Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Simple Tips on How to Clean the House

There's no arguing that house cleaning can seem overwhelming at times, especially if you have small children like I do. For many, they really don't know how to clean house in a quickly and not lose out on an entire day. Here are some tips to help you with the basics.

Before You Begin

  • Wear nice comfortable clothes like jogging pants and a t-shirt.
  • Play some up-tempo music that you enjoy. It helps!
  • Be sure to have your house cleaning supplies in one place so you don't have to go searching for something all the time.
  • Do a quick pick up of all clutter before cleaning anything. It's hard to clean when you're tripping over clothes or towels on the floor.

Simple House Cleaning Tips


Wash all dishes and put them away. Clean the sink with Bon Ani or Lysol. Wipe and clean all countertops and cabinets. I recommend using paper towels instead of sponges to prevent spreading bacteria.

Next, go through and toss out all out-of-date foods. Wipe out the fridge. Clean off the range/oven and don't forget to wipe out the microwave.

Finally, sweep the floor and mop with water and a bit of Lysol.


I like to use 20 Mule Team Borax as a cleaner for sinks, toilets and the tub/shower. It works great, is safe for septic systems, and eco-friendly.

Clean mirror with glass cleaner, empty trash and sweep/mop the floor.

Other Rooms

Dust furniture and electronics with your favorite dust cleaner/polish. Vacuum all floors.

In the bedroom, change all bed linens as well as all the above.

This is a simple guide on how to clean hose that will be both effective and quick.

Autor: Susan Marshfield

Susan Marshfield is a cleaning expert and offers many more tips on How To Clean House as well as helpful information and advice on everything to do with house cleaning at: http://www.EasyHouseCleaningTips.com

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

How to Clean Wood Furniture

Many people are afraid to clean their wood furniture, but it very simple to do. There are different types of scenarios that you may encounter than will take different cleaning techniques. Before you start to clean wood furniture it is important to remove all dust and dirt from the piece. This process is simply done by take a damp cloth and wiping down the furniture.

Basic cleaning: To wipe off any easy stains, such as dirt, dust, coffee, take a sponge and dip in warm water. Then wring out the sponge, so it is damp. Then gently apply the sponge in the affected area. The grime should disappear. If there is anything sticky, such as gum or old tape, it can be easily removed by lemon juice. Although one spot maybe dirty, it is recommended to decontaminate the entire piece to ensure the cleaning job looks symmetrical. After you are done wiping your furniture, take a soft, dry, clean cloth and dry the area immediately. This step is very important because, over time, the wood maybe start to deteriorate.

Older or antique wood furniture: When you are ready to clean your antique furniture, it is necessary to do it right. You will need several clean clothes, a cut up cotton t-shirt will work fine. Gently dampen the clothes and wipe down the furniture. Also you may need to use lemon juice to remove any sticky stains. After cleaning, make sure you dry the piece extremely well. To ensure that your cleaning does not get affected, it is wise to have the piece out of sunlight, and in a moisture free environment. While cleaning your wooden furniture there are a few precautions to take.

Before you start completely cleaning, it is very wise to test an inconspicuous area. During this test if you notice an unwanted result, stop immediately. Wood Furniture cleaning is something you should always be doing.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

How to Clean Rubber Cement

Spilling rubber cement can be trouble, but cleaning up is easier than you think. It is very important to immediately clean the area before the cement has dried. Luckily, it is a very simple process that can be done using household products. You will need a sponge, non-bleach washing detergent, a small cup, and warm water. Take a smaller amount of detergent, mix it with the water, apply the mixture to the sponge, and then blot the affected area. After you have blotted the rubber cement, rinse the sponge, fill your cup with clean warmer water, and then blot the affected area with the clean sponge. It is important NOT TO SCRUB the area.

Scrubbing will rub the cement further into the material, which will lead to permanent damage and discoloration. Once the stain has been removed, apply cold water, and then dry immediately. If discoloring occurs, don't worry, it is very easy to fix. It is very simple to create a solvent using undulated vinegar and warm water. Make sure your mixture contains an equal ration of vinegar and water. Take a clean sponge or cloth, and apply the solvent, then dry the area. It is vital that you do not pour the solvent directly on the affected area. It is very essential to do this step only once, if repeated the material could be discolored even further.

While cleaning off rubber cement, there are always precautions to take. First always clean the spot immediately after the cement has been spilled. Never apply solution to the spot itself, always apply the solution to the sponge or rag. Also you may want to wear rubber gloves and a safety mask. Rubber cement is very toxic and could burn your fingers. Remember to strictly follow these rules or you will end up with a permanent stain.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

How to Clean Furniture Polish

Furniture polish stains: This type of stain can be very annoying, but can easily be handled. There are few, but important precautions. Start by wearing gloves, a safety mask, and old clothing. Also during the cleaning process, it is crucial that you always blot, and NEVER RUB. If you rub the stain, this will cause permanent damage, and will end up costing you money. Also while using furniture stain place newspaper in a five-foot radius around the piece that you're staining, you'd be surprised how far stain can spray. In addition to this use a paint tray to avoid spilling. And finally never let stain dry. Cleaning furniture stains is very simple with household products, and you will rarely need to buy anything.

Removing the stain from leather or suede couches: The first step is to create a solution of soap and lukewarm water. Mix the water to created lots of bubbles. Next apply only the foam, NOT THE WATER, to the leather or suede. After that wipe away with a clean dry cloth. If greasy like stain still remains, use cornmeal to absorb it. Let the cornmeal sit for around 20 minutes then carefully removed the cornmeal. This step may need to be repeated.

Removing the stain from silver- this clean up process is very easy and efficient that will ensure you prevent tarnish or a permanent stain. The first of few steps is to immediately rinse the silver in hot sudsy water. After the stain has disappeared it is crucial that you quickly dry the item.

Removing the stain from brick and concrete- this is another quick and efficient process that involves little of your time. The first thing to do is use detergent to cover the affected area. Next you take a bristle brush and scrub hard; you should start to see the stain disappear before your eyes. Once the stain has been removed rinse the area with water.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How to Clean Glass Windows

Cleaning windows- you should consider the steps below to ensure that your glass is clean and staying clean. First take a bucket and fill it with warm water, and add a window cleaning detergent of your choice. Next, you should remove all window screens or decorations to ensure that you hit all the dirty spots on the glass. You should also consider cleaning the screens, by taking a damp cloth and wiping them down. This will prevent dirt from returning to the clean glass. In addition remove all gunk, such as spider webs, dead bugs, and leaves. This step should be done while with a dry cloth, or each a vacuum hose. Once you have down the steps above you should wipe down the windowsill with a damp sponge. This makes not only glass look cleaner, but the entire room. Next dampen your cloth in the bucket filled with solution. Follow this step by wiping your window; starting from the top left corner and making an "s" motion to the bottom right corner. After you have completed this stroke, use a different, dry cloth, to remove any steaks left behind. Repeat these steps until you are satisfied with your job. It is important not to use paper towel because they tend to leave behind unwanted steaks, and particles of paper that attract dust. Next it is important to dry the window and screen completely to ensure that your cleaning will last. If you are using a squeegee, make sure the window is not indirect sunlight, this to will also leave streaks.

Removing shower glass soap scum: Shower scum is not only unattractive and unwelcoming to visitors, its very unsanitary. To remove the soap scum fill a bucket with vinegar and let it sit on the glass shower door. Let the vinegar sit on the glass, then with a damp sponge remove the vinegar. The soap scum should disappear before your eyes. To neutralize the smell of vinegar, you could add lemon juice to the mixture. Make sure you dry the window with new, clean, dry cloth.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

How to Select Laundry Detergents That Are Safe For the Environment and Your Fine Lingerie

Whether you choose to wash your fine lingerie and designer panties by hand or by machine, you will want to select a laundry soap or detergent that is safe for your garments. In addition, there are many laundry soaps on the market that are safe for the environment, good for our planet, and also an excellent choice for washing fine lingerie.

Ideally, you can refer to the manufacturer's label and suggested washing guidelines, but if you're still unsure about the best way to care for your fine lingerie, the following laundry tips might prove helpful to you.

Choose the gentle cycle on your washing machine, or wash your fine lingerie by hand to prolong the life of your garments.

Regarding the choice of laundry detergents, over the years consumers have used such products as Woolite or Castile soap to launder their intimate undergarments, however, there are many other fine products available.

Most laundry soaps that are considered gentle or mild have minimal brighteners and boosters, and they contain neutral or near-neutral pH levels, which means they are gentle and not harsh on your fine washables and lingerie. Definitely, you will want to avoid detergents that contain bleach, enzymes, or any additional chemicals that could harm the fibers of your fine washables.

In addition to choosing a laundry detergent that's safe for your designer lingerie, you might want to look for laundry products that are safe for the environment, too. Environmentally safe products contain natural lanolin and eucalyptus that conditions the delicate fibers of your intimate lingerie.

The lanolin acts as a natural conditioner and helps to reduce static, while controlling wrinkles and helping to waterproof the delicate fabric. Some products also do not require rinsing the garment after it's been washed.

Gentle and mild laundry soaps are considered safe for the environment when they are biodegradable, and also non-toxic (free of phosphates and petrochemicals).

Some natural laundry detergents will be free of any perfume or scents, while other products may contain natural scents such as lavender, grapefruit, or eucalyptus.

When you want to prolong the life of your intimate apparel, then choosing the best detergent is something to consider, along with finding a suitable product that's safe for our planet and the environment.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Junk Removal - How to Find a Reputable Disposal Company

Many people look into junk removal companies to remove unneeded items, such as materials, trash and other items. There are a variety of items that individuals need to haul away so you may want to consider services of professional organizations.

Such professionally managed organizations are experts in removing junk and other unneeded items from your residence or office. Others use the services to get rid of items in a home that has been foreclosed on or others who need to remove items after restoration or renovation.

Many times, your trash can is not enough to take away much of the debris that you need to get rid of. You could try and call some free companies to remove your items however many times they are not as reliable as those who you have to pay.

Also, you could try and rent a truck and hall the debris yourself however it could take time to pack up a truck and transport it to another company. You may want to hire a junk removal company which will allow you to fee up some time and let the experts do the work. With these sorts of companies, you do not have to take trips to the local dump.

You can get rid of furniture and other oversized items or you can also use these companies to clear any fire damage. If you are interested you can book a job online and the workers will come out to remove your items. They will charge you based on how many items that you have. Many places offer same day and off hour services such as weekends and most of these companies have large dump trucks.

If you decide on a junk removal company, choose one with professional, friendly and helpful. You should also make sure the company is fully insured and has general liability and Workers' Compensation.

You may also want to find a company that heavily recycles their materials collected. Good companies train their employees well and make sure they are background checked properly. Other companies work with local charities and give many of the items to them.

If you decide on a junk removal company, make sure you do some research either on the internet. You may also want to ask some friends if they have any recommendations so that you can choose a company that can fulfill your needs.

These same companies sometimes offer demolition services also if you want to tear down something on your property or shrubbery. Therefore you only need to hire one company to accomplish a job. The main clients of these companies are owners of commercials and residential property, Real Estate Agents, Property Managements, Landscapers, Contractors and Builders & Developers.

If you are demolishing something or need to clear away some unwanted items then you should consider junk removal. There are several companies which can help you with all of junk which means that you can focus on your job or family. Make sure you pick a reputable company which is the best value in professional junk removal services.

Autor: Andrew Stratton

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Friday, March 20, 2009

4 Easy House Cleaning Tips

Living in a clean home is something we all enjoy, but when it comes to house cleaning, well that's a whole different story. For many, it's a question of where to start and what to do. Here are some tips to quickly and effectively increase your productivity when you start to clean your house.

1. Have all house cleaning supplies in one location

This may sound trivial, but having your cleaning supplies in a bucket, or caddy, will eliminate all of the running around the house, letting you get the job done faster.

2. Pick up the clutter

Remember how you were always told as a child to pick up your toys, books and everything else you had out? It's the same thing today. It's virtually impossible to clean house when you're tripping over clothes on the floor or stacks of magazines everywhere.

The less clutter you have, the quicker house cleaning can be completed.

3. Remove all distractions

What this means is to send the kids out to play and don't pick up the phone unless it's an emergency. If you get on the phone and have a long-winded conversation with Julie, you'll never get the house cleaned up. Wait until you're finished before talking on the phone with friends.

4. Play a little upbeat music

You may be wondering how playing music can have anything to do with house cleaning tips, but it does. Music helps to motivate anyone. At least upbeat music. Turn on the stereo or put on some headphones and play some fast paced music. Nothing soft and slow, your goal here isn't to take a nap. You'll be surprised at how well it works.

Of course, these are just 4 tips to help make house cleaning more enjoyable and go by much faster. There are many others you can put into action as well.

Autor: Susan Marshfield

Susan Marshfield is a cleaning expert and offers many more House Cleaning Tips as well as helpful information and advice on everything to do with house cleaning at: http://www.EasyHouseCleaningTips.com

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Essential Cleaning Supplies

Using the correct cleaning supplies for a specific task makes the process of cleaning much easier. The "right tool for the right job" is what my grandfather always told me, and this is sage advice when it comes to cleaning as well. Not only does using the right cleaning products make the job easier, but will ensure that you do not harm or damage furniture or surfaces.

Sometimes a little soap and water, and some elbow grease, is all you need for a cleaning job. Other times something stronger is needed, perhaps a product containing ammonia for example is the only way to get a surface clean. It is important that you read all labels when you purchase your cleaning supplies, paying particular attention to the precautions listed on the container. Using the wrong product on the wrong surface can cause irreparable damage.

Getting organized before you start cleaning will make the job easier and safer. Have all of your supplies on hand and a general plan of what you are going to clean first. To create your plan, think about what you are going to clean and how you want to approach the project.

Top to bottom, left to right. Using this saying to plan your cleaning project and organize your activities. Start at the ceiling (top) and work your way to the floor (bottom), move from the one side of the building or room to the other. This organized approach will ensure that no spots are duplicated or missed.

Be sure to include some trusty ole' rags in your cleaning supplies, soft, absorbent rags will work best. Rags are great for cleaning large messes, but work really well for dusting, cleaning ledges, and for cleaning furniture or other appliances. A rag and some furniture polish is all you need to maintain most furniture, so don't forget to include polish in your cleaning supplies kit.

A good window washing liquid is another important cleaning supply. Nobody likes dirty windows and everyone loves clean, streak free windows. Many commercial products advertise "streak free", but if you use the wrong rag or applicator you can easily end up with messy, unsightly windows. A not so secret when cleaning windows is to use newspapers as an applicator instead of paper towels or cloth rags. Using newspapers and a good cleaner will result in beautiful, "invisible" windows that everyone will love. Just save up newspapers as you go, or collect from friends and neighbors, so that you always have a supply on hand.

A good anti-bacterial cleaning product is important for your arsenal as well. Keeping your bathroom and kitchen surfaces clean and free of bacteria is important for a clean, safe, healthy home. Be sure to read the labels carefully for these products and determine what is right for you and your family. The active ingredients in these cleaners are very strong and you want to make an informed decision about which ones you bring into your house.

Leaving the floor for last is usually the best process to use when cleaning. Begin by getting large items up and off the floor, next a good sweeping, and finally a thorough mopping for hard surfaces. Target a good vacuuming for carpeted areas and a shampooing or steam cleaning if the carpet needs a deep cleaning.

Having the correct cleaning supplies on hand and organized will make your cleaning tasks much easier. In addition, use an organized process for efficiency, we recommend using the Top to Bottom, Left to Right methodology to ensure no cleaning tasks are missed or duplicated. Lastly, know the products you are using to ensure they are safe for the intended surfaces and your family.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Save Time With a House Cleaning Checklist

One of the ways to reduce the time spent on cleaning your home every week is by having a house cleaning checklist. We all have trouble from time to time not only remembering what we need to clean, but also staying much better organized. This is why a checklist can help keep us on the right track, as well as speed up the process.

The good news here is that you don't have to spend all day trying to build a spreadsheet on your computer for your own checklist. In fact, I'll show you later how you can get a nice one that you can print off and use yourself.

The key point is to have a sheet where you can have everything you need to do in order to help you get the job done quicker. Here are some of the most basic house cleaning areas to put on any type of checklist.


-Clean all sinks, vanity tops and mirrors

-Clean toilet and disinfect

-Clean tub and shower walls

-Empty trash cans

-Change out all towels and washrags


-Wash and clean all dirty dishes

-Put all dishes up and pick up clutter from counters

-Scrub sinks

-Clean all counter tops and back splash

-Wipe down small appliances-cabinets-oven-cook top and refrigerator

-Sweep kitchen floor

-Mop floors

-Empty trash can

Bedrooms - Living room - Family Room - Den

-Pick up all clutter and put away

-Dust all furniture and electronics

-Change all bed linens

-Empty trash cans

-Vacuum floors

This is only a quick house cleaning checklist that includes the basics. With that being the case though, I think you can see how it helps you not only stay better organized, but also remember areas that need completed. Isn't that what we all want?

Autor: Susan Marshfield

Susan Marshfield is a cleaning expert and you can find a House Cleaning Checklist as well as helpful information and advice on everything to do with house cleaning at: http://www.EasyHouseCleaningTips.com

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

How to Clean Cardigan Sweaters

Cardigans are sweaters that button, zip, or tie in the front. They come in a variety of styles and can be made out of an assortment of materials. Depending on what it material it is made from, you can wash it at home one way or another. First you should always read the manufacturers tag for washing instructions and information. If the sweater is not made from a particularly delicate material such as wool or cashmere, it can probably be washed at home in the washing machine. You can always pre-treat stains and heavily soiled areas with a delicate stain remover prior to washing. Let the stain remover soak in to maximize effectiveness.

Always read the instructions on any product that you are using. It may also be a good idea to test it in an inconspicuous area on the garment to be extra careful. Once the initial stain removal is complete you can put it in the washer on a delicate cycle using a mild, gentle detergent. Be sure to be wary of buttons and ties while washing. If the sweater is made from a delicate material, you must take extra precautions to make sure it is not ruined by washing it. If it is made from cashmere follow the cashmere washing and drying instructions. If it is wool or knit follow the instructions for wool and knit. If it is not a fabric that requires special attention then you usually can put it in the dryer. Set the dryer on a gentle cycle. Once the garment is dry you can hang it up or properly fold it to prevent wrinkling.

If you follow these simple steps, you can easily wash almost any sweater at home with little effort and time. Properly washing sweaters will ensure that they remain fresh and nice for as long as possible. When cleaning cardigan sweaters you should take extra quality care.

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Calling in the Fire Damage Restoration Experts

A house fire, large or small, is a traumatic event and even if the fire was a relatively minor one there are some important steps to take to return to normal. One of the most important factors is to try to keep a level head so that your thinking is clear. Panic or rushed decisions might simply result in more damage on top of the initial fire damage.

A fire does more than simply burn the house and the items inside the house. A fire leaves behind smoke damage, soot and structural damage that must all be dealt with correctly. The most sensible course of action is to call in a fire damage restoration expert to deal with the restoration process properly.

Fire and smoke damage is a very particular problem and requires more work than simply washing down surfaces. Smoke gets deeply into hard surfaces such as walls and floors and if it's not treated quickly, will linger for many years no matter how often you clean them.

Soot can coat surfaces and belongings and must be carefully cleaned using the correct specialist equipment. Soot covered fabric such as lounge chairs, bedroom furnishings and clothes can all be restored if treated properly. But equally, taking the wrong approach can result in permanently damage being done.

Finally, structural damage must be assessed to determine how much repair work will be required and whether it is safe to stay in the house until repairs can be made.

A good fire damage restoration specialist will be capable of performing all of these important tasks, not to mention others such as organizing and carryout packing and storage of belongings and general damage assessment. The sooner a fire damage restoration expert is called in the more chance you can be sure you will save your belongings.

Autor: Damo Greenleaf

There are many tasks that can be performed while waiting for a fire and water damage restoration professional to arrive. Leaving it to the experts is the ultimate aim but taking matters into your own hands can also mitigate the damage with a lot to consider to get the most out of a fire damage cleanup.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

How to Clean a Mens Tie

Mens Tie cleaning: There are many ways that a tie can get dirty, a coffee stain, juice, ink, or maybe you would just like clean things up. There are some precautions in cleaning ties. It is always important to first find out what kind of fabric your tie is. This is important because different materials with react to different types of cleaning. If you do not follow this step is it very easy that your tie will shrink. It is recommended to flip your tie over your shoulder while eating or drinking. This is a great way to prevent stains from ever getting on your tie, but accidents do happen, follow these steps to clean your tie.

If you spill anything on your tie such as coffee, juice, or ink, the main thing is to blot and not rub. Rubbing the stain will make the stain spread through out the tie and it will be unlikely that you will save your tie. Once you have finished blotting, moisten a clean rag and slightly rub the infected area. If the stain starts to come off, continue at the same pace. If at any moment you see that you are doing more harm than good, stop immediately. After you have stopped rubbing, put your tie underneath a hair dryer to dry up the moist fabric. Be careful not to get the hair dryer to close to the fabric, it may cause permanent damage, especially with a silk tie.

If the method above does not work, you may try cleaning it in water by hand. The water will shrink the tie a little bit, that's why it is also to never put a tie in a washing machine. Soak the stain in water and slightly rub the stain with your hand. Also you may use a mild soap, but make sure you test this on the back of your tie. Tie brands that look the best!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How to Clean a Necktie

Necktie Cleaning: A necktie is something that is not usually cleaned all the time, and this is mainly the reason why people do not know where to begin. It is very simple, but there are some precautions.

First you should never rub a stain on a necktie; rubbing will always cause the stain to grow. Also try and catch the stain immediately; letting the stain dry will almost guarantee permanent damage. Also like cleaning a tie, make sure you identify the material of the neck tie. In addition, be sure to look on the necktie for any cleaning instructions. It is recommended that you follow these instructions to assure you have done a good cleaning job.

The first method is to start by filling a sink or bucket with cold water, and filling it proportionately with detergent specifically for wool. Then use safety pins to pin the flaps back. Then after this step put the ties in the water and let them sit for about three minutes. After that have soaked wring the soapy water out the neckties. Treat the neckties with care and do not be forceful while wringing them out. If there are tougher stains, use a SOFT toothbrush to gently scrub the infected area. After you have wrung out your neckties, empty the bucket and fill it with clean cold water. Once this step is complete rinse the neckties out by sloshing them around until they are completely rinsed of all soap. Then, just like the previous step, wring them out gently and place them on a towel. After you have placed them on a towel, roll the towel and squeeze out any remaining water.

Once you are satisfied with your drying, hang the ties to dry. After they dry, they will be slightly wrinkly, but it's ok. All you have to do is take an iron on low heat to remove the wrinkles. Neckties are fashionable and trendy.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

How to Clean a Bowtie

Bowtie cleaning: When you were a bowtie, it is most likely for an important even such as a wedding and it would be a shame not to have yourself looking your best. A clean bowtie makes a suit. It is a very small piece, which makes it easy to clean. Like a tie or necktie, it is important to always take precautions while cleaning. If a stain occurs, never rub the affected area, always blow. Rubbing a freshly spilled stain will only create a bigger stain, permanent damage, and ruin your appearance. No matter what kind of stain occurs on your bowtie, follow these simple instructions to better your appearance.

The first step is to blot the stain with a DRY paper towel, or rag. Do not use water in this first step; see what you can do with a dry rag. The next step is to take a new clean cloth and moisten it with cold water. Always use cold water with delicate fabrics, heat may cause more harm than good. With the moisten cloth gently rub away at the stain, and the spot should start wear away. Next take a hair dryer, and dry up any remaining wetness. It is always important to remember not to hold the dryer to close to the fabric because high heat can ruin it. Next, after the bow tie is completely dry, take an iron to remove any wrinkles created by the cleaning. It is important to remember this step to have the iron on low heat to prevent damage. This should have your bowtie looking almost to the point of brand new. It is important to remember not to tie a wet bowtie because this can cause permanent unwanted creases.

Also remember not to tie your bowtie to tight, always untie them after use, and if you're traveling, package them by rolling them up gently and storing them with no pressure. If you have a wrinkle, try storing or hanging the bowtie flat, and over time the wrinkle should fade.

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Kirby Diamond Edition Vacuum Cleaner Can Stand the Test of Time

One of the most frustrating things that you can deal with in housekeeping is a vacuum cleaner that does not do what it is supposed to do. It's a simple concept, you are supposed to turn them on and they are supposed to clean your floors. If something is built solely for that purpose, you would think that it would actually do it. Well the Kirby Diamond Edition if finally a vacuum cleaner that does exactly what it is supposed to do and more.

A Serious Home Cleaning System

When you first look at the Kirby Diamond Edition, you know that you are getting something special. Not only is it a great looking vacuum cleaner, the construction is of die-cast aluminum and sturdy enough to survive in a houseful of pets and children. There probably isn't a higher compliment that you could pay to a vacuum cleaner.

Of course, the true test of time is how it works and how often you have to stop and clean it out or fix it. Over time, you are going to find that it sucks up dirt just as good on day 1,000 as it did on day one. It is powerful enough to pick up just about anything in its path without it getting clogged up. It is also great on pet hair on the floor and on the furniture. This is not a claim that most vacuum cleaners can make.

As the Saying Goes "You Get What You Pay For!"

You are getting plenty for your money with Kirby Diamond Edition vacuum cleaner. Initially, the price may scare you off, but the old adage of 'you get what you pay for' has never been truer. You can play games and buy a cheaper model and be cursing yourself out a month after you buy it, or you can get a Kirby now and be smiling about it for years to come.

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The Kirby Diamond Edition can be shipped directly to your door. If you are searching for a Kirby vacuum please visit http://www.squidoo.com/kirbydiamondvacuum

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

How to Clean a Men's Wool Coat

Men's coat cleaning: A coat is a very simple article or clothing that can change your appearance tremendously, and a dirty coat will drastically decline your appearance. It is important to keep in mind what fabric your coat is, and also catching the stain immediately. To prevent your coat from becoming dirty, always remember to properly store the coat on a hanger, chair, and most of all avoid messy situations. Cleaning a men's coat is simple and it is recommended to follow the follow methods to ensure a great cleaning job has been completed. If the stain and fabric is common, such as dirt and nylon, damping a clean rag and gently wipe away the affected area. It is important not to scrub the area as it might wear away or discolor the material.

For juice stains on coats, such as cranberry juice, it is vital to remove the stain immediately because juice can be very sticky and if not cleaned immediately will discolor the fabric material. It is recommended to dampen a clean cloth with water and lemon juice. The lemon juice will remove any sticky residue left behind and remove unwanted odors. With a stain like juice is advised not to scrub but blot the infected area. Scrubbing will make the stain grow and push the juice farther into the material. For coats with unique material such as suede, it is important to immediately clean and not let it settle into the material. For sauces try lightly sprinkling baking soda on the affected area and use an old toothbrush and gently scrub the stain in a circular motion. Try not to press the stain further into the material. After you have completed this step use a vacuum hose to remove the baking soda or shake the coat outside.

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Stylish Mens Coats

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Simple Ways to Keep Your Rugs Clean

A rug in a living space, particularly when it has been placed in a high traffic area, can get very dirty. Rugs collect dust, sand, greasy cooking residue and moisture, all of which affect them adversely. They can look as if they are fading when grime has been worked into the fibers by busy feet - a good clean can work wonders here.

You can't just toss a rug in a washing machine to get it clean again; so how do you clean a rug? Here some good rug cleaning methods that make your rug look bright and fresh:

The most basic way of cleaning a rug is vacuum cleaning. This should be done fairly regularly except for certain rugs that are too delicate for vacuuming and should be shaken out rather than subjected to a machine. These include Flokati rugs and leather shag rugs. Rugs made from natural fibers such as bamboo or sisal can be shaken out or vacuumed, whichever is more convenient. If a rug is too large to shake by hand, place it on a fence or drape it over a railing, and beat it with a stick to get rid of dust. The more movement of people that occurs on or around a rug, the more often you will have to clean it in one of the above ways. Remember that a rug is usually vacuumed in the same direction as the pile.

When a spill happens on a rug, it is a good idea to take immediate action. The quicker you deal with a stain, the less likely it is that you will need to take the rug to a professional cleaner. Quickly blot up liquid spill with a plain paper towel - a blotting motion, rather than rubbing hard, is necessary here, to prevent the stain from spreading, and to avoid pile damage that can occur if you scrub too violently. If something semi-solid has been spilled, it can be scooped up or scraped off with a spoon and the liquid stain remaining blotted up.

If spills leave unpleasant stains, you can use a weak solution of dishwashing detergent, vinegar and water as a cleaning solution for rugs. This will be effective for most kinds of stains.

Oxygen cleaners are useful for spot removal on synthetic rugs. Such cleaners are eco friendly products so one doesn't have to worry about adverse environmental effects when these are used. However, the directions for use should be carefully read and attended to, and a test in an unnoticeable area should be done, to make sure that color will not run or fade. You must also remember to rinse the spot after you have used the oxygen cleaner, and don't step on the spot till it has dried out fully. Never use oxygen cleaner on a wool rug or a silk one - the alkaline residue of the cleaner can harm such rugs.

Other methods of cleaning rugs include dry powder cleaners which are good for surface stain removal - the powder absorbs the dirt. You should vacuum the rug afterwards to get rid of the cleaning powder. Dry foam cleaners and steam cleaning are also used to clean rugs.

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Commercial Cleaners - Why Choose a Professional Cleaning Service?

Rather than hiring a janitor for your office or assigning rotating trash duty to hapless employees, save time and money by using a commercial cleaning service to do your dirty work or you. Commercial cleaning services cost significantly less than adding a janitor on the payroll, are flexible, and reliable.

These companies work quickly and efficiently, leaving your office spotless and keeping your company looking sharp and professional. Here are some questions to consider when choosing an office maintenance service.

How often does your office require cleaning?

Most commercial services offer a variety of flexible plans to suit your office needs, depending on the size of your business and the amount of employees. Monthly, weekly, daily, or special one-time maintenance are normally offered. You may choose to begin slowly with monthly cleaning and then reevaluate the situation after a few months.

Special one-time cleaning is useful if you're anticipating a major client, meeting, after office parties, or just after a particularly busy business period. One-time cleanings can be used periodically to help give your office the occasional extra gleam.

Does your office need inventory assistance as well?

Many business maintenance services can restock and monitor inventory of hygienic and cleaning products such as hand soap, paper towels, and toilet paper. This not only saves you time and hassle, but will ensure that your employees don't become frustrated by a constant lack of supplies.

It also helps guarantee that necessary janitorial tools, such as plungers and steam cleaners, are kept in working order and replaced or repaired when necessary. This can help prevent the dreaded janitorial emergency during an important meeting or when a client visits.

How secure is the office cleaning service?

Security is important in business, especially if you are dealing with sensitive material or have expensive equipment in your office. A well-qualified commercial cleaning service should come with insurance in case of accidents such as property damage or theft.

Most business maintenance services also screen all employees and provide you with an identification number and photo, as well as an emergency contact number in case something does go wrong. You may also restrict office maintenance employee's access to certain areas or during certain times to further ensure security.

Why outsource instead of hiring your own janitor?

Adding employees to the payroll is a complicated process and can end up costing more. There are benefits, insurance, sick leave, and a bevy of other things to worry about. Having a maintenance service can save you money and is often more reliable than having a permanent employee. There is less overhead and plenty of employees available in case of emergencies.

Do you need special equipment to perform cleaning tasks?

Have tall windows? Rugs? These and other areas of your office may require special maintenance tools that are expensive to own and maintain, such as a professional quality rug cleaner. Business cleaning services often provide these extra tools, and you won't have to worry about repair or maintenance issues.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How to Clean Bathroom Ideas

When I decided to write an article about how to clean bathrooms I thought I would write about everyone's favorite subject...the toilet. We have a recipe for a great green toilet bowl cleaner that I wanted to share and this is probably the most dreaded cleaning job in the house.

But then I got thinking about a trick my grandmother taught me when I was just a kid about how to keep the shower looking clean and shiny all the time, and thought this would be a better topic...besides, I did not feel like talking about toilets.

The bathroom is another major obstacle in our pursuit of a clean home. It gets a LOT of use every day and often there is some pretty stinky activity taking place in there. Even more than the smell, the bathroom has several other obstacles that can slow you down. Like the toilet. The bathtub ring. Even the floor in some instances.

The shower presents its own set of unique circumstances. Wet and humid, the shower has the perfect conditions for breeding germs and mildew. Most of us run down to the local store to buy a bottle of the mold and mildew cleaner we saw advertised on television, give our shower a little spritz once a month or once a year, and the wonder why we have a dirty shower.

First off, you are wasting your money on those advertised products. Sure they have some pretty cool commercials, who doesn't like dancing animations of soap scum and mildew? But if you want to save money AND want a more effective cleaner just use household bleach instead!

Oh, I almost forgot about the trick my grandmother taught me to always keep the shower clean and shiny, wipe down the shower after every use. That's right, after every shower she would make us wipe down the entire shower with a towel, focusing mainly on the sides of the shower and the shower fixtures. She told us to use the towel we dried our bodies off with, but we recommend keeping another towel/rag in the bathroom for this specific purpose. Better yet, here is a great tip to make this process even easier...use a small squeegee to remove excess water from the shower walls. This will make VERY quick work of this task! Then use a small towel to wipe the shower fixtures.

This method prevents soap scum and mildew from building up on your shower and bathtub, and ensures that they are always clean and shiny. By being pro-active and "cleaning" the shower after every use we also eliminate a lot of work down the road. That is right, when it comes time to do a thorough cleaning and break out the household bleach the process will only take minutes because you won't have to scrub a month's worth of soap scum and mildew deposits.

Follow our recommendations on how to clean bathroom by making a few little changes, and you will improve the quality and speed of your cleaning.

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ceiling Fan Cleaning

Your ceiling fan is probably very dirty. Since this dust layer is on the top of the fan, nobody usually sees it unless it is very noticeable. A dirty and dusty ceiling fan can cause your fan to wobble, become louder, and also ruin the motor. If you don't want any of these horrible things to happen to your fan, make sure to check out the steps below in order to clean that.

A ceiling fan should be part of your weekly cleaning so that nothing will happen to it, and also to make sure dust is not flying around when you have your fan moving. There are a few methods in order to clean your fan. You should choose the one which will work with how tall your ceiling fan really is.

Here are a few ways to remove the dust from above there:

A pledge or Swiffer dust wipe can be used on every blade of the fan. Using these wipes will completely remove all the dust above the fan.

Another method to use is paper towels and wood furniture cleaner. Wood furniture cleaner works well and also helps make the room smell nicer. If the fan is not that tall, you can use a vacuum cleaner with an attachment to remove all the dust from the area. This will help suck up all of the dust and will make your fan look good.

The last way to clean your fan is to use a feather or static duster. This type of duster helps in a hard to reach place and will do you good while cleaning. If you cannot see the top of the fan blades, I would recommend this type of duster to remove all the dirt.

You should now have your fan as clean as it is new. No more worries about how much dust is up there, or even worrying about if the motor will break. Make sure to clean your fan weekly to prevent any wrongdoings.

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