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Easiest Way to Clean a Bathroom

Everybody likes to use a clean and a tidy bathroom. An untidy bathroom puts a bad impression about one's home. Many people face difficulties to clean the bathroom, so in this article I am trying to cover all Bathrooms cleaning tips.

Shelves -

Before we start we must do a little planning for the whole process. Start from shelves and end with the doors and curtain. Shelf is an area where all products like shampoo bottle, shaving set, hair removal, face wash, soaps etc are placed. Each member of the house use different kind of bathroom products according to their age and skin suitability. If you observe carefully then you will find most products are not in use, outdated and not disposed hence blocking space and creating problem for new product. Remove all things and segregate into two parts - 1) Used and 2) Unused. Dump all unused products. Before arranging these things clean all the shelves.

Shower Mats -

As time passes shower mats get scary. Frequent cleaning is needed to prevent mildew on it. Make a solution of kerosene and warm water. Use this solution for cleaning shower mat as well as bath by using a stiff brush. At the same time do not forget to clean shower floor by using any bathroom floor cleaners.

Sink -

Sink cleaning is not a difficult task but usually people skip this because it looks ugly. But a clean sink represent a clean bathroom. Take half bucket of vinegar and with the help of sponge soak surface of sink. Leave it for a minute and then wipe out the sinks with cotton cloth or paper towels. Vinegar is safe to use as it dissolves in water and all kinds of soap.

Bathtub Rings -

Always clean bathtub on regular basis. If you are living in hard water area then use water softener. Always rinse the tub after bathing. Use undiluted ammonia to remove rings. While using undiluted ammonia wear rubber gloves for safety. Use baking soda if you do not want to use undiluted ammonia. You can use Vinegar or Dish washing detergent too.

Shower Doors, Curtains, and Tiles -

Use any glass cleaner to clean the glass on doors. Pour vinegar into track then leave it for minute then rinse it. Soak curtain in salt water solutions to prevent mildew. Washing with hot soapy water and rubbing with lemon juice clean the mildew on curtain. For plastic curtains use laundry pre wash spray. Spray on top and let them come it drip. Leave it for minute and then rinse it. For cleaning shower tiles use tile cleaner.

Mildew -

We always find mildew in corners of tub. To clean mildew, dip cotton ball in bleach and apply on the corners and rinse off after a while.

A spotless bathroom is loved by everyone. With these small methods one can make their bathrooms germ free.

Autor: Grace D Smith

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