Sunday, March 7, 2010

Stay Safe When Cleaning Black Mold

Cleaning black mold can be hazardous work. You should think carefully about safety procedures necessary to ensure any health risks are minimized. If the risks are not kept under control then the consequences can be very serious. Most injuries sustained during mold exposure are superficial and short lived but individuals with weak immune systems or who are exposed on numerous occasions or for long periods of time can be at sever risk. In the most serious cases exposure can cause cancer and even lead to death. This toxic mold claims the lives of people every year, people who did not take the necessary measures to protect themselves.

You should seal off any infected area by applying plastic sheets to the doorways. Leave windows open and try to obtain some kind of portable ventilation device to help clear the air of harmful spores. Ensure that anyone in the building that does not need to be inside understands that they must leave while the cleaning is taking place. People who need to remain inside to carry out the cleaning should wear protective clothing that covers the whole body and leaves no skin exposed. Face masks and goggles should also be worn. Clothing should be washed immediately after cleaning black mold and if badly compromised it should be disposed of safely.

Household bleach or detergents are effective liquids for cleaning toxic mold when mixed with water. A spray bottle can be used to spray the solution onto any affected area. You should ensure that the area you are about to clean is moist before it is cleaned. If you try to scrape off mold which has dried out then you will most certainly be releasing large numbers of toxic black mold spores into the air. This is a totally unnecessary risk which can be avoided with the use of water. Be sure to dry any area which has been cleaned and do your best to clear the air by opening windows or using air purifying equipment.

You should be wary of any illness you suffer from after cleaning black mold. Make sure you research mold symptoms that indicate exposure so that you know what action you will need to take. You should contact your GP immediately if you have any reason to believe that you are suffering from black mold exposure. Most health effects are minor but some can be potentially life threatening.

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Carefully remove and discard mold and mold-infested materials into heavy-duty plastic bags. Do not transport the bags throughout the house, especially other clean areas. Doing so will risk further spreading and regerminating of the mold.
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