of the inside surface of the shower and bath and rinse immediately. The mirrors are next. After the mirrors, we start the mopping up of all excess humidity, this ensures we don't leave too many streaks behind. After this, we attack the inspecting of the surfaces for traces of molds and mildew. Treat and rinse, dry with a paper towel.

The least glamorous part, cleaning out the water closet still needs to be done with utmost care. Especially as these don't often get done properly. The inner surfaces have been treated with our household grade acid, so we take our brush, and carefully wash and rinse vigorously and flush. Now we treat outer surface and pedestal part with our moistened rags, which we will throw away later. You can add few centiliters of concentrated soap as a finishing touch to the clean water in the bowl.

Finally, we take the thick paper towels and dry off any residual moisture. Now we can attack the last part, wiping the floor and that we finish off With the paper towels, which we also will dispose of in the garbage.

Autor: Theo Steward

Theo Steward has been a work from home dad for 10 years, juggling his business activity, school going children and keeping house, which makes him a superbly experienced expert in spring cleaning tips. For yet more pertinent information, subscribe to Theo's free 10 part speed cleaning mini-course.

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

How to Clean a Bathroom

Ideally your bathroom should be the cleanest room in your house, but typically it tends to be the most deplorable one to clean. Unfortunately, cleaning a bathroom is an unpleasant job but someone has to do it. So let's get those rubber gloves on, grab that toilet brush and get to work! As with your regular house cleaning, it is a good idea to have a bin to centralize and carry easily all of your cleaning supplies.

But bathrooms can tend to have as many if not more unique cleaning supplies as the entire house! This is why it is a good idea to have two bins, one for the regular house cleaning supplies, and one for just the bathrooms. The bathroom bin should include cleaning supplies such as antibacterial surface cleaner, soap scum and mildew remover, glass cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, paper towels and or rags, scrub brushes and sponges, floor cleaner, and a drain cleaner. When cleaning the bathroom I prefer to use paper towels. Although perhaps a little more "eco-friendly" to use rags and sponges, there are just so many germs and bacteria in a bathroom that I would rather use something disposable to clean most of the areas in the bathroom.

First thing to do before cleaning your bathroom is to tidy it up. Take any dirty laundry out and be sure floors and surfaces are cleared. This includes any rugs from the floor; these should be washed before they are put back after all your bathroom cleaning is done. To me, the shower tends to be the most difficult part of the bathroom to clean. Soap scum and mildew can be very difficult to remove if it is not cleaned on a regular basis. This being the case, I like to start with cleaning the shower.

This way I get the most physically strenuous job out of the way first while I still have all of my energy and drive. If soap scum is built up in the shower, it is a good idea to let the cleaner soak on it for a short while before you begin to scrub it. Also, be sure not to overlook the shower door and track or the shower curtain (whichever you have in your bathroom). After it has been all scrubbed down, you then want to rinse the shower down completely with hot water. After I finish cleaning the shower, I like to use drain cleaner on it to help it drain faster. This will help your shower remain cleaner for a longer period of time.

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Sara Stewart is a cleaning expert and the self proclaimed "Queen of Speed Cleaning!" To read the rest of this article and for more great tips on how to clean a bathroom faster and more effectively than ever before please visit

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Varied Advantages of Owning Carpets

Carpet fibers are known to trap allergens. The various flooring options available can offer you various advantages as best carpet cleaning solutions as compared to other flooring options. To enumerate:

* As an obvious choice of most homeowners, the rugs offer required aesthetics, versatility and degree of fashion to the home interiors.

* These rugs offer a required friction/ slip resistant surface and a natural cushion to falling objects including humans which helps in preventing mishaps.

* Rugs also act as an additional layer of neutral charge for your home which adds more to the energy efficiency.

* They act as a cushion for falling sonorous objects and also provides warmth underfoot which is not there in case of bare floors.

* With the advancement in manufacturing techniques the use of tensile and synthetic fibers in most rugs being manufactured in a number of factories today are stain resistant and make cleaning much easier.

Additionally, the carpet fibers are known to act as trap agents for the allergens and this is why many doctors encourage the use of these rugs among their patients to use carpeting against bare floors. Since the allergens get trapped in the fibers, the need to wash them on regular basis increases. In order to avoid creating any health problems for yourself and your loved ones that you may not be aware of, wash them regularly or get them vacuumed cleaned.

* It has been found that most common problems, the carpet owners usually face in their homes regarding carpet usage are caused from a lack of their maintenance.

* Vacuum cleaning your carpet at least 2 to 4 times per week and resorting to a regular appropriate cleaning schedule can help in reducing the quantum of allergens that may increase the allergy problems.

* It is highly advisable to go for vacuum cleaners fitted with a HEPA filter because they help in preventing the growth of allergens into your breathing environs.

* You will agree that vacuum cleaning of upholstered furniture at regular intervals help clean the allergens that can aggravate allergy attacks.

* Generally the allergens are released into your breathing environs when children jump on furniture or may be when people just sit down on furniture.

* You may avoid this release of allergens in the breathing environs by getting the furniture vacuum cleaned properly at convenient intervals.

* You may consider placing small mats/ rugs strategically at high traffic areas like at entrances to houses as this will decrease the amount of particulate matter including dirt trapped on carpet fiber which in turn will help cleanse the air you breathe.

In order to improve the quality of the breathing environs, you should consider avoiding usage of thick drapes and heavy curtains that often attract dust and are difficult to wash. This will not only save your thousands but also caters to a healthy and hygienic environ. Apart from all afore mentioned benefits, what you need to keep in mind is to take all the measures to keep them clean and germ free as long as possible. Decreasing the amount of disease causing bacteria, you may even consider companies like carpet cleaning Sydney to work wonder for you and your family.

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Carpet cleaning removes dirt and grit from your carpets. Offering professional cleaning services Carpet Cleaning Sydney work wonderfully for your rugs at and get you what you pay for.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Carpet Cleaning - All About Caring Your Rugs

Carpets are decorative additions to a home. Investing in rugs can be a great bargain. They can be affordable assets and do not require any permanent installation. Thus, they make a life time investment. They can be used for redecorating purposes as well. With proper care and maintenance, they can last for many years. Care is really essential to ensure that they are protected from mold and grit.

Most often, it has been observed that people prefer to take help from professional carpet cleaning companies rather than cleaning them on their own. The reason is the professional services promise to use non allergic chemicals and save lot of their money. But, before deciding upon cleaners, it is extremely important to acquire basic knowledge on how to clean and maintain them in a right way.

* Vacuum: Mostly, people buy rugs to be placed, especially in the living room and the dining room. If you too have them and want to entertain people in your house; be it for lunch or dinner, you must know that your rug can easily get spoiled by heavy foot traffic. As a result, they accumulate dirt and dust. In this regard, many high-quality vacuum cleaners are available in the market to help you treat affected areas of your rugs easily. Stopping dry soil from growing up on your rugs, these cleaners surely protect as well as sustain the beauty of your carpets. But, it is important to see if the hired vacuum cleaning only does surface cleaning or completely removes the dirt. This is because; the imbedded dirt can probably result in damage in the longer run. Thus, the process must ensure loosen up of the soil and dirt completely.

* Steam Cleaning: Many people prefer to send their rugs to professional cleaners in order to get them steam cleaned in a right way. Nonetheless, many types of equipments have been rented or purchased to offer similar techniques, if you want to clean them on your own. Though, they can be used to clean your rugs, yet they associate some risks. Thus, it is always better to seek professional advice before doing them on your own.

* Remove Spots: they help in removing stains and spots in the best possible way. They prevent stains caused by pets to a large percent. In fact, using cleaning agents will help you avoid improper discoloration and stop the growth of health effecting bacteria to a greater extent.

To conclude, sometimes cleaning as well as maintenance of carpets can be really difficult. In order to help them sustain their original state, one must use professional cleaners to take care of your rugs and ensure Fabric Protection. They offer tested solutions and help you get best cleaning treatments for your rugs that are your life time investment. So, if you too own a rug and are looking for the ways to treat heavy foot areas in a right way, you may even opt for professional cleaners to have healthy and hygienic flooring. They not only help in entertaining your guests or visitors, but also take care of your family as they contribute to a germ free environment.

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Carpet Cleaning cares for your fabric in a right way. If you are looking for Fabric Protection to prevent the damage of your rugs visit for true professional services.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ways to Clean the Bathroom Step-by-Step

Even though we all wish our bathrooms to be the cleanest room in the household, we must as well accept it is about the most unpleasant room to do the cleaning. Well, it's a mean and tough chore, but it has to be gotten done. The task might be a bit lighter if you understand how to go about cleaning the bathroom. Collect all the bathroom cleaning tools and start cleaning.

One basic tip for cleaning is to hold all of your housecleaning supplies in a portable bin so that you've everything you require as you move from one cleaning job to the next. Even so, the lavatory alone appears to demand as many cleaning items as does the whole home combined. Maintain a different bucket for the toilet cleaning supplies. This should include toilet bowl cleaner, rags, towels, windowpane polishing fluid, bathroom sink cleaner, sponges, brush, floor cleaner, and mildew and soap scum remover.

When you begin cleaning the bath, first remove any dirty clothes or towels, and set everything else back in its proper place. Also, you should remove the floor mats or rugs that needs to be cleaned. I think that the most arduous part of cleaning the bathroom is getting the shower clean. If it's not cleaned often you will in all probability get a layer of soap scum and mold.

So, because I recognize that washing the shower is going to tire me out, I opt to start there. If the shower's soap scum is very thick, you aught to allow the cleaner soak in for a bit before you commence to scrub it. Be sure you rinse the shower curtain or the door to the shower, as well as the track. You will find there is a lot of cleaning wares intended to clean a shower. It's your pick, you get to pick whichever cleaning solutions you want. After you've cleansed the shower you need to rinse it thoroughly. It will help to wash off any cleaning solutions and free dirt.

Once you've a cleaned shower, the succeeding step for bathroom cleanup is mirror cleaning. In my house, we love writing messages to each other on the foggy mirror following a shower. Naturally, the bad thing is that it can mark the mirror. Another thing you might wish to accomplish is to clean the moldings, baseboards, door frames and shelves utilizing a rag.

The next step to take on for a completed bath is spigot cleanup. Whichever product you have that is right to wash bathroom and kitchen counters is also proper for sink cleanup. The sink area will probably likewise include the bottom of a pedestal sink as well as counters. The toilet is the following area needing to be cleaned once you've completed the sink; it is the hardest task in the bathroom.

Consider that there are a few various areas of the toilet, and they must all be cleaned. Utilise a disposable toilet bowl cleaner or a stock toilet brush and a bit of toilet bowl cleaner for cleaning the toilet. Do not forget to cleanse the rim of the bowl, underneath the lid and the toilet seat. A good surface cleanser can be used on the rear of the toilet. You should regularly clean the entire base, and don't miss the bottom back part of it that touches the floor. You should employ a surface cleaner for this part also.

Ultimately, to get a completely clean bathroom you must mop the floor and throw out the garbage in the waste pail. I feel paper towels are especially accommodating to use for cleaning all parts of the bathroom.

Naturally, you will have less waste when you are using rags or sponges, which is healthier for the environment, but I prefer to utilize paper towels. That way I believe I will be disposing of the germs when I throw them away. When you've employed a paper towel, just throw it in the bathroom trash basket. So then the final job you will need to do is dump the trash.

Autor: Matthew S Miller

This resource and many others can be found at to assist you learning ways to Speed Clean your house with less exertion and better results than you ever believed you could do. You can also take your very own complimentary copy of Toni and Tim's Speed Cleaning Mini-Course to learn much more about many housecleaning topics including how to clean bathroom. Have a look!

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Carpet Cleaning - Pros and Cons

Have you ever wondered why many often people fail to take good care of their carpets? The main reason is they do not know the pros and cons or the dos and dont's of carpet cleaning. If you own a rug, it becomes necessary for you to know them to treat your flooring in an expert way. Also, before plunging into buy them, it is extremely important to know how to treat them as a responsible owner. To make it easier for you, this article discuss the cardinal rules to keep your rugs at the best which are listed as follows:

What you can do to keep them clean and safe For Long a long time:

- Vacuum them regularly.

- A thorough vacuuming of 5 to 10 minutes can increase the lifespan of your rugs.

- It can prevent dust and dirt which are considered as enemies of your flooring.

- It protects your family from breeding grounds of harmful microorganisms.

- It avoids asthma and other skin allergies.

- It helps you save on cleaning costs.

- It treats the high-traffic areas like living rooms, porches, or patios to enhance the beauty and health of your rugs.

- Seek advice from professional carpet cleaners.

- They remove stubborn stains and treat serious carpet problems by using right equipments.

- Get best cleaning solutions to protect fabric of your rugs.

- The professional approach to clean them will settle out the problems for you.

- They can even provide you great tips on their maintenance.

- Nevertheless, make sure that you're dealing with the right stuff or service.

- Verify professional certification of the companies that you are deciding upon for your rugs.

- Create a plan to increase the life span of your rugs.

- Spend on best cleaning materials as well as services.

What You Cannot Do in an Effort to Clean Them

- Carpets are delicate when it comes to chemicals, so do not use any chemical.

- Do not go for available cleaning products; rather leave it to the cleaning experts.

- Do not pull the fibers from them; else it ends up creating a gaping hole.

- Do not treat them in an ordinary way.

- Do not use allergy causing chemicals to clean them.

- Do not use the techniques that may result in spreading the spots on your rugs.

- Do not go for products that are not certified or recommended for cleaning purposes.

- Do not seek help from a company that lacks experience and expertise in the related field.

Your rugs are your big time investments. So, it becomes necessary for you to opt for things that promise to sustain their beauty and health for long. Just opting for products and services that can harm your rugs in a long way would be extremely dangerous for your rugs. Thus, act wisely and know about the dos and don't s of various cleaning companies before deciding upon them. Knowing about the advantages and disadvantages will help you get best professional treatments of your rugs within no time.

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Carpet cleaning services offer best available solutions for all your cleaning needs. If you are looking for Carpet Cleaners to get dirt and grit removed in a right way, visit for best services.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Carpet Cleaning - Do it Yourself Or Take Professional Help?

Carpets are our major investment. Carpet cleaning is really important to keep them look new. As we wash our clothes regularly to keep them fresh and hygienic, so we should do to our carpets. Giving periodic professional treatments will help in removing accumulated soil and grit from them. We all know that rugs are prone to dirt, dust, fungi, and bacteria. Hence, it becomes really necessary to keep them safe from destructive and harmful mites to increase their life. Their cleaning costs are minimal as compared to their replacement. Thus, your decision of regular cleaning would make an economic choice.

Use Your Discretion

Well, there are two ways to get them cleaned, either by professionals or do it yourself. They both have their own pros and cons, so you must use your own discretion which way to go. Getting the cleaning done professionally can really cost you a lot, especially if you hire a less than reputable cleaning service for your rugs. This may ruin the padding and floors and can stain your rugs permanently. Now, if you hire a good professional, though it may be quite expensive for you, yet it will definitely leave your rugs healthy and fresh.

On the other hand, if you choose to do it yourself, you will no doubt save a lot of money. But, if you are not sure of how to clean them on your own, you are likely to damage your rugs. Thus, if you choose to do it yourself, you must conduct a good search on the internet not only to find out smart tips to clean them on your own, but also to check different methods that are used in professional cleaning. Also, you have to be extremely careful about the chemicals as they can be really harmful for your children.

Additionally, there are some commercial products that contain chemicals which may harm your kid's lungs and can develop mold as well. So, it becomes very necessary to keep them out of reach of your children. You may even consider the following points as precautionary measures when cleaning them on your own:

- Use fans to speed drying or open the windows.

- Switch the central heating on.

- Generally, professionals use big industrial fans, but they are not affordable for an ordinary home owner as they are really expensive.

- You may rent them from a local hardware store, if you really want.

- Make sure to follow the right methods as you may end up spreading it permanently.

To conclude, as you may go both ways, either by hiring professional cleaning service or by cleaning them on your own, just make sure to gather relevant information on the cleaning methods and services to get best treatment for your rugs as per your expectations and satisfaction. It is really important to get the right carpet cleaner method or service for your rugs; else it may completely damage your lifetime investment. So, it's entirely your decision what you want. Know your needs and act accordingly.

Autor: Anderson White Anderson White
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Carpet cleaning gives best treatment to your rugs. If you want your carpets to look clean and smell fresh, consider carpet cleaner at to get perfect solutions for dirt and grit removal.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

White Vinegar Uses Around the Home

Vinegar is a mildly acidic liquid, primarily made as a bi-product of the drink industry. Malt vinegar originally comes from beer production. So malt vinegar is the vinegar of choice in northern European, beer drinking countries. Wine vinegars originated in wine making regions and so is the preferred type in Mediterranean wine producing countries. Of course, rice wine vinegars come from the traditional rice wine makers of the Far East.

Clear white vinegars are the most useful around the home as they won't leave marks on soft furnishings. Plus if you're using vinegar to soak something, such as a toilet bowl, clear vinegar just looks better! Generally distilled malt vinegar will work out the most economical to use, though in some areas white wine vinegar will be the cheaper option.

Of course white vinegar can be used in the kitchen. Perhaps my favorite vinegar use is simply as a condiment on fries! So long as the vinegar has an acetic acid content of 5% or more it can safely be used in chutneys, preserves and pickles. The acidity of the vinegar used in home preserving is the main way the food 'keeps'. Bacteria and fungal organisms struggle to survive in acidic conditions so the vinegar preserves the food from attack.

Vinegar has lots of other uses besides those of a culinary nature though. It's acidity means it is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. So it makes an excellent multipurpose cleaner. As a surface cleaner vinegar prevents the build up of bacteria everywhere from kitchen work tops to bathroom toilet seats.

A regular squirt with vinegar can prevent mildew. Vinegar cuts through soap scum so is a brilliant on shower walls and glass. Vinegar is one of only a few ingredients you need to make homemade cleaning products for everywhere at home.

Mixed with oils (boiled linseed or vegetable based oils), vinegar can even be used to restore wood and leather. The vinegar cuts through grime while the oils feed and nourish the item.

White vinegar can be improved with the addition of essential oils so you can change the scent of your vinegar cleaner to suit your mood. You can create air fresheners or room deodorizers with vinegar and essential oils. Either spray them or leave in a bowl near a radiator for mellow scent and the absorption of nasty smells.

Autor: Lec Watkins Lec Watkins
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The author is researching various vinegar uses and vinegar cleaning recipes at the Clean With Vinegar site.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Proper Storage of Clothing - How to Prevent Them From Moth Infestation

Storage of clothes has always been a task of utmost importance, and also an inevitable and unavoidable task. Every year, at the change of the season, one has to put in the past season's clothes and take out the upcoming ones. Besides the general precautions one may take such as washing clothes prior and after storing them and keeping them properly stacked to maintain their quality, one more issue of concern comes regarding insects that can damage clothes. The most frequent among these insects are moths. These seemingly harmless creatures are the worst threat to any type of clothing material that is stored for a long time. Be it your favourite pair of jeans, an expensive corduroy gown, or that silk halter you simply adore, all can be severely damaged if not stored properly and protected a the same time. Hence, in order to keep your clothes safe, it is increasingly important to get rid of moths.

Currently, there are a wide range of moth repellents and moth deterrents (that prevent the attack and spread of moth population in your cupboards and Almira). Another precaution you need to take is to thoroughly air your stored clothes from time to time. For instance, if winters are over in February, it would make sense to air clothes once a month henceforth to prevent any kind of moths from infection your storage space, till the time you need to use those clothes again.

Coming back to different types of repellents, the most effective type is a cedar moth repellent, since moths do not like the smell of cedar. These are the most commonly used due to the fact that they offer both, a good smell as well as protection against moth outbreaks. Further, there are also a wide range of moth deterrents that act as wardrobe fresheners and drawer fresheners (some are also sold under this category of products) that leave a sweet smell while not allowing moths to enter your wardrobe and causing any kind of damage.

Other precautions include cleaning your storage racks from time to time (if they are detachable, take the whole thing out and vacuum it thoroughly, particularly around the edges), ensuring there are no cracks in your storage space (the most common place for moths to lay eggs and infest) and in case you detect moths have attacked a few of your clothes, you must dry clean them, and then keep them in your freezer for 2-3 days (air-tight bags would be the most obvious option) to prevent the growth.

In the end, it is always a known fact that prevention is better than cure. Hence, keep your storage spaces clean, and use moth repellents every season, to take proper care of your clothes.

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Caraselle Direct -

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Consider These New Floor Cleaning Solutions

When people think of floor cleaning solutions, common household products come to mind. But these cleansers are full of chemicals, which could permanently harm your floors. Chemical products could cause irritations when using them and are not the best thing when small children will be crawling or playing on the rugs or floors. That's why non-chemical products, such as absorbent mats, are the safest method for protecting your floors.

Floor cleaning solutions do not have to be labor intensive. Mention the word cleaning, and you automatically think of scrubbing. But there are solutions for your floor that don't require any labor. Maintaining your floors is as simple as preventive action.

When you use common floor cleaning solutions get ready to waste a lot of time. As soon as something spills you have to take time to get a mop or other alternative to soak it up. If the spill involves a liquid that is likely to stain, much more time is needed to clean with a stronger mixture. Sometimes you will have to wait for several minutes before washing the floor. Technology has given us better, time-saving methods for dealing with this problem.

Not all floor cleaning solutions are suitable for all services. Some might work well on tile but could ruin wood or not work on linoleum or cement. This means that you have to buy a lot of different cleaners because you have a lot of different flooring types in your typical home. Rather than spending a lot of money on chemicals, try investing in a preventative product that will absorb the spill before it reaches the floor.

As many floor cleaning solutions contain a toxic chemical that might pollute the environment, be careful when you pour a cleaning mixture down the drain. Toxins will travel through the sewage system and into the ocean. Do your bit for the green effort by thinking about products that can prevent spills from taking place.

There are other, more effective floor cleaning solutions than the traditional chemical cleaning fluids. Products that use absorbent technology are less costly and are safer to have in the home. They are also eco-friendly and save you lots of cleaning time.

Floor cleaning solutions with absorbent technology can catch any type of spill and absorb it before it reaches the ground. These solutions can hold up to 1 gallon of fluid and will thus prevent it from seeping through to the floor.

Floor cleaning solutions that use absorbent technology will not only prevent leaks from staining the floor. If you place them in an area that is likely to leak during a rainstorm, for example basement windows, they will absorb the water and save your cleaning time. The absorbent products come in many different sizes and can protect garage floors or driveways from oil stains, stop leaking water, or even protect areas in the home where spills are likely, such as near a pet's dish or a baby's chair.

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Look for detailed data about floor cleaning solutions. Be sure to sign up for our free newsletter at and get our free report. A toll free resource is available on our site to answer any questions.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Oil Degreaser Solution Helps With Spills

There are now alternatives to the use of an oil degreaser to remove oil, grease or other fluid from your garage floor. Due to technology advances, absorbent mats can be placed under vehicles, grills, workbenches or other areas where spills may occur. Should a spill occur, the mat's design will absorb the liquid quickly and prevent it from seeping. These inexpensive mats can hold gallons of liquid, can be used numerous times and will result in no mess or stains to clean up.

An oil degreaser mat is the best solution for keeping your floor dry from any type of liquid, whether its a leak, spill, or overspray. An oil absorbent pad is a much safer alternative for protecting all types of flooring, concrete, or asphalt than chemical-laden liquid cleaning products.

There are many products available as cleaners to use after a spill has occurred. Absorbent mats will eliminate the need to introduce those cleaners in the first place. Avoid those nasty permanent stains by putting the mat in place before you start working.

Oils or other fluid may leak from your car and you do not want an unsightly oil stain on your garage floor or driveway. Keeping an absorbent mat underneath your vehicle will protect from any leaks.

An oil degreaser mat is ideal when doing quick maintenance on a bike or motorcycle. Simply place the mat under the bike while oiling the chains or when changing or adding oil or fluids to a motorcycle.

An oil degreaser or other chemical cleaning product can be costly, in both dollars and your time. Besides buying the product and some form of applicator, you have to do all the hard scrubbing to remove the oil and properly dispose of the chemical solution. An alternative is to use a protective pad beforehand to prevent the oil drippings from reaching the floor.

Some chemical solutions can do more harm to your floor by leaving a stain or damaging cement, paint or asphalt. An oil degreaser is therefore not the ideal solution for all types of flooring. Try and avoid a tough stain through preventative measures.

Some stains like oil, water, rust or transmission fluid can leave permanent damage to flooring. While an oil degreaser may remove the stain it can itself leave a stain. Absorbent mats are the best alternatives to avoid damage from these harsh chemicals. They are not penetrable, strong and absorbent and can be placed anywhere.

Autor: Angie Meza Angie Meza
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Angie is a partner in a large environmental products company. With over 10 years of experience, she has helped to develop industrial environmental products for ... ...

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cleaning the Bathroom to Get a Spotless Shine

Bathrooms can often be one of the most challenging rooms in a household to keep clean. It's without a doubt because of this, why regular care and maintenance is often suggested by experts. It's best therefore to know how to clean the bathroom to prevent one's self from having to clean it when it get's extremely dirty - and we really don't want to do that! The more we keep up on our bathroom the less of a chance it has to get dirty, and the faster we can get on with our day.

Before we begin cleaning it's best to have all of the cleaning materials we will need on hand, and ready to go. You can do this by purchasing a Carry-All Bin to store all of the cleaning supplies that you use to clean the bathroom. Just this step alone saves you a great deal of time you would otherwise be spending, treading the house looking for the right cleaning supplies. Pull out your bin and your ready to go - dirt, grime, and lime scale don't stand a chance! What you carry inside your bin will be up to you, but the most common cleaning items to have are:

Rubber Gloves
Abrasive Sponges
Cleaning Cloths/ Dust Rags
Paper Towels
Floor Cleaner
Wet Mop w/fabric Strings/ Wet Sponge Mop
Commercial Window Cleaner
All-Purpose Cleaner
Powdered/Liquid Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Abrasive/non-abrasive cleaner

Once you are prepped with your cleaning supplies the next thing you want to make sure you do is to prep the bathroom. Remove any items that are cluttering the counter tops, any clothes or towels that are hanging around, and any clothes baskets you may have. Any items that are on top of your toilet tank need to go, as well as any rugs that might be on the floor. We want to reduce the bathroom to its bare minimum for efficient cleaning. Once everything has been removed, it's time to start cleaning.

Once the bathroom has been prepped, I often suggest to anyone who asks me where to start, to start at the areas that you would least like to clean. Why do it this way? When cleaning areas we don't like to clean, whether it is difficult or not, we often times make it more difficult than it really is because of the sheer fact we hate cleaning it. Getting the difficult parts done and over with leaves only the more preferable ones left and allows us to get the bathroom done faster.

I personally start with the bathtub first because of the amount of dirt that is gathered, soap scum, and mildew buildup. To give the tub a thorough clean I first apply a non-abrasive cleaner (your type of cleaner will depend on your type of tub. Mildly-Abrasive for Enamel, Non-Abrasive for acrylic and fiberglass) to my tub. I then let the cleaner sit for a small amount of time to make sure it really soaks in. Next, take either a sponge or cleaning cloth and give the tub a thorough scrub down making sure to get all creases and cracks, the walls, around the drain, the faucet, and anywhere that grime is building up. When the tub has been cleaned and sanitized, rinse it out with buckets of warm water. The warm water helps to break up any of the dirt particles that might be holding on for dear life. Repeat the rinse until it is clean enough to your liking and move on to the next area.

Next in line we will take care of the toilet. The exterior toilet bowl is pretty easy to clean, and often only requires a thorough scrub down with an all-purpose cleaner. The toilet tank, seat, and outer rim can be cleaned this way. Next we want to clean the interior toilet bowl and this will require a heavier cleaning agent like a powdered or liquid toilet cleaner. Powder the toilet, or spray your liquid cleaner and let it sit for a little while to let the cleaner soak in. Next, use a toilet bowl brush to scrub the bowl down thoroughly and make sure to get under the rim as well. Flush the toilet when finished. A little tip I recommended is to add a flush-release cleaning product in the bowl of the toilet so that it cleans itself after every flush.

After the toilet and bathtub has been cleaned let's move onto the sink and faucets. The sink and faucet's can easily be taken care of by applying an all purpose cleaner to the interior sink, faucet, and water control knobs. Wipe the sink down with a sponge, and paper towels for the faucet and knobs. If the sink needs a bit more of a thorough clean use a powdered cleaner like Ajax and scrub with an abrasive scrubber.

After the sink we'll clean the mirrors. Mirrors are probably the easiest part of any bathroom and require little work for a nice clean streak free shine. For mirrors you can use any commercial window cleaner and a microfiber cloth, washing them from top to bottom in small circular motions. If you'd prefer an alternative solution, white distilled vinegar mixed with a half solution of water has often been recommended by professionals. Make sure to always apply your cleaner to your cleaning cloth first before wiping down the mirror. If you apply the cleaner directly to the mirror it can cause black edge, and seep through and damage the backing of the mirror.

The last area that needs to be covered is the floor. Depending on your type of flooring you may need a specific type of cleaner. Any department store that sells home cleaning products will have what you need. Be sure to ask a store clerk for assistance and they will gladly help you with the proper product to use for your floor. The next step of course is to mop the flooring using either a fabric bristle mop, or a sponge mop for a bit more of a thorough clean. When you have cleaned the floor let the bathroom sit for a small period of time to dry out. Make sure to have the room properly ventilated by opening a window or turning on the bathroom fan. Return any items that needed to be removed back in their appropriate places, and dump any trash that you may have left over.

Autor: Debra Leanne Marks Debra Leanne Marks
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Debra Marks is a house cleaning expert & author. She lives in California with her family where she spends her time teaching others how to ... ...

Debra Marks is a House Cleaning enthusiast and author. For more information on how to clean the bathroom, you can visit a website dedicated to providing quality information on house cleaning.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mold Remediation - Home Remedies to Clean Mold

You are busy taking in the beauty of your house when suddenly you spot a cluster of green growth on your false ceilings. It seems your house has decided to go green. However, the good intentions of your home aren't exactly being reciprocated by the fungi called Molds.

It comes in a cluster and like an alien colony invades every nook and corner of your home, leaving a trail of green, damp patches. Calling it a new interior trend may buy you time to clean up the muck as soon as possible. However, if you choose to leave it as it is, it may be in grave danger of turning into a fashion and health disaster for you.

Like a termite infestation, molds can gnaw your house from the inside and leave it ready to disappear into a heap. So when it comes to protecting yourself, your family and home, place mold as your first priority to contend.

But what is Mold?

Like those favorite button mushrooms in your salad, molds are a type of fungi, albeit a carnivorous one-it eats away your house. It reproduces by letting out tiny spores into the air, which then finds new moist horizons to latch itself and grow. Any moist surface is a feeding ground. It may look beautiful on your garden wall or your fence. But to stop it from encroaching into your home, remember to keep moisture at bay.

Easier said than done right? Especially when a house has safe havens for it to grow, namely, food, unused clothes, bathrooms, damp basements, attics, and carpeting. Is that a Mold? Maybe, maybe not. There are many types of molds and not all look alike. Spot the right one:

Usually it is recognized when it is too late to prevent it from growing. The discoloration is evidently too stark to be overlooked and since it tends to form in clusters, hard to be overlooked by a naked eye.

Quick checks:

To avoid this from happening, here are some regular checks that you can follow through.

* Roof, wall, basement or plumbing leaks-keep a track on these
* The source for indoor irrigation and fire sprinklers
* Clogging of drains and sinks
* Be extra alert during climatic changes, especially monsoons, and catastrophes like floods

Trim the garden:

It is impossible to avoid molds altogether. However, if you happen to spot one here are some simple remedies to deal with it. First determine whether it is a mold. Here's what you do when you see any small discoloration or a patch of black, green or gray, take a pint of hydrogen peroxide and put it on the growth and watch the reaction.

If the solution just trickles down your wall, well lucky you, it probably is just dirt. However, if it foams, then that's your enemy. Now, if the mold covers just 2 to 3 square meters of area take that pail of water, scrub, hand gloves and an EPA recommended solution, get down on all fours and scrub it away.

But if it is an entire mold infested wall that we are dealing with, call in the toxic mold removal experts. And since it is an unregulated industry, ensure that you have done your research well about the company and most importantly about the mold to avoid being taken for a ride.

Autor: Andrew Stratton

Attack the invading army of molds before your home turns into a moldy disaster. Experts on mold remediation, Providence help families overcome the setback caused by molds. Visit for details.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Spring Clutter Removal

Every spring you plan on cleaning out all the closets, deep cleaning the cupboards and maybe even having a garage sale to remove all the clutter in the basement or garage. It seems like you never have the time or the weather is so nice you would rather be outside. The kids have started their spring sport programs with practices and games. Your time is limited.

Spring cleaning can be accomplished if you follow a few tips and have it planned on your calendar. Try to schedule 2 hours or more on the weekends or during the week if time permits. Choose the area to clean based on the weather. When it is 70 degrees or above and sunny out, clean out the garage. You will want to take most items out to spray out the salt and chemicals that have accumulated on your garage floor over the winter. Tracking those in the house is bad on any type of flooring you have. Install some shelving units to get items off the floor. Thinking vertically will allow you to remove more items off the floor. The wall space in the garage is the most under utilized. Make use of it and remove the clutter.

Spring cleaning also includes the yard, such as the leaves that you missed on the last rake. Many leaves end up under the bushes, get those out on the nice spring days. Review your perennial plants to see if they survived the winter. Give them until the first of June to bloom in case they are late bloomers.

Save the rainy April days for the closets and the basement. If you have children, choose a rainy April day to go through their wardrobe. Do not try to do it all in one sitting. Try on short sleeved shirts one day and shorts the next. The warm weather happens gradually, so you have time as long as you do not have to donate all their clothes from last year. Make a list of items they will need and then on sale days, go out a buy them.

Your wardrobe should also be examined. Decide what you wore last year and what you did not. Styles change for the stores as well as for you. Most people do not wear in their forties what they wore in their twenties. Decide on what you like and keep items you will really wear. Maybe you changed careers and your current job is more casual. Keep only the dress items that are classic, not trends. Some colors are trendy too. Keep the basics such as black, brown, and navy.

Shoes change too, so donate those clumpy shoes. Look at the top of your closet. Is there space that is not being utilized above the top shelf? If so, consider storing sweaters in cloth containers over the winter. Individual stacking shelves can be purchased to extend this area and to store those winter clothes on. If you have an older closet with just one rod, consider buying an attachable rod to separate shirts and pants. This will double your space and leave your clothes looking nicer than when they are all jammed in a small space. Get shoe racks that can be stacked but that are also sturdy. This will remove more items off the floor.

Look through the coat closet and decide what coats are no longer needed. Maybe your child barely fit into it at the end of the season. Put it in a bag or container to sell in the autumn along with the clothes they grew out of. Throw out any gloves that no longer have matches and hats that no longer fit.

If you tackle a space at a time, it will get done and seem less daunting then tackling the entire project over one weekend.

Autor: Julie Riber Julie Riber
Level: Platinum
Julie is a Professional Organizer and a member of the National Association Professional Organizers. She is also the president of th Ohio Chapter of NAPO. ... ...

Julie Riber is a professional organizer in the central Ohio area. She has been organizing homes and businesses for over 4 years. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and President of the Ohio Chapter of NAPO.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Cleaning Company That Works

With so much to do, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Now that scientists are discovering all the health dangers associated with stress, it seems that stress itself is becoming a major stressor. Let's face it; sometimes you just need a break. And while there are many important tasks that we must do ourselves, many tasks just need to get done; not necessarily by us, but by someone we trust. Cleaning your house can be like that: the difficulty of cleaning lies not in making the important decisions, but in the intensive labor it requires. If you are like most people, investing all that time in cleaning your house is an unnecessary burden on your already busy life. It is unnecessary, because hiring a professional cleaning company like Merry Maids to do it for you is cheap and easy!

Life is characterized by time-consuming tasks that often stretch our resources to the limit. They may be important, and maintaining a clean home certainly is, but often your interests would be better served by investing your time and energies elsewhere, and letting someone you trust take care of the dirty work. When it comes to giving your house a deep, complete cleaning, you do not have to take up the task yourself, putting all of life's deeper concerns on the back burner. Save yourself the trouble and let the professionals work their magic while you enjoy yourself, or simply take care of business. Above and beyond all cleaning companies, Merry Maids is up to the task.

Not only do cleaning companies like Merry Maids allow you to budget your time cheaply and effectively, but they can fit into your financial budget as well. Enhancing your day-in day-out routine with a monthly cleaning is affordable and refreshing, and a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning will keep your home sparkling fresh all the time. Friends will wonder how you are able to simultaneously juggle all the responsibilities of life and such keep a clean, inviting home...especially if you have children. It is okay, you don't have to tell them about the cleaning company; although they could probably benefit from your secret as well!

Of course, the stress relief you will enjoy can only be as great as the peace of mind that your decision to hire a cleaning company brings you. That is why Merry Maids works so hard to provide the best quality service. Unlike many other cleaning companies, Merry Maids carefully screens all applicants, even if they already have a record of sterling service. And once they have hired the best, they give them ongoing training to ensure that they remain that way. That is why virtually anywhere in the country you always see so many Merry Maids vans heading to and from job sites: people trust Merry Maids to get the job done, and to do it well. They have been the leading cleaning company for over 25 years.

Stress may be inevitable, but the stress caused by house cleaning is not. You don't have to feel overwhelmed if you just allow yourself to feel relieved. It's as easy as calling the best of all cleaning companies for a free consultation regarding your own needs and situation. Get it done and get it done well. Give Merry Maids a call and get on to more important things!

Autor: Carrie C Green

A home warranty from American Home Shield will provide all of the protection you need.

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

How to Wash Your Sofa

Maintaining the life of your furniture's fabric will require you to keep it clean. You should think about setting household rules for kids, pets, and guests to follow. Making them eat at the dinner table will help prevent spills and a no shoes rule will keep the wear and tear to a minimum.

Even when rules are set, accidents do happen from time to time. In this case you shouldn't freak out just yet. There are some steps you can take to wash your furniture if and when they get dirty. Here are a few tips you can take to clean your sofa.

The first thing you should do is remove all the cushions. That is of course if they are removable. Do not force any cushions off that were not meant to come off. You could rip or tear your furniture and permanently ruin it.

Once the cushions are out of the way, go ahead and use your vacuum to remove all the loose dirt and debris. Many vacuums come with a brush attachment that will work great on your furniture. Make sure to get inside the cracks and crevices and to vacuum the entire sofa.

Now you can go ahead and put the cushions back onto the couch so we can start the washing process. There are some commercial upholstery cleaners you can buy to clean the couch but really there is no need. Some normal laundry detergent will work just fine.

Add a little less than a fourth of a cup of detergent to luke warm water and mix well. Using an electric mixer will work best here. Mix it up until the concoction turns foamy.

Now you can take this mixture and use it to wash the parts of the couch that are dirty. You'll want to test an area on your couch first to make sure that the detergent will not fade or discolor your couch. Dab a small amount of the mixture onto a cloth and rub onto a part of the couch. Let it dry to see if it harms it. If it does not, your safe to wash away.

Go ahead and dip the cloth back into the mixture and rub it onto the couch where the dirt appears. As you start to clean, you should see the dirt begin to wipe away. You can use a spoon or scraper to scrap away the dirt and soap.

After the dirt is removed, use a clean damp cloth to rinse the rest of the soap off the couch. Repeat this process on every part of the couch that needs to be cleaned.

If the couch is real dirty or stained you may want to seek professional help. Otherwise for normal dirt and dust, this process will work for all of your cloth furniture and may save you from having to buy new furniture. You may be surprised at just how clean you can get your furniture.

Autor: John Inbody

John Inbody is an expert house cleaner who specializes in Sofa Clean procedures. Visit his website to learn more household secret cleaning tips at

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Benefits of a House Cleaning List and What it Can Do For You

I think that we all can agree on the simple fact that house cleaning can be a chore. It can be even more daunting and tiresome when we are not effectively organized in our cleaning methods. A house cleaning list is one of a few different tools that we can use to get better organized, goal oriented, and more effective when cleaning house overall.

The purpose of a cleaning list is simply to help us not have to remember what needs to be cleaned, and when something needs to be cleaned. All cleaning requirements around the house are suggested by professionals, based upon what they are, to be taken care of on a daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual, and yearly basis. When we create a complete list of all the cleaning requirements for our home, organized based upon their time requirements, we have effectively created for ourselves a cleaning list that will serve us for as long as we will be cleaning house.

I often find in many cases that people clean their homes based upon how dirty they realize an area has become. The problem with this approach is once an area is cleaned, we let the area sit until it becomes dirty again. The length of time it takes for a specific area to get dirty always varies, so it's indeterminable when the area should actually be cleaned. The usefulness of the cleaning list really comes through in this respect. A cleaning list will be able to tell you exactly when any area of the house needs to be cleaned. And if you continue to follow a cleaning list you will be able to cut down the length of time it normally takes you to clean house.

Let's follow a simple example so that I can illustrate for you the process and way this works. Let's use the Bathroom for example. In my own household the bathroom was a room that was cleaned anywhere from a few weeks to a few months after it had been cleaned. When I began using a cleaning list, it showed me to clean my bathroom at least once every week. When I started cleaning the bathroom according to my list I realized the bathroom afterward always seemed to stay clean and very seldom got extremely dirty. It didn't accumulate much dirt and didn't require much effort on my part when it was time for its weekly scrub down. The amount of time that I normally spent in the bathroom ranged anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour. Once I began using a cleaning list my time was drastically cut to about 10 to 15 minutes. Talk about a time saver!

What's great about following a cleaning list is that it opens up the usefulness of another tool - a Cleaning Schedule. A cleaning schedule and cleaning list go hand-in-hand; like two peas in a pod. Although a cleaning list and schedule can be used separately, if you're going to use one you might as well use the other. The list is really the preliminary step to using a cleaning schedule; it sets up and organizes all the information you will need - then you just plug it in and voila! This will effectively set you up so that all your cleaning chores are labeled and listed accordingly in a daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual, and yearly basis category. All that will be required of you is to stay consistent. Once we fail in our consistency the whole process begins to tumble and we fall back into bad habits.

In order to make our lives easier when it comes to house cleaning I highly advise looking into creating a cleaning list and schedule to serve you when cleaning house. These two tools when used together create a powerful solution to save us time and energy when cleaning our house. These tools alone also guarantee long-term effectiveness that can last as long as we want as long as we are consistent when using them.

Autor: Debra Leanne Marks Debra Leanne Marks
Level: Basic PLUS
Debra Marks is a house cleaning expert & author. She lives in California with her family where she spends her time teaching others how to ... ...

Debra Marks is a House Cleaning expert and author. For more great tips on how to construct a house cleaning list, you can visit a website dedicated to providing quality information on house cleaning.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Carpet Cleaning - Interesting Tips on Do it Yourself

Everyone today wants to take care of their carpets as they add extra glamour to the entire home d�cor. Deep cleaning of your rugs will keep them look fresh and prolong their life as well. There are two ways of getting the job done for you; hiring a professional or do it yourself. Many people find that cleaning them on their own will be most suitable for their schedules and budgets. So, if you decide to take on the carpet cleaning challenge, consider the below mentioned tips to get the results as per your own expectations.

* Before beginning a cleaning process, remove all furniture from the room.

* Do a thorough vacuuming.

* Remove the soil from your rugs to get the best possible results.
* Check the several cleaning systems.

* Make your selection either by making a purchase or renting.

* There are few rental companies that offer cleaning equipments similar to what professionals use.

* You may easily get them in retail or grocery stores.

* Extract all the cleaning solution from the rugs.

* The equipment must allow your rugs to dry within 12 hours after they are cleaned.

* If you are not certain about equipment's ability, consult carpet manufacturer or retailer and ask for their recommendations.

* Avoid over-wetting of rugs.

* Avoid too much moisture as it may cause damage to your rugs.

* Remember, prolonged dampness may allow mildew and bacterial to grow further.

* Do not use too much water or detergent.

* Try to find the products that can be best suited for your specific carpeting needs.

* If your rug has wool or any other natural fiber, go for cleaning solutions that are specially formulated for them.

* Remove remnants of the cleaning solution with clear water rinse.

* Avoid cleaning solutions that contain bleaches or brighteners.

* Avoid solutions that may discolor your rugs.

* Avoid silicone-based anti-soil treatments. They can cause permanent damage to your carpeting.

* Help your carpet dry as quickly as possible.

* Use fans to move air across the carpeting.

* Use dehumidifier to pull moisture out of the air.

* Don't rub hard; this may damage the fibers.
* Avoid using towels with synthetic fibers. They are not good absorbents.

* Prevent the stains from spreading.

* Avoid vigorous action of rubbing, as it may result in a fuzzy surface.

* Always test cleaning solutions before treating the stains to make sure that they will not discolor your rugs' fibers.

* After the stains are removed, clean the affected area with clear water.

* If the stains persist, contact your carpeting retailer to rescue your rugs.

* If stains do not respond to mild detergents, use commercial spot removers to clean your rugs in a right way.

Stains are inevitable, but prompt action and some smart steps can help you remove them carefully, retaining their original beauty. Thus, quick action is really essential. It's true that no carpeting is completely stain proof, but sooner you address this problem, the better your results would be. Carpet cleaners are easily available in many hardware or home improvement stores; just make sure to follow the directions carefully.

Autor: Anderson White Anderson White
Level: Basic PLUS
Anderson White is an expert author who writes on various topics. He writes informative and interesting articles that makes readers know more about the things....

Carpet cleaning helps in retaining the beauty of your rugs for long. If you are looking for perfect solutions to take special care of your rugs, visit for best carpet cleaners and other related things.

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Go Green For a Safe Environment

Our world's population is growing out of proportions and if we don't stop for a moment and think we are in serious trouble. As the population is growing and the environment getting more polluted we are getting more concerned with the state of the quality of our water and air. Researchers have found that the quality of our groundwater is deteriorating. The air around us is becoming more toxic with more people suffering from asthma and skin diseases.

Doctors have thriving businesses treating us for all kinds of pollution ailments, and we are helping to make our families sick. Stop it now.

The Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance, discarded certain household chemicals to have the potential to become hazardous waste, lowering our groundwater quality. Certain household cleaners have the same chemicals as very toxic industrial waste. Although individual households may discard a small amount of waste but all the households
together are imposing a big risk.

Did you ever think for one moment of what you are flushing down the drain, is it safe or are you doing your part of polluting our precious earth?

Almost every day you read in the papers about injuries that were caused to someone or animals due to harmful chemicals. Why not change it while there still is time?

My company has cleaning products that are safe, bio-degradable, non-toxic, animal cruelty free (our animals are precious and innocent and can't fight for themselves) I am a big animal lover and I am fighting for their safety and protection.

There still are some hospitals and nursery homes that think that the stronger the disinfectants are the better the results are, not thinking of the health risks , such as allergies, breathing problems, as well as the disposal costs.

These products are ideal for anyone or business that are concerned about our environment and it is also cheaper than most of the harmful products. Big organizations' in America have already change to "Green" products, lowering the possibility of claims against them for chemical injuries or illnesses.

Places that could benefit from these products:

1. Nursing homes
2. Hotels and motels
3. Large companies
4. Daycare centers
5. Restaurants
6. Public and private schools
7. Rehabilitation centers and hospitals
8. Fitness centers, and ........of course your own home

Focus on the health of your clients, students, employees, most of all your loved ones etc.

Autor: Sophia E Herselman

Sophia Herselman

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Many Uses of Borax

You can find Borax in the laundry aisle of just about any retail store. Borax, also known as sodium borate, is packaged by the 20 Mule Team Company as a laundry booster but it has many other uses as well. Borax can be used as a drain cleaner, toilet cleaner, weed and ant repellent and to sanitize your garbage disposal. Additionally, you can sprinkle Borax anywhere you want to get rid of odors and keep them away. Following are some simple recipes for the many uses of Borax.

Laundry Booster

As stated earlier the most common use for Borax is as a laundry booster to make clothes come out cleaner and to get rid of stains and odors that normal laundry detergents leave behind. All you need to do is add a cup to your washing machine at the beginning of the wash cycle. For large loads use 3/4 cup instead.

Drain Cleaner

Toilet Cleaner

Garbage Pail Sanitizer

A simple way to keep those nasty garbage pails clean and odor-free is with Borax. Start by cleaning the whole pain inside and out with a cup of Borax per gallon of hot water. Use the hottest water you can stand. Rinse with cold water and let dry. Once the pail is dry, sprinkle a small amount of Borax on the bottom of the garbage pail before putting in a new garbage bag. Do this each time you replace the bag to keep germs and odors away. Since Borax has deodorizing and disinfecting properties as well as being an effective cleanser, it makes a perfect toilet bowl cleaner. Just sprinkle a decent amount of Borax directly into the bowl, let it work its magic for about 10 to 15 minutes and then scrub with a toilet brush until the bowl is clean. Flush to rinse. Is your drain clogged? Or worse, there's a stinky smell wafting from your pipes? Borax will unclog your drain and leave it smelling nice and fresh. Just pour 1 cup of dry Borax down your drain, let it sit for 15 minutes and follow with 4 cups of boiling water. Repeat every month or as the drain gets clogged.

Weed And Ant Repellent

Borax can also be used to keep away weeds and ants. To kill existing weeds and prevent future weeds from growing, sprinkle borax powder into any cracks on your property where weeds are a problem. Avoid getting Borax on plant you want to keep as it is fatal to them as well. To get rid of pests like ants from your home, apply Borax powder around the foundation of your home. Ants will avoid the Borax and your home but you will have to repeat this procedure roughly twice a year to ensure continued protection.

There are many more uses for Borax than the ones listed here. You can find plenty of uses online and in magazines specializing in green cleaning. And while Borax is safer and less toxic than bleach it is still important to remember than some people have skin sensitivity to Borax and gloves should be worn while using. Also keep the area well ventilated to avoid any respiratory problems.

Autor: Jennifer Carpenter Jennifer Carpenter
Level: Basic PLUS
Jennifer Carpenter is a work at home mother of three, two teens and a preschooler. She is currently working to achieve financial freedom (by her ... ...

For more information on green cleaning, visit

Jennifer Carpenter is a work at home mother of three, two teens and a preschooler. She is a writer and Internet marketer who is currently working towards financial freedom through working online. Read more about her incredible journey at

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Friday, May 1, 2009

How to Declutter Your Home Fast and Furious

Whether it is in preparation for putting your house up for sale, or to create space for an imminent addition to your homestead. Or perhaps it is simply time to clear away all that junk you have been carefully putting to one side for the time when you will need it! Decluttering can an important and cathartic experience.

If you wish to compete the task in as fast a time as possible, it is not something you can enter lightly. It will take a great amount of commitment, dedication, brutality and it will be a time for leaving any emotions and sentimentalities outside.

The first step in the process is to decide which room is going to be cleared first. Once that decision is made, go and stand in the center of it for a few moments. Have a good look. Systematically go through what you can see. Then make a list. What do you want to keep. Then go through that list. Is there anything on there that you could really do with out. This is the toughest part, and where you can't waste time reminiscing about what that Chinese Dragon meant at the time, or how you really will get round to changing the bulb in that lamp.

Do this for every room, as quickly as you can.

In the kitchen, you need to be looking out for those wonderful innovations you "just knew" would be invaluable. That ravioli maker perhaps, or the bread machine? You are chucking out unused ingredients, battered bake ware, faded crockery and dinted saucepans.

In the living room, you are throwing out any old ornaments of pieces of furniture that aren't needed. Those old cushions or that old rug you were so proud of matching. They don't match so much after fading.

Moving into the bedroom: is your opportunity to rid yourself of all those single socks, and pillowcases you have been harboring. And what about shoes. Yes, this could be tricky for some. But as mentioned earlier. It is not a time for being sentimental.

Onto the bathroom it is time to finally throw away all those old, neglected and unused cosmetics and medications. It is time to see the back of those towels that have had that mysterious pink stain on them for years. And no, you won't use it to cut up and use for emergency cloths around the house.

Once you have made your lists, and redone them properly, it's time to get down and dirty. Starting in the furthest corner from the door, work your way around the room. Go through each cupboard and every drawer and ask yourself when was the last time you even considered you had it, leave alone used the thing! Anything to be discarded throw in a trash bag in the middle of the room.

Whilst going through this, see if you can make any improvements on storage, or bring in a new filing system.

It is important to keep going. Try not to have a break, certainly do not have a break until you are ready to move on to the next room. Perhaps give yourself an incentive... A bottle of Pinot chilling in the refrigerator perhaps?

With a swift and assassin like approach, decluttering will reward you with a tidy home, a positive feeling and the amount of space you can now fill with all that junk you'll buy over the next few years.

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Added: May 1, 2009